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Abraham Lincoln As Vanhelsing And Moses In Vampire Hunter...

Updated on July 14, 2013

Abraham Lincoln As Vanhelsing And Moses In Vampire Hunter …

It has been a banner year so far for movies in the science fiction and fantasy genre and the same kudos can be had for the new movie, Abraham Lincoln’s, Vampire Hunter. I only wished that the great emancipator’s movie would make the run-away loot that the Avengers and others have made so far because it is more than worth the price of admission. Perhaps it is because I have a minor in History or the fact that I am Black, or moreover, that I am a Traditional Christian why I love this movie, even more than Whedon’s Avengers. The writing here again is the best I have seen so far this year because it weaves American History and fantasy… resulting in a rapturous, entertaining, high octane journey - incidentally, Abraham Lincoln’s Vampire Hunter stars, Benjamin Walker… who resembles a younger version of Liam Neeson in the earlier part of the movie and with the ‘bad guy’ being played splendidly by British actor, Rufus Sewell.

The movie commences with a young Abe seeing his best friend/family, an African American, being subjected to the malignant cancer of slavery, which causes the young Lincoln’s father to get involve and subsequently loses his job… and, unbeknownst to Abe’s family, creating a lethal undead enemy. For the Lincoln family, it is not only the livelihood of Abe’s father that is going to be lost out of this row with the Ante Bellum South purveyors of slavery, but the very life of one of the principals in the young Abe’s life, which will send him later on a relentless vengeful mission. When the grown up Abe is looking for vengeance, he is made privy to the fact that vampires were responsible for the death of his loved one; Abe is then taught by his mentor and vampire hunter... the nuances on how to kill the vampires - this training is akin to the original Karate Kid movie training of Ralph Machio and Mr. Miyagi, but only this time instead of waxed on… waxed off, Abe is wielding superbly an ax made of silver. The silver ax usage is explained convincingly by juxtaposing Judas’ betrayal of the Christ and the reason why silver is so lethal to vampires.

These movies like Abraham Vampire Hunter are about the action and there is more than plenty here… I will go out on a limb… not knowing and seeing what Mr. Nolan has in store for us in the coming Batman movie, to venture to say that you will see nothing like what is seen in Abraham Lincoln’s Vampire Hunter scene where the young Lincoln is battling a Vampire during a stampede of horses. Lincoln not only slays vampires at night but he studies the law and is a vocal advocate for slavery’s abolition… this is where Lincoln meets Stephen Douglas, who, in the movie, is dating Mary Todd… who will eventually becomes Abe’s wife - again, here is where the script brilliantly weaves history and the vampire genre and gives credence to the long spirited debates between Lincoln and Douglas for the Senate and apparently the hand of Mary Todd….

Let us speak about the protagonist and head vampire played by Rufus Sewell; he is brilliant and there is a speech he gives Lincoln about the rationale for slavery that is awe inspiring, if you are not the one subject to slavery. Sewell’s character does not kill for the sake of killing, but he is practical and seeks to secure the vampire’s future - I must also mention a quiet female vampire, Sewell’s sidekick, who is played with panache like Jet Li’s take in Lethal Weapon four. In Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, we see Abe being lethal with both the pen (signing Executive Orders) in his Presidential duties and the ax, eventually putting down the latter and the audience witnessing the burdens of the Presidency taking their toll on Lincoln’s face. There is a betrayal and a surprise that are so good that I am not going to spoil it by giving any more clues. We see in the end of the movie how the battle of Gettysburg is weaved into the movie and how the Under-Ground-Railroad played an integral part in Lincoln’s victory during the Civil War. Near the end of the movie, one almost wants to shed a tear when Lincoln refuses the gift of eternal life and seeking his top hat as his wife beckons him to go to Ford’s Theatre… I enjoyed how the movie stuck to Lincoln’s Christian character and stayed away from Political Correctness that is common place in Hollywood, like that despicable 2012 Movie that depicted all the other religious icons being destroyed, except those of the Muslim faith.

In the end of Abraham Lincoln’s Vampire Hunter – there is a scene akin to Stanley Kubrick’s 2011 A Space Odyssey movie where the cavemen throw wooden clubs that turned into killer satellites - we see the Presidential Helicopter about to land on the White House lawn and Lincoln’s mentor is in a seedy bar again enticing another to take up the mantle to fight the ‘Undead’… did someone say, sequel!


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