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Aaron Sanders Spoilers and Predictions for American Idol Season 11 (2012)

Updated on January 8, 2012

Singer Aaron Sanders has tried out at least three times for American Idol. He almost made it to the voting rounds in Season 10. According to TheIdolPad, Aaron has made it back to the Top 42 for Season 11. If he does make the voting rounds this time, Idol history suggests that he will have a hard time winning the show.

When a contestant auditions several times for Idol and never makes the voting rounds, this typically means the producers recognize the talent but see something lacking on the personality side. Perhaps Aaron is a good singer without a good backstory or something like that. No doubt, he has some talent as a singer. But that is all we really know about him because he has not been prominently featured up to this point.

Sanders did get some national airtime during Season 10's Las Vegas audition round. He was in the same group as Jordan Dorsey and Robbie Rosen. While Jordan and Robbie were both picked for the voting rounds (and both were eliminated after the first vote), Aaron was cut in the Green Mile, which is the last cut before the voting rounds.

Based on very limited information here, it seems like Aaron is a very skilled singer. He showed excellent control and power during his Las Vegas-round audition. Perhaps some would say he is old fashioned, but the talent is there. We can only guess that his personality has not shined enough for the producers to give him a voting-round spot.

There have been many singers who have auditioned multiple times and finally made it on Idol. I'd say this is probably the year that Aaron finally gets his chance to perform for America's votes. Once someone makes the Green Mile cut, they usually get through if coming back the next year and making it this far.

Unfortunately for Aaron Sanders, these contestants also tend to not do so well in the voting rounds. With Aaron, the issue is going to be one of editing and personality. He does not seem to stand out from the crowd even though there is considerable talent in his singing. And we can only guess that he does not have a great backstory. Otherwise, the producers would have paraded that in front of us already.

I predict that Aaron will make it to the voting rounds but get limited airtime during auditions. This limited airtime will harm his chances of building a fanbase, and that will make it hard for him to get past the first voting round. From what we have seen from contestants like Lauren Turner, Idol is not so much about talent. It is a combination of popularity and a wild mix of singing and performing that is highly subject to manipulation by the producers. In this environment, Aaron Sanders will have to get lucky to get past the first voting rounds and into the Top 12.


TheIdolPad: Spoilers for American Idol 11 (2012)

Aaron Saders with Jordan Dorsey and Robbie Rosen: American Idol 10 Las Vegas Audition


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