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Actor Raj vitthalpura's profile

Updated on December 25, 2012

Name: - Raj vitthalpura

Age: - 28 yrs.

Height: - 5’. 4”

Weight: - 55Kg.

Education: - + Diploma in performing arts (Dramatics) in M.S. University in Baroda.
* C.O.P.A. Gov. I.T.I. Exam pass

* D.T.P. Gov. Exam pass.
* I know very well about M.S. Office, Multimedia & Internet.

Language Known: - Gujarati, Hindi and English

I am with: -

* Join Secretary in “Sahyog yuvak mandal”, Nadiad.

* Vice president in “Natraj Theatre” in Ahmadabad.

* Member in “Nadiad Kala Mandir”, Nadiad

* Member in “Balkan-ji-bari”, Nadiad
* Member in “Kala-Gurjari” Foundation, Nadiad

Highlight: -

  • I have Gujarat State Youth Service & Cultural Activities Department’s
    ARTIST CARD No- 00500
  • I have Passport.

Video links:-
1 Galat pahechan - Sort film
   metacafe link:-
  2 Where is the Key- Sort film
    metacafe link:-
3 Lost and Found- Sort film
  metacafe link:-
Work experience: - As an Actor in One Act Drama: -
1 Gulab Nu Phool - writer by pragji dosa, Directed by Mustufa Ajmeri
2 Southi moto mantra - writer by pragji dosa, Directed by Mustufa Ajmeri
3 vatesar ni vaat -writer by Mulraj Rajda. Directed by Tapan Shah
4 Koi na mathe kaal bhame chey -writer by pravin solanki, Directed by
    Thakor Makwana
5 Ekraar -writer by Rambhaben Ghandi, Directed by Rushi Pandya
6 Hu aney arundanti, Directed by Mukesh Mecwan
7 Vichhinta -writer by jyotir vaidhy, Directed by Rajesh Vitthalpura
8 Zankhna -writer by jagdish trivedi, Directed by Rajesh Vitthalpura
9 Last 31st December -writer by Rafiq Pathan, Directed by Thakor
10 "Bandini", Directed by Mukesh Mecwan
11 Adla-Badli -writer by Damu Shangani, Directed by Nayan Bhambhatt
12 Chalo Ramiye Ghar Ghar. -Writer by Mulraj Rajda, Directed by
     Nandkishor shah
13 Andhkar -writer by Jyotir vaidya, Directed by Rajesh Vitthalpura
14 Kaal Ratri Naa Syam Sitara -writer by Jyotir vaidya, Directed by
    Jetendra Joshi
15 Pio Gori -writer by Krishnalal Shridarani, Directed by Mukesh Mecwan
16 "Safer", Directed by Kiran Patil
As an Actor in full length Drama: -
1 shila sudhri gayi manan mani gayo -writer by Damu Shangani, Directed  
    by Vijay Soni
2 Mrs. Anamika –writer & Directed by Ajay Resnalist
3 Idipous -writer by Shophoclis, Directed by
4 Agni aney varsaad -writer by Girish Karnaad Translate by Mahesh
5 Sach kahu tu maney gamey chey - writer & Directed by Manubhai dave
6 Samasya - writer & Directed by Manubhai dave
7 Kabira khada bazaar main -writer by Shekhar sen, Directed by Vasundhara Sanghvi 8 Hamidabai ki kothi, Directed by Kiran Patil
8 Aapnu To Bhai Avyu..!!- Writer & Directed by Ajay Rationalist
9 Sorry Aavuy Thay..!!- (Aflatun)- Directed by Shankar Gumane
As an Actor in Video, T.V. & Film Production: -
1 ‘Proffessor Padoshi’ – T.V. serial (Telecast on DD-11)
2 ‘Sath-Sanghath’ – T.V. serial (Telecast on DD-1)
3 ‘Bhool bharele manytao’ – Documentary film (Telecast on DD-Pij)
4 ‘Jal e jivan’ –Documentary film (Telecast on DD-1)
5 ‘Aadoshi-Padoshi’ –T.V. serial (Telecast on DD-11)
6 " Haan Hu Hirawalo" – Gujrati film (On Process)
7 "Nari Attyachar" – Documentary film (Telecast on DD-1)
8 "Bhuan Hattya" – Documentary film (Telecast on DD-1)
9" Ek Dall Na Pankhi"- T.V. serial (Runnig on DD-Guj.)
10 " Mara Sajanji" - T.V. Serial (Running On DD-Guj.)
11 "Galat Pahechan"- Short film for Net-compition
12 " Where is the key..??- Short film for Net-compition
13 “Lost and Found - Short film for Net-compition
14 " Tarikh 13 mi december- (Full lenth Drama) - Directed by
        Nimesh Desai
15   Working as News Reader in Ab Tak New channel- Anand
16  as Anchor in Gram Jagat (Programme of Doordarshan)


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