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Mr. Act Now Or Never ~ A.N.O.N. Music

Updated on July 30, 2019

Mr. Act Now Or Never, a.k.a. A.N.O.N., is one of L.A.'s MC's making some noise in a hip-hop world that is constantly evolving and fusing all genres of music while still remaining true to the core of what Hip-Hop music has always been about - the truth. The truth about the streets, about love, about hate, about politics.

His biography describes A.N.O.N. as being "a return to substance in an era of music which many say is catchy but hollow. Meet Mr Act Now Or Never (Mr A.N.O.N. or ANON)."

When I spoke with A.N.O.N. recently about his music, I asked him who some of his favorite rap artists are that he admired coming up before he entered the rap game, and he mentioned the likes of Ice Cube and DMX, and you can see them in him when he performs with one L.A.'s R&B bands at clubs and shows all over the city. Terence Trent Darby once said after being described as a cross between Michael Jackson and Prince, you are what you listen to musically in your formative years.

For this writer, A.N.O.N. reminds me most of a cross between Mos Def, for his lyrical poetry, and Common for his truth about life and love. One thing is for sure, when you see this M.C. spittin' on the mike, you are watching a fusion of old school and new, as the evolution of Hip-Hop is witnessed by a new generation.

And Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.), feels he is ready to be one of those who is part of that evolution.

Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.)'s Bio

Formerly Mr. Anonymous. His name alone carries a sense of urgency. For those of you who are new to this talent, this Detroit born MC graces every scene by special request. His fluid style, voice, versatility and musical talent cannot be denied. His raw textured vocals, rhythmic patterns and concrete edginess masterfully captures audiences everywhere.

Honing his skills on the Motor City streets of Detroit, rhyming his way out of the infamous Brewster projects, this 7 Mile raised MC got his start from Detroit’s very talented Open Mic scene at places like C Note Lounge, Ebony Showcase, The Shelter @ St Andrews Hall & Hip Hop Shop (host Maurice Malone) with the likes of G Side, Trick Trick, Eminem, Kid the Producer, Royce 59, Proof, D12, Slum Village, JDilla, etc. & the Karaoke scene where he turned these platforms into concerts, generating a fan base, performing his own songs like “Lyrical Killer”, “All Out To Get Money” & “I Got Love For U”, all of which had major street buzz.

Unlike most artists of today, ANON chooses to rarely, if at all, use profanity in his music. “Yeah my Moms challenged me one day not to cuss in my music because she couldn’t let my Aunt listen to it. From then, I just didn’t.” This decision gave him the advantage of getting booked @ Venues that usually avoid rappers because of the profanity or vulgar content. It also expanded his music reach.

He was brought to the attention of former Death Row Records Producer/bassist, T Money Green by a local promotor. T Money Green signed ANON to his label Hyped International/Bellmark Records developed a 2yr relationship with the Mr A.N.O.N. brand. They went on to release the “Organized Kaos” compilation project with the single “Suicidal Cases” feat: Steve Boyd (Parliament Funkadelic) on the hook, & “Players Holiday” feat: Moet on that hook. Local Radio/Club DJs started adding ANON into their rotation. That was a big boost to the brand, and ANON rode the wave. He unofficially showed up at a UDMA Records Conference in Detroit & performed his song “Lyrical Killer” and was immediately signed by the record head, Tyrone Bradley, and the EP “Can You Relate” was released soon after. Around the same time, ANON did a feature on “Crazy World” with G Side for 2 Short’s “Nation Rider’s” compilation.

He took his skills to the West Coast and entered a few rap contests, all of which he came in 1st. He was invited to perform at several venues around LA. Label exec, Alan Bailey of IRecords/Paramount saw one of these performances and asked to sign him. This relationship lasted 3yrs before ANON decided to go back to his independent roots. Once free of all contractual obligations, he continued doing shows, building his brand and becoming one of the most requested MCs to do features & shows with artists of various genres. Artists like Neo-Ragtime Speakeasy soul group Parlor Social, Reggae artist Mr Surprise, R&B songstress Sarah Daye, House of Vibe Allstars Hip Hop Album, Eric Valentine’s Jazz project, which spent over 20wks on Billboard, Corey Barksdale’s R&B single & Myra Washington, just to name a few. ANON was also the featured MC on a project with Italian Composer, Andrea Morricone (son of Composer, Ennio Morricone, “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”), and he showed off his acting chops playing a Landlord MC in the musical theatre production "Rent Party". He performed with Parlor Social & legendary Teddy Riley on the anniversary of Teddy's hit single "No Diggity" at Sayers Club in Hollywood, CA. He was the featured MC with the neo-ragtime speak easy soul group duo, Parlor Social, at the Playboy Jazz festival hosted by George Lopez in 2018. Also in 2018, Mr A.N.O.N's first single"New Guy" off the "Attention Spann Volume I "EP, coming summer of 2019, was debuted by Detroit's own Bad Boy, DJ Gary Chandler.

If this wasn’t enough, Mr A.N.O.N currently has residency @ the world famous Harvelle's performing with the House of Vibe Allstars, a lineup of up & coming & established MCs, like Charlie 2Na of Jurassic 5, Talib Kweli, Res, Supernatural, etc. He is also collaborating with the Legendary reggae artist, “Shinehead”, on a project which no doubt will be fire.

ANON has undoubtedly streamlined into a seasoned artist creating his own lane in the music game. His latest work is testimony to his diverse experience. But more than that is his genuine love for Hip Hop and where he chooses to take it. His music inspires and positively encourages people to urgently pursue themselves. No matter what their perceived challenges are. “Life will pass by you thinking about it,” he says. “We got right now. What are you gonna to do with it.”

Mr ANON is putting the finishing touches on his "Attention Span/Volume I" project. In the meantime, watch his new “LSD's” video here Also, click on the Music page and hear some of the teasers from his library, pick your favorites & leave a comment.

Q&A with A.N.O.N.

RW) I know your stage name is an acronym ~ I am just curious how you came up with it, what's the message and significance to you in what you project as an artist?

Mr. A) I've gone through a couple of name changes. Prior to Mr. Act Now Or Never, I was mr. Anonymous, which stood for "act now or never your messenger on universal situations". Because to me, if I was going to call myself something, it had to be significant. A name that every time I say it would hold me accountable towards my actions. Eventually I shortened it to Mr Act Now Or Never aka A.N.O.N or Mr A.N.O.N, still carrying hat sense of urgency and accountability to myself.

RW) How did you get started in this business. How old were you when you discovered you could spit?

Mr. A) I was inspired by my best friend's poetry writing when I was in the tenth grade. He was a dope poet & still is. He would write poems for me to spit & I'd practice day in and day out. I got really good at it and eventually started writing for him. So my best friend inspired me to start spitting.

RW) How would you describe your music?

Mr. A) I would describe my music as like a gumbo with these ingredients; a little bit of Jay-Z, a little bit of DMX, a little bit of J Cole and a little bit of tech nine blended in to Hip Hop Soul.

RW) Who were some of your earlier Rap music influences, and who do you like out there now in the rap game?

Mr. A) Ice Cube, DMX, Tupac, Blackstar, Eminem, Method Man, Royce 59, Red Man, Outkast, KRS, Busta & Jay-Z. Today i rock with Rapsody, Kendrick, Anderson Paak, Lady Leshurr, JID, Toby Nwigwe, J-Cole, Nipsey Hustle.

RW) If there was one or two rap artists, or singers out there now you could cut a track with, who would that be - male and female artist?

Mr. A) I'd like to work with Rapsody and Toby N wigwe.

RW) Tell us about your new single and is there an EP on the way for your fans and new fans now?

Mr. A) My latest single is titled "Priceless" from my "Attention Span Volume I" EP due for early summer release. It's the 3rd release from this series. Priceless is a song about self worth. It's about not compromising your beliefs & values, so I'm excited to share this & hopefully inspire some introspection.

RW) Los Angeles is home base for you. Are you from L.A. originally? Where did you grow up, and what does being in L.A. mean for you as a musician? What's the music scene like in L.A.?

Mr. A) I'm from Detroit, raised in the Brewster Projects & on the North East side off 7 Mile & Hasse. For me being in LA has exposed me to more of the live scene & more opportunities to collab with artist's of unique genres, like Urban Jazz, Neo-Ragtime, etc., artists from different parts of the world that I probably wouldn't have gotten to work with staying in Detroit. LA is one big melting pot of artists with an eclectic music scene, so being here, it was inevitable for me to grow as a creative.

RW) Of course, the music industry is still reeling about the murder of Nipsey Hussle back on March 31st, especially those in L.A. Did you ever meet Nipsey and how has Nipsey's death impact you and what do you take away from his passing?

Mr. A) I vaguely remember meeting Nipsey early on in his career shortly after relocating to LA. It hurt my heart that in 2019, we still got that crab in the barrel mentality. That brother was showing people how to own themselves instead of being owned. He walked his talk & he genuinely cares. How can anybody hate that. One of the things I take from his untimely death is tomorrow is never promised, hence act now.

RW) How can your new fans find you on social media and where can they get at your music?

Mr. A) You can find me at & Mr Act Now Or Never on all social media platforms & streaming sites, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.

RW) If you were asked to speak to a class of young students who want to get into the professional music game, what would your words of inspiration be for them?

Mr. A) If I were to speak to kids who want to get in the music game today, I would encourage them to learn about the game as much as possible, don't be afraid to trailblaze & break the mold, stay focused & be true to your brand, hold yourself accountable and be the best representation of you. You are everything that you need, & approach everything with an act now or never mind set.

Thank you A.N.O.N. for this interview. We look forward to seeing you in a very big way on the music scene soon.

Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.)'s Photo Gallery

ANON & Myra Washington on his "We Level Up" video shoot (which we are probably going to reshoot).
ANON & Myra Washington on his "We Level Up" video shoot (which we are probably going to reshoot).
ANON performing at The Federal, Los Angeles
ANON performing at The Federal, Los Angeles
 ANON featured by Sarah Daye at a L.A. music festival
ANON featured by Sarah Daye at a L.A. music festival
ANON in "Ghostly" video shoot
ANON in "Ghostly" video shoot
ANON with band backstage @ The Federal before performance
ANON with band backstage @ The Federal before performance
in the Lab (Recon Recording Studio) with engineer Gabriel Santana & Sean Haney of Top Group Media
in the Lab (Recon Recording Studio) with engineer Gabriel Santana & Sean Haney of Top Group Media
ANON with Montana (Producer) & Deon Ramon (Comedian) at "Priceless" video shoot
ANON with Montana (Producer) & Deon Ramon (Comedian) at "Priceless" video shoot
ANON on his "Priceless" video shoot
ANON on his "Priceless" video shoot
ANON with Dessy DiLauro of Parlor Social & Taiko (bass player)
ANON with Dessy DiLauro of Parlor Social & Taiko (bass player)

Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.) Music & Videos

A.N.O.N. reminds me of Common and Mos Def

Rapper, Common
Rapper, Common
Rapper, Mos Def
Rapper, Mos Def

Which Hip-Hop Artist Does Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.) Remind you of?

Who Does Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.) Remind you of?

See results

From A.N.O.N.'s latest single, "Priceless" the third single from the "Attention Span" Volume I EP dropping late summer 2019


"The importance of knowing your self-worth and being confident about it!"

--Mr. Act Now or Never

To our Youth who want to pursue Hip-Hop

Learn about the game as much as possible, don't be afraid to trailblaze & break the mold, stay focused & be true to your brand, hold yourself accountable and be the best representation of you. You are everything that you need, & approach everything with an act now or never mind set.

--Mr. Act Now Or Never (A.N.O.N.)


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