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Ace of spades forum

Updated on February 16, 2013


This blog is created for those people who want to know the darkest and most closely guarded secrets of magic.In this blog we will be featuring tricks of pro magicians like Chriss angel,David Blaine,Cyril Takayama and others.Frankly speaking, this blog is not for those people who want to learn a trick or two,it is about those people who want to amaze people with jaw dropping card routines,amazing sleight of hand and other deceptive illusions.We are creating this blog because we feel that art of magic is loosing it's real place.We want this art to continue and that's why we will disclose some really good effects so that this art remains alive.We are not only going to explain you in detail about how to go about performing tricks but you can also watch us on our youtube channel,Ace of spades 4636.


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