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About Tron Legacy Movie

Updated on March 11, 2015

Tron Legacy Movie

Tron is considered a classic among sci-fi movie fans. Made in 1982, it's an oldie but a goodie. At any rate, it's bold special effects and set design is remembered by most people who have seen it, for better or for worse. Audiences of its time were mesmerized by it's innovation. Since then, there are split opinions about it-- some consider it a cheesy effort that's something of an eyesore while others see it as a ground breaker and nostalgic movie experience taking the best and the worst of the 1980s computer special effects.

About the Film

It is a Walt Disney Production film, written and directed by Steven Lisberger. It is an American action film that was made in the science fiction genre in 1982.

Jeff Bridges stars as a hacker Kevin Flynn. Other main characters are: Cindy Morgan as Dr. Lora Baines andBruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley and Tron. The main action takes place in the electronic / software world model that is created in the film.

The creator has said he became deeply impressed by computer games that sprang by late 1970s and first ideas and images of the movie Tron started to develop in his imagination.The visual imagery of the movie is performed in its own individual style. At the time, the imagery was unlike anyone had ever seen. It was one of the most adored movies of kids and several video games and a sequel film were produced later on.

Tron Legacy Trailer

Tron Plot-- Warning! Spoilers!

Tron begins with a talented programmer Flynn (Jeff Bridges) developing software games in the ENCOM IT company. His colleague Ed Dillinger (David Warner) steals credit for his work, gets promoted and ultimately this results in Flynn getting fired.

Flynn makes attempts to break into the company’s database MCP to get facts on Dillinger’s scams. The computer notices Flynn’s intentions blocks him from the system, as well as another programmer -- Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) -- by mistake. Soon the guys find out that Dillinger developed a special security system named “Tron” to realize the global communication monitoring involving MCP. Tron aims to hack the Pentagon and military departments IT systems.

Flynn and Bradley team up with colleague Lora Bains (Cindy Morgan), who is Flynn's ex-girlfriend and Bradley's current girlfriend. They decide to get into the ENCOM mainframe. Lora works in the physical objects digitizing laser laboratory.

When Flynn goes into the laser lab to hack the MCP security system, laser rays hit him and he finds himself inside the electronic world. What Flynn sees in the software that has been developed by his team deeply astonishes him. The programs are personified after their developers. Also there exists an unknown Light Cycle, Solar Sailer along with different weird creatures. To his surprise Flynn discovers inner super-natural abilities and powers. He faces adventures and is strongly challenged.

The action in the movie dynamically develops in the matrix world leading up to Flynn’s big confrontation with Tron. Flynn pushes all his might to get to the tower and break the MCP security system. A fight begins between the MCP, Tron, and Flynn.

Eventually Flynn manages to destroy MCP and prevent global catastrophe. He takes all the necessary data to prove Dillinger’s falsifications. Dillinger finds his program defeated and Flynn promoted as ENCOM’s new CEO.

Tron as a Trailblazer

It is worth mentioning that the movie Tron is among the first movies where large-scale computer graphics has been implemented. In fact the new technical possibilities: live-action photography and back-lit animation, made the film seem very progressive in 1980s. John Lasseter, who heads Pixar, said if it weren't for Tron, Toy Story might not have existed. When he was young, Tron made Lasseter begin to contemplate the possibilities o CGI.

Also the electronic music soundtrack composed by Wendy Carlos added to its technological flavor. Box offices collected over 30 million USD (a very respectable amount in the 80s) and the critics remained very positive about the movie Tron I.

Tron Legacy


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 7 years ago

      Hi Meow48

      Tron I indeed was a great movie.

      I saw it when i was young kid and still remember it as one of the greatest :-)

    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 7 years ago from usa

      have always loved this movie, as it being the first of many techniques utilized in the computer genre movies... it also introduced a generation to terms like main frame, cursors, etc. great hub