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Get An AMC Theaters Movies Stubs Reward Card Online. Get Free Stuff/Discounts At The Movies.

Updated on April 30, 2012

I love the movies, always have since I was a kid. I remember watching Star Wars, The Goonies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Now as adult with kids of my own movies are still a large part of my life.

Family outings to the movies is something we can all enjoy together. There are trips to the movies most weekends and on special occasions as well. Going to the movies after Christmas dinner has become a family tradition.

As much as I love the movies the one down side is the cost. Going to the movies with two kids in tow can be expensive. Movie tickets are averaging $10 and my kids as past the 11 year old child discount so that's $30 right there. Add some popcorn and a large coke and some candy and you can easily add another $20. So all said, it's quite easy to drop upwards of $50 on a movie outing.

Get An AMC Rewards Stubs Card

That's where the AMC reward stubs card comes in. I have been going to the movies for last 30 years and I can't count the thousands of times the cashier would ask me if I had a rewards card and I would always say no.

They would then ask if I wanted one and again I would say no thinking it wasn't worth the hassle and it was just some fancy way for the movie theatre to track my purchases and use it for marketing purposes. I am sure to a certain extent that is exactly what it's for but believe me if you go to the movies on a regular basis you will want to use a reward card anyway.

You can get free movies, sodas and even movie tickets. If you are not using the AMC Reward card you are literally missing out on a ton a free stuff.

It's not like it's even a hassle. You can sign up on line or at the theatre. Once you have the card just stick it in your wallet and the next time the cashier at the theatre asks if you have a reward card you can say yes and start earning your rewards.

That's it, go to the movies, let the cashier swipe your card when you make purchases and they will let you know when you have earned a reward. If you go to the movies a couple of times a month or more the rewards add up quickly.

It's a nice perk to be going out to the movies, paying for your ticket and having the cashier tell you, you have earned a free popcorn or a free movie ticket.

OK, its not exactly winning the lottery but it's still nice and why not get something for nothing. You're going to go to the movies anyway you might as well get some rewards for frequenting their theatre right?

AMC Stubs Card Versus Regal Crown Club Card

I happen to live close to an AMC theatre so that is the card I use the most. I also have a Regal Theatre rewards card too as I go to their theatre sometimes. Each theatre has slightly different programs and rules.

AMC charges a $12 annual fee for their rewards program. In exchange for this fee you get $10 reward coupons for every $100 you spend on tickets or concessions. In addition you get free upgrades on popcorn and soda. For example, if you buy a small popcorn they will upgrade you to a medium popocorn with your rewards card.

Regal's reward card does not have an annual fee but their rewards system is not as favorable either, though it's still good, and hey, it's free.

So the next tme you go to the movies take the two minutes to sign up for a rewards card, stick it in your wallet or purse and start earning your free stuff!!!


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