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AMERICAN SNIPER- suit your indian emotions

Updated on January 10, 2015

American sniper- its not a review and; strictly for Indians,this one is to suit your Bollywood Indianish brain to the film, in one word- astonishing, mind numbing, heart wrenching....oh sorry thats a lot of words! sorry, i sometimes gets carried away.

pardon my english and by the way; i don't give a shit!




sorry again

OKAY! lets get down to real business.

so,the film is based on autobiography of chris kyle, the most lethal sniper in america's history, his life looks like our own masala heroes in desi films just like in BORDER or LOC; all torn between home, duty, love, friendship and loyalty. This sounds a lot like india but believe me this film is a notch higher. everything in equal balance.

You literally weep, shiver along with bradely cooper, the chocolaty boy; you probably remember him from fun loving playboy in THE A-TEAM, thats because its been shown a multiple times on star movies. hahahahhh

But in never been seen before avatar, bradely cooper delivers a oscar worthy performance, you can feel him angry and sobbing inside, you can feel him deciding whether to shoot a young boy or not, its stupendous. than there's sienna miller, playing his wife, equally numbing performance.

but the main praise goes to clint eastwood, the mastermind, he took out the real potential from actors, story, locations, thrills and every other damn thing. I don't want to load spoilers here, so you have to see it for yourself. for Indians- this would be a complete different experience for you, i.e. because it shifts you from Bollywood's high on melodramatic content and masala and also from general money minting Hollywood superheroes genre.

love for wife, country, mother earth and not a word like 'shit, damn or that is whack'. This film is full of guilt, loyalty but yet challenging whole system and moral correctness, if not openly than at least from within. A wholesome indianism in package minus melodrama.

give this one a shot; when it comes to theater near you or on DVD, and don't even ask me where i saw it ;)

and by the way this one's for entire world......i don't know why i wrote strictly for Indians but let me tell you something about me- i am split, i start some where and end some where else

.........! Enjoy


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