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Actors-Good and Not So Good

Updated on August 2, 2015

Tom Cruise


Oh Boy

Forgive me Tom Cruise Fans. This actor is one of the worst I have ever watched. His style is too plain and he doesn't really bring out the character he portrays. In his movie Far and Away, he is plain, monotone, and has no real spirit in the character. Honestly, if I were in his position, I would be a lot more excited to have my own land and the woman I love.

Now the Mission Impossible movies were ridiculous. Not only was Tom plain and monotone, he hardly lifted the corner of his mouth to smile, was too serious and did not display enough emotion when the scenes called for it.

Vin Diesel



Now this is a man who has a great body AND acting skills. The Riddick movies, including Pitch Black, we can feel the emotions of his character. I keep in mind that Riddick is a serious character and rarely, if ever, smiles. What we can feel is the anger and vengeful side of Riddick. We see how he can't help protecting people he cares about-even if they are not children. I particularly like the end of Riddick where he asks about Vaako. It shows that although he is a serious character, he is genuinely concerned about someone who has been so loyal to him.

The Pacifier is one of my favorites. We see a light hearted side of Vin that makes us laugh, even though it is not always intentional. His character Shane Wolfe takes his job seriously, but shows us that he can show caring and support for the people he is protecting. Vin really brings out Shane's Character by singing the little one to sleep with the Panda Song.

Johnny Depp



Ah the famous Johnny Depp. I have seen a few of his movies. Some I thought his acting was excellent. Some movies should have had a different actor. Benny and Joon was one of his best movies. His portrayal of Sam made me both laugh and cry. It was a touching story with a lot of tricks. His hat tricks in the park made me laugh and go "Wow!" at the same time. Best of all, Sam actually smiled a little and he loved Joon. Depp brought out the feelings of this character better than any one ever could. It was not his absolute best movie though.

I have to say that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are his best works to date. He was a perfect fit for Captain Sparrow. The swagger, the rum, his personality completely fits every detail and more of his character. If anyone else had tried to play the part, they would have failed miserably. In POTC, he really shows that Sparrow his all about survival and pleasure. The way he makes advances towards Elizabeth Swan laughable. His manipulation of every situation is just pure talent.

The newest Alice in Wonderland was horrible. Depp's portrayal of the Mad Hatter completely creeped me out. The same goes for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Wonka's character is way to dark and gloomy and down right crazy. The originals of these movies were exceptionally better than their remakes.

Brad Pitt


Um....Not so much

No offense Brad Pitt Fans, he is just not that great of an actor. He was only okay in Interview With the Vampire. He did bring out the character to the best of his ability. Louis was eternally tortured but Brad could just not get there completely. The scene where Claudia is screaming at him just before he turns the woman she has brought for him really showed a dull side of Pitt. He could not show the heartbreak we all knew was there at what she asked of him. Don't get me wrong, he tried, it just didn't come through all the way.

The Mexican was a little silly. Jerry's character was brought out a bit more than than any other character he has portrayed. Jerry is about self preservation but it only goes so far. Pitt shows that Jerry's character cares about more than money or pride and it helps that Julia Roberts knows how to sweet talk a gay man with a gun.

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was down right funny. It became hysterical after they discovered each others assassination assignment. The way he talked to Mrs. Smith when the gun fight in the house happened had me laughing until I was crying. It's a good thing Angelina Jolie played Mrs. Smith because we would not have had that kind of fun if it was any other actress.

Alex Pettyfer


Very Good

Here is a younger generation actor that can captivate you. He can bring out the a character like no other his age. I Am Number 4 is a great example. We can feel John Smith's emotion whether they are frustration, anger, or love. John is a pretty private person but being able to see what he is feeling and why keeps us interested in the character.

Beastly is a great movie. We can see the change that his character goes through emotionally. Obviously Kyle is a snob at first. but after his change he is more humbled. He is not completely dark and depressed but he is angry. Sometimes he tries to hard to get Lindy to like him. Once he discovers she accepts him and is comfortable with him, he lets her in his heart. I really enjoy this take on Beauty and the Beast. Alex does a great job.


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