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America's Next Top Model

Updated on June 18, 2019

Cycle 10

It is hard to believe we are into the 10th cycle of America's Next Top Model. I am a late bloomer, not joining in until cycle 5 and I have been addicted ever since. If you are here you must be too!

Here you will find my summary of each episode as well as my personal opinion about the girls. I hope you will join in on the voting.

Obviously, one of the best things about the show is Ms. Tyra Banks. She is extremely beautiful, respectful and encouraging. She also has a great sense of humor; going so far as to make fun of herself and the industry.

Citation: images courtesy of ANTM.

"You want to be on top?"

~Tyra Banks

First off, how old are you?

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Episode 1

Top Model Prep

Like every other cycle I keep an eye out for the plus size models and tend to root a little more for them. There have only been five plus size models make it into the final 13 (this cycle there's 14) but none have made it to the top three. I'm hoping this year will be different. This cycle I'm routing for 20 year old Whitney.

None of the models in the plus size division are what any woman outside the fashion industry would call plus size but they are fuller than the industry standards. Now if only we could get one into the number one slot! That would make me happy.

Should Whitney not make it my next hopeful is probably Fatima. She's an immigrant from Africa who has survived female mutilation. Other than that it's too soon to tell.

Cycle 10 Top Model Candidates

35 young model hopefuls were accepted into "Top Model Prep" which was run by Jay Manuel and Miss J. It was grueling but fun to watch. I wish we could have seen more highlights before they cut the girls down. But reduce the numbers they did. The girls were pared down to twenty before reaching the final 13. Tyra surprised everyone and called a 14th potential super model. Who are your favorite so far? Sorry the poll only allows for one vote. (Name / Age / Hometown).

Who is Your Favorite from Cycle 10?

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Top Model Hopefuls

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Kimberly, Dominique, Atalya

* Marvita, Amis, Lauren

* Fatima, Aimee, Whitney

* Allison, StacyAnn

* Katarzyna, Anya, Claire

Episode 2

New York City

The 14 models moved into their new home for the coming weeks in New York City. The theme of the new home is, "What's your passion?" It's decorated with very large photos of previous models and Tyra Banks of course; as well as inspirational quotes.

Unlike previous homes there are only two bedrooms. One with a bunch of bunk beds and another with on humongous bed. The girls seemed to settle in ok. The biggest complaint about the house came from the no-smoking signs. There are a least three smokers in the group.

Working the Runway

Jay and Ms. J took the girls to Times Square for a runway show featuring Badgley Mischka designs. I actually liked the make up. It was very flattering as were the designs. I think Lauren was the worst runway wise and of course Whitney was the best in an amazing purple gown. She was totally working it.

Personal Evaluations

The next day the girls visited Elite Modeling Agency where they had to stand through personal evaluations of their appearance by top super model, the gorgeous Paulina Porizkova (who also is one of the judges for this cycle). The main thrift of her advice was to get use to being criticized. And she did some painful critiques - bad skin, transvestite appearance.

Homeless Photo Shoot

The models first photo shoot centered around a homeless theme and paired each girl with real homeless people who were dressed to the nines while the models were dressed as homeless women. I thought Fatima and Claire did the best. Claire reminds me a lot visually of actress Saffron Burrows.


During the judging I thought the judges were relatively nice. Whitney got favorable reviews although it seemed like less attention than the others. The biggest shock was when cute little Kimberly said she wasn't into fashion and wanted to go home... and Tyra told her matter-of-factly to go. The good news is that Whitney is still in the running for ANTM. The bad news is Atalya was sent home. I thought she was cute and she wouldn't have been my choice for going home.

Overall, this week was entertaining and seemed to go by really fast. I can't wait to see the make-over episode next week! That is always a favorite of mine. Although I think this group of girls is probably the better kept ones at this stage of the game considering previous cycles.

Episode 3

Top Model Makeovers

This is always my favorite episode. I love seeing the models transformed.

This episode opened with each model being given a pair of Apple Bottoms jeans (yes they come in plus size too). Most were very appreciative and couldn't wait to shake their tushes at one another. Allison however moped on the couch watching everyone and gloating about how perfect she is.

Cover Girl Make-up Challenge

Next up was Walmart where the girls competed in a Covergirl Make-up challenge. The winner receives their image on a billboard display across the country in Walmart.

The girls had to make a dash to pick three products and apply. Claire happily won the make-up challenge; although I think Whitney could have easily taken it. The worst was definitely Fatima who didn't look like she had applied any make-up.

Missing the Kiddies

It looks like Claire and Dominique are the only ones with children this time out. While both have a hard time being away from their kids, Dominique broke down when talking about how difficult it was to be away from her family.

Tension Mounting

Fatima really is rubbing some of the other girls the wrong way. She doesn't think before she opens her mouth. This week she told Allison that her butt was bigger. Allison was offended and held a grudge for the whole episode.

Make-over City

Now for the best part! The make-overs took place at Stephen Knoll Salon (Cindy Crawford's tress designer). This cycle the girls and the viewers had to watch the makeovers unfold instead of knowing beforehand what was going to happen. Change is nice but I like the old way better, then you can see the girls get worked up and all.

Make-overs at a glance:

* Anya - Went super super blonde and looked totally amazing. It really brightened up her face.

* Whitney - Probably the worst makeover -- going from black to super blonde with weaves. I totally hate it but I'll continue to root for her because she's plus size.

* Aimee - Was given bangs and red, red, red hair. Beautiful!

* Marvita - A surprising horse mane weave (Tyra's design). She definitely looks good with long hair but I'm not sold on the mohawkish look.

* Lauren - Really long extensions of blonde with red highlights. She looks great.

* Katarzyna - Her hair was darkened and layered a bit. Looks fabulous.

* Claire - She already had one side of her head shaved for distinction so they wasn't much they could do you would think but they shaved her whole head short and went super blonde. It looks totally amazing!

* Fatima - Had chestnut brown and lonnnnng weave added. She whined a lot during the process but it was totally worth it.

* Allison - Went to a blondish red with gold highlights from very dark. It was ok.

* Dominique - Had her long locks cut to chin length and the color evened to a dark brown. It was a major improvement but apparently not the color Tyra had asked for so it will be redone for next week's episode.

* Stacey-ann - She wanted long locks but was given a short chunky cut that is very pretty on her.

* Amis - Long blonde weaves... ok.

I couldn't believe all the blonde going around this makeover. A bit much I think. I really would have liked Whitney to have stayed dark with a longer weave.

Harbor Photo Shoot

This week's photo shoot took place on a boat on the harbor to use New York as the backdrop. Supermodel Elle MacPherson was on hand to chat with the girls and market her lingerie line which the ladies modelled.

Here's how I think the final shots turned out:

+ - good

* - bad

++ - very good

Amis - +

Lauren - * (judge's favorite)

Marvita - ++

Claire - ++

Fatima - ++

Katarzyna - ++

Staceyann - +

Dominique - +

Aimee - +

Anya - +

Allison - +

Whitney - -

Overall I think Marvita and Fatima had the best pictures closely followed by Claire and then Katarzyna.


And then suddenly we were down to the final three:




The judges really liked Lauren this round. She was the first one called to safety. After some more torture Tyra announced that Allison was going home. I think Allison went home more because of her conceit than lack of modelling skill or beauty. One of the judges paid her a lovely comment and instead of saying "thank you" she responded with "I know" which totally turned Nigel off.

Next Week

Next week is all about Runway Practice. Should be a hoot.

Episode 3 Photo Shoot

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Whitney, StacyAnn, Claire

* Amis, Dominique, Lauren

* Katarzyna, Aimee, Fatima

* Anya, Marvita, Allison

Episode 4

Where's the Beef?

This week the models went to a fire station to work on their runway skills with Ms J. Their audience? Firemen in full gear. The girls were keen and giggly and the audience was all smiles.

Fatima tried to be an individual by not wearing the full required uniform (she liked her shoes better) but Ms J quickly put her in her place and she fell into line with everyone else.

In my opinion Claire had the best walk. Dominique practically did a strip tease for the fire boys. The girl must have forget it was a fashion walk and and not an interlude to a pole dance. Good thing they didn't have to hose her off. For some reason Amis decided to skip instead of work it... she said because it made her feel good. Hello? wrong attitude much.

Back at the House

This week poor Whitney got ate up for defending Aimee who wanted to have some private time inn the shower.

The Fashion Show

The girls got to put their new skills to use at a Brian Bradley fashion show. They looked fabulous in the Tuleh designs which included a combination of long and flowing dresses and fetching career.

The editor of Seventeen and Miss Jaslene were on had to judge this week's competition. The winner of the runway competetion won a photo shoot for Lot 29 in Seventeen alongside Jaslene.

(Dominique had the proper hair color this week but still... she doesn't do it for me. Especially with it all slicked back like that.)

Runway faux pas: Fatima misbuttoned her sweater, Lauren flew down the runway and didn't pose (she was later asked if she really wanted to be a model as Jaslene wasn't feeling it. Lauren was hurt by this), Whitney showed the audience a boob and didn't try to cover it thinking everyone would notice. They noticed.

Katarzyna received rave reviews from the judges and ultimately won the challenge. She chose Aimee and Marvita as two friends to come along with her. They showed about 10 seconds from the shoot.

Jay Shows the Girls How to Get Raw

Next up was the fashion shoot with Jay. It was an interesting backdrop this week. A meat locker! I thought for sure they were going to use the firemen but no. The models had to play with and wear RAW meat. It was really disgusting. I don't know what the planners were thinking. Eewww!

Whitney seemed to have less confidence this week and it came across in her face. Lauren had the juice. Dominique got rave reviews. Amis was uncooperative, awkward and complaining.


Amis was the last one to get out of bed and didn't spend any time considering how she was going to "dress to impress". Her hair was a mess of bed head but somehow managed to have it combed out by the time she got to the panel but she had this goofy headband on.

Whitney was complimented by Tyra on her appearance this week (she wore her hair loose and had on a flattering, understated black dress). Anya got rave reviews for making her photo shoot work. Claire got mixed reviews. Dominique got mixed reviews.

Lauren's performance at the fashion show was the only one that was mentioned which I think was unfair considering the fashion flaws mentioned above. But they thought she made a great editorial model.

Amis was ragged because of her headband and cheesy jacket. No surprise there. I almost think that's what she was going for. Some kind of attention is better than none, I guess. Marvita received mixed reviews.

The Bottom Three

* Fatima

* Amis

* Aimee

Anya was the first model called back this week and Whitney was second. Aimee was saved, probably because of her high ranking last week. In the end Fatima was chosen to stay in spite of her small dog smile photo shoot.

Seeing Amis's performance this week it is not surprising she went home. She made her best impression I think when she was leaving. Amis didn't take the news badly at all. She thanked everyone for the experience and left with a positive message of sincere gratitude.

Next week

A posing battle in Brooklyn.

Episode 4 Photo Shoot

fashion models with meat
fashion models with meat

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Aimee, Fatima

* StacyAnn, Amis

* Claire, Katarzyna

* Anya, Dominique

* Lauren, Whitney

* Marvita

Episode 5

To the Streets

Things are starting to get tense in the house as personalities start to collide. Dominique seems to be getting on a lot of nerves but so far Whitney is the only one talking back. Whitney and Dominique had a disagreement/miscommunication about the phones which quickly escalated into Dominique calling Whitney racist. Fatima likened Whitney to the cheerleader in school who slept with all the footballers (HUH?). Oh, and Fatima complained a lot about Marvita being obviously "Ghetto". That girl has problems.

In this episode Marvita confessed about some past hurts both physically and emotionally having been both molested and raped.

Whitney gave a positive speech about her curves. "I don't believe in the world fat." She also seems to have a dislike for Anna Nicole Smith or at least being likened to her. It happened again this week and she wasn't impressed. Me either.

The Field Trip

This week the girls went to an old warehouse where they learnt about the three C's of posing: Couture, Commercial and Catalogue.

They were instructed and judged by the Poser Benny Ninja and International Supermodel Vendela (also the host of Norway's Next Top Model). Dominique received the best reviews.

Off to Brooklyn We Shall Go

The girls were divided into two groups and had to compete one at a time against a girl in the other team for points given by the group of posers the girls watched when they first arrived.

The Teams and Who they Posed Against:

Team A / Team B

Anya - Stacy Ann

Lauren - Marvita

Dominique - Claire

Fatima - Whitney

Aimee - Katarzyna

The winning team got to go to the Swag tent (I'm so jealous) supplied by Backstage Creations (they do the celebrity events). And one girl won an extra special treat.

Team B won and Claire was chosen as the best poser and I have to agree. She was the most natural and seemed to take the event more seriously than the other girls. Fatima was all crazy legged and posing into Whitney's space and eventually knocking her around. Totally unprofessional.

Claire's special treat? A trip to Bora Bora. Some of the girls (of course) didn't think she deserved a trip for her posing but she did.

The Photo Shoot

This week's photo shoot was with photographer Peter Buckingham. The girls were topless closeup with accentuated make-up and paint drizzled over their faces. They all looked amazingly artistic. Even the bad shots looked good on some level. Jay was particularly impatient with Marvita but she totally deserved it. She was not in the moment at all. I think Jay might have unintentionally psyche her out before she started.


(was Tyra wearing the same dress as last week??)

* Dominique - rave reviews (i just don't understand)

* Anya - ok reviews

* Katarzyna - complemented on beautiful eye squint

* Fatima - doesn't shave armpits for photo shoots (picture otherwise beautiful)

* Lauren - "gorgeous"

* Whitney - Vendela doesn't think she was serious about the posing task

* Claire - power poser, but needed more neck

* Marvita - "doesn't seem invested" (she looked like a depressed child in the photo)

* Stacy Ann - great energy, need to watch neck

* Aimee - luminiscent skin

The Bottom Three




Stacy Ann was called back first this week followed by Dominique. Fatima was saved for another week (she does take good pictures). Not surprisingly, Marvita went home. She seemed to leave willingly. I think she might have given up before this week's photo shoot. She did admit to learning a lot and insisted, "I want a better life for myself." She also said she faced a lot of fears by participating in ANTM and that she isn't giving up.

Next Week

More posing instruction. This time with Tyra Banks!

Episode 5 Photo Shoot

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Claire, Dominique, Katarzyna

* Lauren, Marvita

* Aimee, Whitney

* Fatima, Anya, StacyAnn

Episode 6

House of Pain

This week Claire and Dominique seemed to be at one another's throats. They had a good go at it because Dominique set her alarm so early then ignored it instead of quickly shutting it off before it woke someone up (namely Claire).

Whitney and Lauren ganged up on Dominique a few times too. It was really weird seeing Lauren freaking out on Dom (and I really mean freaking out). She's normally so mousy looking. Later Whitney, Lauren and Claire continued to gang up on Dominique when she tried to go to bed early. They sat in the room talking about her. Whoa! that showed her.

Dominique wants respect from the girls but she won't give it to them in return. I think they all need a good sleep and a brownie... with icing.

The Greatest Poser

This week the girls went to a dance studio and dressed in these amazing deep red leotards. They learnt about the "3 second rule" from Ms. Tyra.

The three second rule refers to the end of the runway. The model needs to stay a least 3 seconds to show off the piece and to give photographers time to take pictures of the clothes.

The girls had another pose off, this time with only Tyra judging their performance (as well as giving tips for improvement).

Anya - fierce

Whitney - fantastic

Aimee - needs to commit

Claire - loses face

Katarzyna - nice

Anya's Photo Shoot

This actually turned out to be a "secret" challenge. Anya was chosen as the best poser and she won a photo shoot with Nigel Barker (FYI: Nigel has been off photographing baby seals in Canada's north in an effort to raise awareness for the April seal hunt that will result in the brutal slaughter of thousands of defenceless seals)

Anya's photo shoot represented a day in bed. She wore no clothes but was able to use a white sheet creatively. Nigel was going for a natural undated look and the results were beautiful. Nigel described Anya as a good model. It's funny but I don't find Anya overly attractive until I see her at a photo shoot.

The Music Genre Photo Shoot

The models went to Williamsburg for their photo shoot and had the pleasure of Russell James as their photographer. The theme was music with each girl dressed to represent a different genre. My apologies as I was not able to figure out all their representations.

* Fatima - Metal Rock - Excellent

* Katarzyna - White Noise - Beautiful

* Lauren - Pop - Kind of funny

* Claire - Country - Cute but didn't feel it

* Dominique - Folk - Amazing

* Anya - Punk - Not memorable

* Stacy Ann - No idea - Cute

* Aimee - R & B - Boring

* Whitney - Grunge - Stunning

The Judging

Whitney and Fatima received rave reviews this week while Anya, Katarzyna and Aimee had ok reviews. They thought Lauren was beautiful and Stacy Ann was a bit obvious (not to me). Dominique was pretty and Claire was told it was her worst shoot ever (Dominique looked like she enjoyed this).

Whitney was the first called to home free this week!!! A great improvement over last week and this is the second time she's been saved first. It's looking good for plus size models this season. Fingers are still crossed. She was followed by Katarzyna.

The Bottom Three



Stacy Ann

Stacy Ann is safe for another week but I think she will probably go home next week. I was really worried that Claire was going to go home this week but thankfully her progress so far saved her. I think she is an incredibly beautiful model.

Aimee was chosen to go home and I think it was a good elimination choice. She's a lovely girl but she didn't seem to receive direction well at the photo shoots and there hasn't been any improvement in her photos from week to week. She left under tears and encouragement from Tyra not to second guess herself.

Next Week

Go Sees!!!

Episode 6 Photo Shoot

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Anya, Aimee, Whitney

* Katarzyna, Lauren, StacyAnn

* Claire, Dominique, Fatima

I'm a Top Model... So Now What?

The winner of ANTM receives:

* a contract with Elite Model Management

* a six page spread and cover in Seventeen magazine

* a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics

Episode 7

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

This week Lauren really seemed melodramatically aggressive with the other girls in the house. Fatima, especially, was under attack.

Go Sees

Before going on some go-sees the models were given a few tips by professional model Kristy Hinze. A familiar face on the cover of Vogue.

The girls were split into 2 groups of 4 and had to work as a team for this challenge. They were given a Sprint navigational phone with the stipulation that they had to travel to the go-sees on foot. No taxis!

Group A - Claire, Stacy Ann, Dominique, Whitney

Group B - Anya, Lauren, Fatima, Katarzyna

One of the designers they went to see was Pamela Roland who dissed both Whitney and Fatima. Pamela felt Whitney was too big in her size 10 for runway and Fatima was too small in her size 0. The smallest size she uses on the runway is 2.

Whitney took the rejection really hard and was kind of dumbstruck by Pamela's remarks. She knew it was bound to happen but was not prepared with a response. Like, "Maybe it's time to start using plus size models on the runway. I could be your first." And then give her a big smile.

Manhatten designer Shoshanna was more forgiving of Whitney's curves. She tends to include more body types in her runway shows. I loved her fashions by the way and had to go looking for them. I found this website - but by the looks of it her fashions only go up to size 12.

Team A ended up winning thanks in part to cute little Stacy Ann who has been a judge favorite for some time and I predict will probably be their winner. Stacy Ann booked the most jobs this challenge. The group won a summer shoot for Seventeen magazine that will appear in the June issue. We didn't get to see much of the shoot which was disappointing.

The Water Photo Shoot

Their weekly shoot was kind of weird. Jay made the girls remove their make up and hair products and put on long flowing dresses. They had to slide around on watered clear mylar while being photographed from beneath.

Claire was up first and I don't know if she thought it would be like a trampoline or what but she let herself fall forward like a free fall and she landed like a dead weight and ended up injuring her neck. She took a break and came back and practically did the same thing again even after Jay telling her not to.

It turned out to be a neat way to get some pretty images. No one really stood out for me in this round.


This week the guest judge was Elite Model scout Karen Leah.

* Claire - Ok

* Stacy Ann - Congratulated on go-sees

* Katarzyna - Great

* Whitney - Rave reviews

* Dominique - Ok

* Lauren - Was told she looked like she was dead/weakest photo

* Fatima - Perfect

* Anya - Beautiful

To me it was obvious who was going home. The weakest person this week and overall was Lauren.

The Bottom Three




Fatima was the first called back this week. Followed by Anya, Katarzyna and Whitney. I was really surprised Whitney placed so low considering her rave reviews.

Dominique was saved for another week (regretfully). And then they called Lauren back!! I couldn't believe they sent Claire home. I still can't. Overall she is a stronger model than Lauren (and a few others).

Claire was sad of course and a bit defeated but feels she learnt from the experience. I also think she was a bit relieved she would be seeing her husband and child.

I still can't believe she was cut so early. I think it was a huge mistake. Lauren definitely should have gone home.

Next Week

More drama...

Episode 7 Photo Shoot

models in water
models in water

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Lauren, StacyAnn, Fatima

* Whitney, Claire

* Katarzyna, Anya, Dominique

Episode 8


This week's episode was advertised as Never Before Seen moments. While there were a few new clips there was a lot of the same filler from previous weeks.

This definitely was not one of my favorite episodes. It's not like the show is hard to follow, I don't need a recap.

I still think Whitney looks better with her natural dark hair. Even Dominique looks better with her long hair. I don't think they should have gone so short on her.

Notable clip

The fire hall runway strut - there was an incredibly cute clip of the firemen walking the runway.

And Now There Are Seven

It's hard to believe we are down to seven. You can see them at right: Anya, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, Lauren, Whitney, and Stacy Ann.

Episode 9

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

After last week's judging the girls went home just as surprised as I was that Claire was eliminated.

The drama this week was all about Fatima. She is not a U.S. Citizen and is in the country on a green card. She lost her travel documents in Atlanta and hasn't been able to get them replaced. The travel portion of ANTM is nearing and she's worried she will be kicked out because she can't travel without her papers.

Paulina Etiquette

Paulina Porizkova (supermmodel and ANTM judge) surprises the girls with a home visit to help the girls showcase themselves during interviews and social engagements. Her main goal was to help them think on their feet which seemed to be easier for some than for others. Lauren bombed at this.

Seeing Red

Later Lauren and Whitney decided to make potato latkes (pancakes). While Lauren was chopping the onion she sliced into her thumb. She handled it pretty well in spite of the pain and the blood. A producer took her to the ER and she got some stitches. All's well except now she has a big thumb bandage she has to hide during any photo shoot.

A producer calls Fatima to let her know she might not get her travel documents in time.

Seeing Green

The girls get invited to a Green Carpet event hosted by 7 Up where the models are going to showcase designer Jay Godfrey's dresses. Anya seemed to have the best socializing skills which I thought was surprising because her accent comes across as awkward at times but she was really engaging. Dominique screwed up big time on the carpet when asked who she was wearing and she said "Jay Georgio". Lauren thought she would be cool and swear in her interview but it didn't go over well.

In the final reviews Anya was described as refined, Dominique was called on her goof, Lauren was told to rein in her potty mouth and Stacy Ann was told she was too distant. When Anya was told she was incredibly natural Whitney seemed hurt. Because Anya did so well she won a model shoot for 7 Up's new campaign, Au Natural.

For this Anya had to lie naked in a bed of green leaves, lemons and limes. It was a beautiful shot. When it was all over they gave her a box of lemon and limes. She was so appreciative of the gift. They told her to dig to the bottom and she was even more surprised to find a check for $10,000 for her modelling services from 7 Up.

The Jet Set Photo Shoot

Fatima was able to make an appointment at the consulate for 9 am to talk about her travel documents. In the mean time the girls received a Tyra Mail message that told them to pack their bags and head for the airport. The girls were all expecting to be going on their big trip somewhere but what they found when they arrived was Jay Manuel and a jet as the backdrop for the next photo shoot.

Fatima told Jay she had to leave so of course he was miffed. I don't know why she left this all until the last minute... drama I suppose.

The photographer this week was Bill Heuberger and he worked on a group shot of the girls who each took turns rotating in the lead spot.

Whitney was attacked a few times this week for being too beauty pageant. I've heard Jay, Paulina and Tyra all say it. If they don't want her to look all beauty pageant then they shouldn't have dyed her hair blond.

On a high note, Fatima was able to get her travel documents and rushed back to try to get in on the photo shoot. Unfortunately she didn't make it in time and the crew were already gone when she arrived.

After the shoot with Jay the girls were sent into the hanger to pick up their things and were shocked to find Miss Tyra herself and all the other judges set up for some serious business. They announced an elimination was eminent.

Tyra immediately asked where Fatima was and none of the girls seemed to know (I don't know how, perhaps they just thought Fatima should speak for herself). She announced to the girls that after the judging they were going to board the plane to a secret location abroad.


This week's guest judge was Jay Manuel. Katarzyna received rave reviews for her performance as did Lauren who they thought was stunning and energetic at the party (the total opposite of her judging appearance). Dominique was friendly and nice and they thought she nailed her photo shoot. Poor Stacy Ann was told she was over the top and fake at the party. Whitney's photo was natural but she was criticized for her pageantry look again and for being fake at the party. Fatima was ragged for not having a picture but it was obvious Tyra wanted her to stay.

The Bottom Two

* Fatima

* Stacy Ann

The first called back this week was Anya followed by Lauren. According to the judges, Fatima's body of work was stronger than Stacy Ann's so she's going overseas with the other girls. I wasn't surprised that Stacy Ann was sent home. I think she should have left last week instead of Claire (I know, I'm obsessing).

Stacy Ann wasn't expecting to go (who ever is) but she felt, "God has great things for me. I'm just going to keep trying."

The judges boarded the jet to go first class while Tyra rubbed home the point that the girls were going commercial. Just before she left she let them know they were going to Rome!

Next Week

The Cover Girl commercial!!!

Overall Impression

After this episode I'm starting to think Anya is going to win at this point. She seems to be building the stronger portfolio and is quite a favorite with the judges. She's starting to grow on me.

Episode 9 Photo Shoot

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Katarzyna, Anya

* StacyAnn, Whitney

* Dominique, Lauren

Episode 10

Viva Italia!

The girls arrive in the historical city of Rome which also happens to have a huge influence on fashion. They are of course all excited. One of their first stops is the coliseum where they mock pose for one another and take keepsake photos.

Whitney is the second plus size model to make it this far in the competition.

New Condo

The model move into a new apartment filled with art and statues. One of the coolest features is a pool in one of the hallways, kind of reminded me of the Roman baths. There was also a lovely garden/sitting area.

Fatima developed a headache an complained of a fever. Anya was the only one who was compassionate toward her and even brought her supper in bed.

Segwaying through Rome

They arrived at a piazza where they met Claudio an assistant designer for Gai Mattiolo. Claudio taught the girls how to drive Segways (two-wheeled electric vehicles). Once they mastered the machines he took them on a tour of where the major designers were located and discussed the fashion of women of Rome. Italian fashion is sexy without showing too much skin.

After the tour he took them to meet Gai but before the official introduction they were taken to a showroom where they were made over with his Italians designs.

When they were finally introduced he announced that this was a challenge and had them each walk for him (I felt like they were on a go-see). He critiqued each girl:

Fatima - elegant

Dominique - sure of herself but not fresh

Katarzyna - a beautiful woman

Anya - so blond, so skinny, so fresh

Whitney - elegant, beautiful face

Lauren - beautiful legs

Alas, he only had one dress as a prize and it went to Anya. I can't believe Anya won again. Either could Whitney. Anya seems to be getting a lot of airtime and I really wouldn't be surprised if she wins. She's had some great coverage and is building a wonderful portfolio.

Cover Girl Queen

The next challenge for the models was to make a 30 second spot with director Piersandro Buzzanca for the Cover Girl Queen Collection, specifically the Vibrant Hues Lip Color (the lipstick looked awesome by the way). Seems simple enough but they have to do it in Italian. They were given a script to practise while in make-up and also had cue cards; but seriously, I don't think this would happen in the real world. Each girl had 30 minutes to get in as many takes as possible to get it right.

Anya was hilarious. She couldn't fake the language and had the crew, including the director laughing. She did a little flirty thing at the end that probably saved her.

Katarzyna was amazing but a little flat. The director was most impressed by her.

Dominique couldn't make the Italian words work for her. The director described them as Chinese to his ears. She also came across as more sleazy than sexy a problem she's had in the past.

Lauren was horrified by the whole experience. She looked like she was squinting to read the cards and she swore during one of the takes. Jay took her aside and said, "Cover Girls don't say f*&^". She was very awkward and uncomfortable. Near the end she even looked like she might have been near tears.

Fatima complained about her voice to start with but jumped right in. The director likened her to a goddess and said her pronunciation was the best.

Whitney was not liked by Jay at all. He thought she was unbelievable, fake and disingenuous. I thought she was cute and Tyra said she liked her spot during panel.

The Judging

Tyra looked incredible tonight with wavy locks. She called Rome the birth place of high fashion/haute couture (I thought it was Paris). The director from the Cover Girl commercial was the guest judge this week. He tried to be as positive as possible with each of the girls.

The Bottom Two



Whitney was criticized for being phony and Lauren was criticized for not being able to cover up her real self. Both girls take beautiful pictures. I was worried but Whitney was saved for another week.

Lauren said she wanted to challenge herself and that she succeeded. She's seen a whole new side to herself and she's proud. It doesn't sound like she will be giving up the dream of modelling.

I think sending home Lauren was a good decision. She takes wonderful pictures but just can't seem to alter her walk enough for the runway.

Next Week

Tyra takes control of the camera!

Episode 11

"We are Spartans!"

Five girls left!

* Dominique

* Katarzyna

* Whitney

* Fatima

* Anya

Fatima seems to be getting more conceded as the weeks pass. She thinks she has improved so much over the last few weeks that she has no competition left. Time will tell.

It was interesting to see the girls talk about one another this week. In general they pick out what they think is a weakness in another girl that isn't really there. I don't know if it's insecurity for hopeful thinking. Fatima's target this week was Katarzyna, probably because she's one of the stronger models.

Whitney has been feeling like she will breakdown every time she's in front of the judges. Anya suggested that she not fight it and show her real self.

Roman Ruins Photo Challenge

The models dressed in gladiator gear after seeing a demonstration at the Gladiator School of Rome. The demonstration was short but impressed the girls (except Fatima who I think feared for her safety). There was even a plus size female gladiator who kicked butt.

The instructor showed them five moves which he allowed them to practise but he wanted them to keep four things in mind because they are after all, models:

* Be Composed

* Be Elegant

* Be Fierce

* Be Tough

Some had an easier time than others. After rehearsal, in full gladiator gear they met up with Jay Manual and Miss J who announced they were going to do a photo challenge with a very big gladiator named Ferdinando. The catch? They only had 5 frames to get a good shot.

Anya was up first and instantly put to work what she spent the day learning. Later she was positively critiqued for taking direction well because she used the poses she was taught.

Katarzyna looked like a skinny waif unable to protect herself. In critique she was told her stance looked weak and it looked like the sword was too heavy and out of control.

Whitney started off fake but ended well.Dominique actually complemented Whitney (not to her face) on her good shoot. Jay and Miss J liked how she kept herself open to the camera and thought she did well overall.

Fatima totally failed at this challenge. It was like she was standing on a tight rope and couldn't keep her balance. She totally forgot about showing her best side to the camera. She's wonderful in a shoot by herself but if she has to interact with another model she falls short of perfect. In critique they sited she was all over the place and didn't take direction.

Dominique tried to be different but I think ended up looking awkward. They thought her face looked pretty but she forgot about the action aspect of the shoot.

Jay and Miss J thought it was close call but there could be only one winner. The prize for this challenge was 1000 Euros ($1556) to go shopping with in Rome. The winner could split it with a friend or spend it all herself.

Whitney won this challenge, finally! She chose Anya to go shopping with her. Anya thought it was really kind of Whitney but I honestly didn't think Whitney would take anyone so I greatly underestimated her.

Tyra Takes the Reins

The models visited a historical landmark with 600 year old Frescoes from the Renaissance period. Jay Manuel directed them in a modern Renaissance photo shoot with a surprise photographer -- Tyra!

I personally think Tyra takes amazing pictures and this is probably my second favorite episode after the make-over one.

The girls looked fabulous in frizzy multi-colored wigs and makeup. Tyra said she was going for an exaggerated Italian Renaissance woman.

The good thing about working with Tyra is that she'll get up and show the model want she wants and educate at the same time. It's an educational photo shoot for the girls and they should eat it up.

Katarzyna didn't seem to take good direction from Tyra who felt she looked more Egyptian that Italian.

Dominique nailed it! She walked in looking like Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations) but she made it work.

Fatima started off on a low note but totally turned out fabulous and fluid.

Whitney got stuck. Tyra didn't care for the shoot siting too much sex and boob and not enough high fashion.

Anya gave the poses and was extremely comfortable with her body. I smell a winner.


Time to cut them down to 4!

I thought the girls showed up looking like models this week. Except for Dominique's hair. She constantly has that There's Something About Mary look.


Anya - totally in control.

Fatima - amazing, like a ballerina.

Dominique - was ragged on for her clothing choices ("Mall in the middle of America") but had the most interesting shot.

Katarzyna - pretty picture but not strong enough. She has so much potential but is not pushing herself enough.

Whitney - beautiful but gets stuck and needs to break out of the sames booty boob modes she relies on.

After hearing the judges deliberate I had no idea who they would send home.

The Bottom Two

Fatima was the first one called back. It was like they totally disregarded the gladiator shoot. Followed by Dominique and Anya.

The bottom two:

* Whitney

* Katarzyna

Tyra said Whitney had a banging body and was otherwise stunning but she was "stuck". While Katarzyna seemed to be coasting along from week to week.

Whitney! was saved for another week but was instructed to control her booty and breasts. Katarzyna went home.

I really liked Katarzyna and am disappointed to see her go. She felt the judges didn't get to know her but she will continue to strive to do great things.

Next Week

Nigel takes control of the camera!

Episode 11 Photo Shoots

fashion models
fashion models

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Dominique, Anya

* Fatima, Whitney, Katarzyna

Episode 12

"Ready for My Close-Up"

Only four remain:





Being in the bottom two a few weeks in a row is taking its tow on Whitney. Like everyone else she was really surprised to see Kataryna go home last week.

The girls come back to the apartment to find new images hanging. Saliesha (Cycle 9 winner) is now decorating their walls.

Anya is still really positive and hasn't really done any backstabbing or talked harshly about any of the other girls which is refreshing; although she's losing patience with Dominique who is still trying her darnedest to psyche out the other girls but she is just succeeding in annoying them.

A Different Point of View

The final four went to a park today where a shoot was set up with photographer Francesco Licata and judge/model Paulina. He gave each model a camera so they could learn about composition. They practised taking pictures of one another until Ann Shoket from Seventeen magazine stopped by to talk the girls before they were allowed to start their challenge: 5 minutes photographing Paulina!.

The evaluation of the challenge was based on how well they worked with Paulina and how great the photos turned out. The winner of this challenge is awarded 50 extra photos in their next photo shoot.

Whitney gave great compliments and direction on what she wanted from Paulina and she thought she was a lot of fun to work with. Anya gave good direction and was really excited but she was all over the place and didn't seem to know what she wanted. Fatima was gentle and gave good direction. Dominique was quite vague in her direction and didn't have a vision of what she wanted to accomplish.

Surprisingly Fatima won the challenge. Personally, I thought Whitney was the best and Paulina is biased against her.

Night Shoot

The girls were styled like Italian 1950s movie stars and shot with a sexy male model while being stalked by the paparazzi.

This shoot was by the dashing Nigel Barker who Anya has worked with previously so she has developed a rapport and he's familiar with her angles. Fatima is still conceded (coping mechanism?) in thinking she's perfect but Nigel didn't feel she took control of the situation.

Whitney just couldn't control her posiness in the beginning but managed to come across as cute. Dominique was too staged and didn't follow Nigel's direction at all. Jay was on hand as creative director for this shoot and was not impressed with anyone.


The guest judge was the Seventeen editor who visited the girls on the composition shoot. None of the girls received rave reviews from the judges this week so it could have been anyone's guess who would be eliminated.

The Bottom Two

Anya was called back first (no surprise there). Followed by Whitney (I was so thrilled).

The bottom two:



Fatima was saved for another week!

It was weird to see Dominique hug Whitney good-bye. It's not surprising that Dominique is proud of herself. She rubs a lot of people the wrong way and comes across as insincere so I really can't see her continuing a career for long in modelling.

Next Week

Cover Girl Commercial / Final Runway

Yes! The Season Finale!

Episode 12 Photo Shoot

Beginning row by row from top left to right:

* Dominique, Anya

* Whitney, Fatima

Episode 13

And the Winner Is?

The final three:




The final three received the lines for their English speaking Cover Girl commercial shoot ahead of time.

They meet up with Jay Manuel and Brent Poer where they learned about the commercial, a matching print ad and a billboard in Time's Square, "the crossroads of the world".

Saleisha, cycle 9 winner, pops in to give some advice and support.

Anya breaks down from the stress for the first time during hair and make-up. This surprises Whitney who has grown quite attached to her.

Fatima looked amazing for the commercial shoot and she knew her lines. She just had a hard time getting them to sound natural. Whitney fumbled a bit to begin with but she did ok. Anya was beautiful and I thought despite her heavy accent she did amazing and had wonderful energy.

Photo Shoot

It went by quick and they all seemed to do well.


Paulina attacked Whitney's commercial as too "beauty pageant", yet again. Every one loved her photo.

They didn't like Fatima's commercial either while Anya was naturally charming her commercial was considered a train wreck. Paulina thought she looked "stupid" in her photo. I thought her statement was unprofessional and totally unproductive.

Anya was called back first. Leaving Fatima and Whitney to come forward. I think overall Fatima is stronger print-wise (they really shouldn't have made Whitney blonde).

Whitney was saved for the fashion show! While I think Whitney is beautiful she hasn't been the most talented plus size model so far and regretfully I don't think she's here because of her assets but because of her size. Yes... I'm talking about the token plus size model.

Fatima has come a long way since the beginning. She says "you will see this face." And I believe we will.

Whitney broke down during panel when it was announced she was safe. Anya thought it was beautiful to see Whitney's sensitive side and I have to agree.

Cover Shoot

Anya and Whitney met with Nigel to shoot the cover for Seventeen magazine that will appear in the July issue with an American flag.

Runway Madness - Versace

The final runway presentation took place on an imperial roman set and showcased Versace dresses to a full house of viewers.

The judges opened the show by taking the runway to their seats. Saleisha was on hand as one of the main models.

Anya was fierce. Whitney was too hippy. The dresses were incredible!

No catastrophes.

Final Judging

Two blondes in the top two and one of them full-figured. The potential top models arrived for judging in dresses they wore on the runway.

The judges reviewed the photo shoots all the way back to week one. And then the final moment came...

...and Whitney was declared victorious. I think I might have even teared up.

Whitney will be a good role model for curvy girls as a "full-figured model" (not plus size according to Tyra).

Yeah! Whitney.

And the winner is... Whitney Thompson!

And the winner is... Whitney Thompson!
And the winner is... Whitney Thompson!

Episode 13 Photo Shoot

cover girl models
cover girl models

Beginning row by row:

* Whitney

* Anya

* Fatima

America's Next Top Model - At a Glance...

Reviewing Whitney's photo shoots for Cycle 10.


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