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A Review of Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds Track by Track Part 2

Updated on April 25, 2014

This is the second part of a two part review of the album Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds. In the first part I spoke about the first six tracks on the album( being: "Bubblegum Bitch", "Primadonna", "Lies", "Homewrecker", "Starring Role" and "The State of Dreaming". In the second part of the review I will discuss those tracks that are remaining. Starting first with track number seven, "Power & Control".

7. Power and Control:

“Power and Control” is a fast paced, club like track that would be great for dancing. As the title suggests it is about a power struggle, in this case between the two people in a relationship. Both desire to win total control over the relationship. According to the speaker the man’s desire to gain power seems to be the pleasure of causing his significant other emotional pain. He also expects more than what he is giving. The speaker’s motive however is stated as a desire to be in control as she has been controlled throughout her past. She suggests to her significant other that though he might be attractive he is far from being perfect. “Power and Control” is addictive and is a good split after the previous four tracks that are filled with sadness.

8. Sex Yeah:

Continuing from the fast pace of “Power and Control”, “Sex Yeah” criticizes today's ultra sexual society. The song talks about how the media and Pop culture both over expose and exaggerate it. These images are nearly everywhere and seen by kids. The way sex is portrayed can make things confusing, and young people begin to question everything. They begin to question where they get their information from and become confused about who and what they can trust. The song suggests that part of women’s need to show skin is because of how society evaluates them- the desire to be seen as sexy stems from the desire to be valued. “Sex Yeah” definitely gives listeners something to think about.

Electra Heart
Electra Heart

Regular Edition


9. Teen Idle:

“Teen Idle” is a song that discusses the regret of what is seen as a wasted youth. Despite mentioning being miserable as a teen to the point of feeling suicidal, it seems that by not engaging in the same behaviours as other teen girls is actually a positive in the long run. Though it is common to look back at one’s teen years and wish we had of done all those so called fun “things”, the idea of these being normal and fulfilling activities is created by today’s culture. “Teen idle’s” voice is both sad and confused. The speaker doesn’t seem to know what she really wants or what she really wanted. Her statements of her supposed desires are often contradictory. “Teen Idle” has personally made me see that perhaps spending my teen years differently than the so called “norm” isn’t anything to regret and that wishing these years had been different is only a waste of my time.

10. Valley of the Dolls:

“Valley of the Dolls” is a slow and soft song. The song is about not being one’s self but instead adopting other identities. Being unable to fill the void she feels, the speaker is being drained emotionally over time (“dying slowly”) and desires and is waiting for the end to her life. The voice of “Valley of the Dolls” is a haunting explanation of the strain caused on a person when they are pretending to be something else simply in attempt to gain acceptance.

11. Hypocrates:

“Hypocrates” like the previous track “Valley of the Dolls”, is a slow, sad song. The speaker is frustrated with her lover expecting her to love him a certain way when he doesn’t do the same for her. He has ideals of what love is supposed to be but does not take his own action to achieve them but instead instructs her on what she should be doing according to these ideals. She is sick of him telling her what love is- because he only wants to possess her. He can’t do anything wrong in his own view and his behaviour is proving that love is not easy because he is the one making their relationship more difficult than it needs to be. The speaker realizes his behaviour is hypocritical and that he really no longer feels any love for her.

12. How to be a Heartbreaker:

The album“Electra Heart” though filled with sadness ends with a lighter, fun song with mostly fast pace. “How to be a Heartbreaker” gives four rules that will protect the user from heart break while breaking the hearts of others. The song explains that many people feel it is better to be fake than have their hearts broken, especially if they have already lived through this experience. If one takes these rules and uses them only for self preservation and not with the intention of hurting others they could prove useful in reality, However the song is not meant to be an actual guide but only another of Marina’s addictive songs.

I would definitely recommend people consider purchasing this album- its easily available on iTunes. Before you buy you can preview all of the songs for free on YouTube and listen to the whole track simply by searching the track name and watching the video. So check out “Electra Heart”, its more than worth the price. Check out the tracks that are on the UK album but didn't make the North American one too- my person favourite is "Living Dead".

Family Jewels: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
Family Jewels: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)

This book contains the music to play songs from Marina's Album The Family Jewels.



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