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AV Super Sunshine Is In The House On Youtube

Updated on March 13, 2017

Youtube is a great place to discover new talent and music videos. For me it’s the first place I go when I want to get a lead on what artists are doing before their newest material hits the mainstream. No signups or subscriptions necessary. Just type in on your computer or mobile device search engine’s browser bar then point and click to your heart’s delight and enjoy a myriad of good, bad, and sometimes even fantastic recorded selections.

One of my latest finds on Youtube was a rock band out of Wisconsin. AV Super Sunshine not only makes some pretty interesting music but they also offer some very imaginative music videos. The central and consistent characters in these videos seem to be the same guy and girl (whom I suspect must be part of the AV Super Sunshine band lineup) who manage to get themselves in quite a few worldly and other worldly situations during the course of their songs.

Case in point is their very clever Happiness video, Here the aforementioned participants are decked out in full NASA spacesuits as they sing and drift along a long stemmed rose filled outer space psychedelic background and sadly sing about the search for and finding of (can you guess?) happiness. Within the video description Youtube provides for content uploaded AV Super Sunshine explains that this creation was inspired by the Space Oddity song from David Bowie’s eponymous titled 1967 debut studio album. Can you hear them Major Tom? AV Super Sunshine is pretty sure that he can.

Their Just Like Kurt video opens with TV news images reporting the Nirvana front man’s 1994 death. It then cuts to the AV Super Sunshine duo sitting on a sofa singing as they eat popcorn and watch the Cobain & crew footage on television. The juxtaposition of the shots of the two groups is sharply edited MYV style and lends a sense of urgency and remorse to what we watch here. Here AV Super Sunshine infuse their lyrics with not only their own sense of pain and loneliness but what they imagined what the deceased grunge star must have experienced and which led to his suicide.

While there appears to be oodles and oodles of other AV Super Sunshine music video noodles the pièce de résistance among them is the one called Baby Goodbye. It opens with a haunting guitar fill as the above cited couple drives through darkened city streets with a trio of other people in the back of a top-down convertible. I’m guessing that the three others in the backseat are the rest of the band members because when they shift to scenes of the combo performing the song, well, there they all are.

It looks like AV Super Sunshine releases their work on their own independent record label called Victor House. That makes me wonder if that is a clue to what the V in the AV tag alludes to. It’s a mystery. What’s more of a mystery is why some major label hasn’t picked up this talented team and signed them to some multi-release record deal already. So, all I can conclude in this conundrum is that life is a mystery, and I for one, am mystified.


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