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Aang: The Last Airbender

Updated on December 14, 2014

I grew up watching lots of cartoons. From Batman to Spiderman, from X-Men to Buzz Lightyear, from Little Mermaid to Duck Tales, I have had a fair share of them in my childhood. Cartoons are an entry to an imaginary realm, full of wonder and magic. Anything is possible. But what extends the limit to possible to further extent is this show: Aang the last airbender.

Aang and the four elements
Aang and the four elements | Source

What kind of fantasy world is it?

In this fantasy world, there are people who can bend elements of the world. According to the show, there are four elements:- Earth, Fire, Air and Water. So, through some specific movements of limbs in a specific stance, they can control the elements, bend it and use bending as a weapon against their enemies. Apart from that, the world is divided into nations:- there is Fire Kingdom, Earth Kingdom, Southern and Northern Water tribes and Air temples, each a specific place to practice the respective bending techniques.

Map of Aang's World.
Map of Aang's World.

Who is Aang? What's so special about him?

Aang is the Avatar. He is the only person in the world able to bend all four elements. No other person can do that except him. Being the Avatar, its his responsibility to maintain peace among the nations. That doesn't means that he goes on diplomatic excursions for each nation. Whenever a calamity arises which engulfs the entire world, its his responsibility to bring balance and peace. And he can trigger himself to be in an Avatar state. Avatar state is a state in which Avatar is all powerful and can fight better and more judiciously.

Aang and other Avatars.
Aang and other Avatars.

Were there others like him?

Yes, there were Avatars before him. Actually, in this world, there is an avatar cycle, a natural law by which Avatar is born in kingdoms of elements in a cycle. For example, Aang is born in air community. On his death, the next Avatar will be born in the water community. In this way, Earth, Fire, Air, Water form a cycle in which reincarnated Avatar is born.

Why should I watch this show?

I know its childish to watch cartoons. But as an adult, I have enjoyed every twist and turn in this show. Its fascinating to see how far human imagination can go to spin a story for entertainment. If you're into fantasy shows, you're going to love it. Besides that, the music is really good and the animation is much more realistic than those of Japanese anime.

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