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"Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man" review and thoughts

Updated on April 22, 2012

"Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" was a good movie. I enjoyed the helpful tips and hints throughout the movie featuring yours truly Steve Harvey. The comedic performances were on point love Kevin Hart he got a chance to shine throughout the movie which was awesome. They chose a good cast for the film. The characters had depth, they felt believable and you could picture yourself in their shoes-which is always a plus. When you can relate the movie will touch you in a personal way. I will have to definitely add this to my collection.

The helpful tips in the movie are all clear from the beginning. I don't doubt for a minute that there are some 'ignorant is bliss' kind of women out there but come on? Really? As a woman do you really think its ok to have sex with a man on the first date and 'expect' (key word) him to respect you? I'm not judging anyone because hell I've done it but I knew what to expect and what not to expect. Just because you give up the cookies doesn't mean the man has to call you the next day and start planning a future with you.

Why do you think there are so many men out there as father's but don't have a real relationship with the child's mother it was a supposedly 'one night stand' and or favorable keep her in my back pocket for later type of relationship. Believe me it can happen on the first night, one time and one time only I'm a witness to it and my now fourteen year old daughter is proof. But again that's neither here nor there. Its really about reading the signs that are in front of you and needing to stop pretending that you are that ignorant to the truth.

In relationships or lack there of 'on my part' if a man doesn't want to wait for me then I never hear from him again. I learned a long time ago to be content with that and to never compromise on my self worth just to say I have a man. Compromising and having a great communicating relationship with the opposite sex is key. If you can't compromise the relationship is over before it even begins. If there is no communication in the relationship then you're walking that hike all alone and your relationship is doomed for failure.

The main key factors that I've learned from the movie and from reading the book is that you have to love yourself first. If you don't love yourself than you can forget about finding someone to love you for you. A man is going to do what he wants to do regardless. If a man is not willing to take the next step with you than he's just not ready and may never be-even if you find him 6 months down the road hitched to someone else. I can do bad by myself. If having a man in my life means taking care of him emotionally and financially than its a no go for me.

If you haven't picked up the book or thought about seeing the movie you're definitely missing out.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago

      We as a society have been brainwashed to not use our minds when it comes to love and romance. We’re advised to just (go with the flow) and “let one thing lead to another.” The vast majority of our relationships come about through happenstance and then we try to make the most out of a situation. The thought of creating your own “shopping list” on paper and sticking to it when determining whether or not to proceed with a relationship comes across as being “unromantic” to most people. However if you know what you want then you aren’t likely to waste a lot of time trying to “change water into wine” or “fit square pegs into round holes.”

      The goal is to find someone that (already is) the kind of person you want to be with. I also talk about this in my book: “My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany)”. We’d all do well to remember, “Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart.”


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