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Absent Parents in the Jarrassic Park Movies

Updated on March 23, 2017
Everything is going to be all right.
Everything is going to be all right.

Children in danger

The parents in each of the movies put the children in danger.


The islands in the first three films are not tested for visitor use. Yet, parents say that the children are find to go to the island.

The first one.

The parents trust the children with their rich grandparent. This would be great if the children where going to a park with a grandparent whom has a park that has been open.

This park is not opened. The park still has problems.

There is nothing wrong with leaving children with grandparents. Leaving children with grandparents that have no idea what their dinosaurs are going to do ... that is the problem.

How would the parents know that the children are being put in danger at all?

The parents know the park is not open. But, as far as I can tell the parents thought the grandparent trustworthy.

They might have had some adventures with the guy before and after they had the children.

They trust this guy with their children.

Possible clues that might have lead to an answer:

The man seems to want to advance science in a way that is no acceptable in modern thought. In this way, he wants a zoo full animal that have no category in science. They are like the animals of the past. But, they are engineered to be as close as possible to the real thing.

The computers are easy to hack.

The people that are needed to approve the park have not done so.

The second movie.

The parent is with the child. But, the child sneaks onto the island.

When the child is found the main character does not make plans that second to go back. Instead, the character wants the girlfriend to go with them.

As a parent, I would be more concerned for my child. My husband could stay on the island if he wants to die so badly. I am taking my child home with me.

There are no plans made for the child to go back home. There is phone call that does not work, though.

Right after the phone call the main character focuses on the girlfriend and the work done there.

They eventually resew an animal from hunters bring it back to a place near the child. They are lucky to no get eaten.

How would the parents know that the children are being put in danger at all?

The child is dropped off to say with the other parent. The parent does take care of the child.


The new parent is at work. Dropping off a child at a parents work is a sign of negligence.

Most parents are not allowed to have their children in the work place.

The child is needed to be watched more often because of her unruly behavior.

The child for some reason is not allowed on the gymnastics team. Why? This child can do stunts that children her age can not do.

The child could have been overlooked because of her unwillingness to fallow the rules.

The main character thinks more about the woman his is dating than anyone else.

Third Movie

One parents lets their boyfriend take her ownly child on an unknown adventure.

She does not know about the island or that there are more than one island.
The boyfriend does not know about the islands.

How would the parents know that the children are being put in danger at all?

There should be no danger in this one. The boyfriend likes to go on adventures with the child. He seems to love the boy as his own.

Unlike the other movies the tour that they go on is not a tour of the dinosaur island. It is a hang gliding tour.


The parent should have researched more about this tour rating itself that her kid was going to go on.

A friend of the boyfriend did not come along to join them on the tour.

She knows nothing about the surrounding islands near the tour sight.

Jurassic World

The parents are in the middle of a divorce. The parents want the children to not be at home when this happens. This part is understandable.

What is not understandable is that the parents are leaving the children with a person who has not seen them in years. She does not even care about children. Maybe, she made the choice never to have children of her own. Maybe, she just does not have time for children.

How would the parents know that the children are being put in danger at all?

There are many children that go to the park. This is seen when the children ride the dinosaurs.


The parents don't know about the sister any longer.

The children are not given option of going to camp. The children might like the decide to go somewhere else if they had an option.

The children don't spend much time together any longer.

The sister does not know about having children.


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