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Modeling! AMTC Experience

Updated on June 8, 2010

AMTC: First Step. The Audition

I first heard of AMTC (Actors Models and Talent Competition) on the radio and had been interested in the acting/modeling industry since childhood. It really sparked my interest because it sounded like a Christian organization with core values. I went to the interview located in St. Louis, Missouri and discovered a new opportunity. The Interview consisted of a video presentation and speakers who had gone through the AMTC program themselves and had become successful in result of it. They seemed very convincing and had expressed there excitement for the company. All speakers appeared to be sincere and honest including the professional agents who were attending as well. After the speakers had each said their piece they had all the people auditioning line up in whatever category they wanted to audition for. The categories include modeling, acting, singing and dancing. Once each person had either walked the runway, acted out a monologue that they distributed to you, sang or danced they reminded everyone about call backs. They go through and analyzing each person's performance and issue out call backs in less then a week.

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AMTC: Second Step. The Call Back Meeting

At the call back meeting the same representatives of the company were present from the audition and spoke again to reassure us of their company's authenticity. They had a question and answer time which was very eye opening. The more questions people asked the more I believed that this company was honest and really had my best interest in mind. One of the questions that was asked is, where does the money that we pay go? The representatives replied that they were literally only getting five dollars an hour to be there. That comment alone truly showed how the agents were present because they believed in the company. After the meeting they had time for people to decide whether or not they would participate in the company. Personally our family made a decision in about a day or so. We needed time to think it over since it wasn't too cheap but seemed like an unbelievable opportunity.

AMTC: Third Step. The Training

The training sessions are every month and provide you with coaches who help you grow in your specific talent. Each training session also has a special guest who comes from out of town to train you further and give you an outsiders opinion. The coaches put you through realistic scenarios of how the competitions will be at the AMTC event. The coaching sessions also include a professional photo shoot with professional hair and makeup artists. The photo shoot was definitely one of the funnest experiences and taught me how to pose. The last training session is a dress rehearsal which goes through each competition without stopping. Through this time of training it is most advisable to practice as much as possible at your house.

Success From AMTC

Top 100 success stories can be viewed at this link:

Success stories include characters from the shows Heroes, All My Children, ER, Boy Meets World, CSI Miami, Entourage, The Young and the Restless, America's Next Top Model and much, much more. There are movies that AMTC graduates are in such as Step Up 3D, American Pie, American Beauty, Beauty Shop, Transformers, Step Brothers and many more.

Some of the top stars in result of AMTC are Megan Fox (Transformers), Adair Tishler(Heroes), Matthew Underwood (Nickelodien), Caridee (America's Next Top Model) and Laura Stepp (Friends/Sex and the City).

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Caridee and Tyra Banks (America's Next Top Model) Megan Fox (Transformers) Stephen Boss (Step Up 3D)Adair Tishler (Heroes)Whitney Thompson (America's Next Top Model)
Caridee and Tyra Banks (America's Next Top Model)
Caridee and Tyra Banks (America's Next Top Model)
Megan Fox (Transformers)
Megan Fox (Transformers)
Stephen Boss (Step Up 3D)
Stephen Boss (Step Up 3D)
Adair Tishler (Heroes)
Adair Tishler (Heroes)
Whitney Thompson (America's Next Top Model)
Whitney Thompson (America's Next Top Model)


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