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A Photo Gallery of Haruka Kodama Former Member of Japanese Girl Group Hakata 48

Updated on July 29, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

With Chihiro Anai (left).
With Chihiro Anai (left).

As of July 2020 we have decided to shift our focus from more than just talking about a certain single but also we must address the graduation of Haruka Kodama, one of its longtime members that had to graduate because of rather unfortunate circumstances. What follows here is also a photo gallery of one of the cutest girls in the history of HKT48.

So it is no longer going to be an analysis of just a song but you can look at this article as sort of what impact that Kodama had on the group Hakata 48 or HKT48 for short.

What is Shekarashika and What Does the Song's Title Mean?

“Shekarashika” is the 6th single released by Japanese girl group HKT48 or Hakata 48 if you choose to remember this group by their long name and this song depending upon the translation means too noisy or something profane in a Fukuoka dialect. In the tradition of covering individual songs, this song can be thought of as a pop and rock hybrid kind of song because there is a contribution by Japanese rock band Kishidan. I also found out that if we want to get even more literal the song’s translation also means “shut up.” The center for this song is Haruka Kodama.

When Was Shekarashika Released & How Well Did the Song Sell?

Shekarashika was released on November 25, 2015 and you could say that it was at least a moderate success. It sold 281,000 copies in its first week of release and it reached #1 on the Japanese musical charts. This is quite impressive for one of the “sister” musical groups of the famous AKB48.

"Shekarashika" Music Video

What is the Song Shekarashika About?

Lyrically, when I analyze the song this song is a full-blown, all out love song as the message is to not back down one step and just bring on the romance. When that person brings on the desired romance, he or she declares victory. But romance sometimes comes at a price however. The song really expresses the feeling of love as the person in love treats it as some sort of competition. Even if they lose at this battle, they would have gotten a medal of tears as the song says. Lyrically also, we get the sense that the song is trying to say that even if we quarrel sometimes with the ones we love and lose the battle, our cheeks may become stained but all of us will fall in love at some point in our lives. In the process of falling in love when we are young, we will go through breakups and pain but that is part of being youthful.

In the video for this song, the chosen members for the song do take part in some fight scenes.

The Story of Haruka Kodama's Graduation from HKT48

Well, it has come to this moment where we must discuss the one aspect of Kodama’s career that fans do not want to hear about and that is the circumstances which ultimately led to her graduating from HKT48. It has been over a year that Kodama has graduated. Her poor health that she had experiencing since December 2017 was certainly a factor in her decision. She also transferred from AKS to Avex Asunaro Company. Kodama really commented extensively on the situation saying that the time that she had spent trying to recover she needed to do this to recover both mentally and physically in order to move on to the next stage of her life. She did not want to end her activities as an idol singer but who would want to do it this way? She said that during her hiatus period, she thought about everyone. Her support comes from the people who have the same thoughts as her. Kodama said that she loves to make people smile. She sees graduation not as an end goal but a way to make her path continue forever. Kodama graduates from Hakata 48 having been the center for one of the best songs in the history of the group.

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