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About The Hills.

Updated on May 14, 2009

About The Hills

Who are the people of The Hills? I think we all at some point or another have sat in front of the tv and stumbled upon the mtv show The Hills. Even for people who dont neccesarily watch it, we all know about the fued between Heidi and Lauren (LC). We all know that at some point in time a long time ago, Heidi and Spencer (one or the other or both) "Supposiably" said that Lauren and Jason made a home made porno. If and I am saying If this was true why the hell not just say Yeah I did it. So what. I wanted to have a little fun and it was between me and him and yea we had fun and enjoyed it. But this was the start of the fued between both couples. Lauren and Heidi used to be best friends and lets face it we all never understood why because they are so different than one another. They each have their own taste in men and lets admit it those tastes are just about as different as the two of them themselves.

So Lauren Dated Jason and Brody. She had a nice relationship with Brody for just a little bit and with Jason, He was more like the bad boy type that wasnt going to amount to anything just like Audrina's Relationship with "whats his name" oh yeah I remember, Justin. Jason showed his true colors in several scenes where he tries to lead LC on and then later on announces that he is in fact engaged and announces this at a Halloween Party that LC Is at.

Heidi was first introduced to us a Laurens friend way back when she and lauren went to school with one another. They later on moved to Los Angeles and then both registered to attend FIDM together and after just one day Heidi withdrew her application and then went to work at Bolthouse and had a love thing with Jordan and then later on became involved with Spencer.

Audrina was first showed to us sitting alongside Heidi at Laurens place and then later on became room mates with Lauren after Heidi moved out to move in with Spencer. Audrina is the one who has had an one and off again relationship with Justin. Just one of the bad boys on the show. She later on hooks up with Brody while in Hawaii at a getaway while Brody's girlfriend is at home. Audrina and LC and Stephanie all go to hawaii to surprise the men. At first they were not happy about them just showing up but eventually got over it.

Stephanie is Spencers sister and has become really good friends with LC and starts an internship at Peoples Evolution. She tries to get LC to become friends again with Heidi but has failed so far. A little giving has been seen in the most current season where in a few cases the two of them have been seen talking to one another. Stephanie feels that her brother is wrong about the so called cheating with the bartender he has been seen out and about with while Heidi is doing her own thing.

Spencer is a long time best friend to Brody and long time on and off again flame for LC. She has had mixed feelings for Brody for a long time and acknowledges her feelings in several episodes in seasons two and three. 

Whitney is not seen very much in the new season because she left to do her own reality show type thing. Whitney is one of LC's best friends and they worked together at Teen Vogue for quite a while and whitney went to paris when Lauren decided to stay behind.The two of them have traveled to many places to help and assist on photo shoots and runways.

Justin Bobby is a bad boy flame that Audrina has a rocky relationship with because of his so called cheating ways. He is in lots of episodes and appears just a few times in a few minutes. You will see Audrina having a small thing with Brody as of lately and she happens to have caught his eye also. Although Brody has a girlfriend he also likes Audrina and you will see this to cause a slight problem in the newest season.

The Hills On The Cover

The Cover
The Cover

Is it real?

When Audrina was being interviewed on the Chelsea Lately Tv show she was asked whether the show was real or fake and Audrina's reply was that they were not given a script to follow but were placed into the type of scenerios we see and asked to respond apporpriately to the scenerio. This is supposed to be the case with all things that we see. In fact a late night episode was tape at the courthouse where Heidi and Spencer almost got married, Spencer eventually tells Heidi that he doesnt want to get married this way in fact and that they would end up regretting it later after her mom tells them what she thinks about the whole thing. Heidi feels bad because her mom does in fact want her to get married but would rather do it with some one other than Spencer and that she do it the good old fashioned way with everyone by her side and in a church rather than somewhere in Mexico. So we all knew at one point or another that the show was in fact taped around several different things but would rather it be 100% accurate. I dont care personally how its done just so long as they keep it going.


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