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All About the The Walking Dead Comic and TV Series

Updated on March 31, 2011

Don't Everyone Love the Walking Dead?

First came the award winning comic series "The Walking Dead" that started way back in 2003. Then came the TV adaptation by director Frank Darabont in 2010 that brought the story of survivors banding together in a world over run by flesh eating zombies.

Read on to see the TV trailers, the gory movie stills, character writeups and unique behind the scenes glimpses on the making of this fantastic zombie TV series.

Video Trailer of the Great AMC Series - The Walking Dead


Here's Why You'll Love the TV Series - The Walking Dead

This is one of the rare opportunities to see the talented work of scriptwriter, director, producer Frank Darabont's vision translated onto a multi-part TV series.

It tells the tale of how a sheriff wakes from a coma and finds the world have been devastated by zombies. We get to share in his sense of dread as he discovers these horrors and leads other survivors.

This is the only TV series that has zombies as a key theme. 

A Clip about The Walking Dead Comic's move to TV land

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