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Acts of Anti-Feminism in the Pop and Urban Music Genres

Updated on July 6, 2015

As if it’s not cringeworthy enough to see young female singers prancing around trying to draw in viewers for their music videos by exposing themselves unnecessarily in acts of indecent exposure, some of the lyrics that are being sung these days border on misogyny and anti-feminism. And often these lyrics are sung by women! Yikes! Do they even know what they are singing about, or is the lure of dollar bills so blinding that they cannot see the damage they are doing?

Let’s take Nicki Minaj and David Guetta’s recent debacle, ‘Hey Mama’. The lyrics go:

‘Yes I do the cooking

Yes I do the cleaning...

...Yes you be the boss, yes I be respecting’


Is she having an actual laugh? This is exactly the type of thing early feminists were trying to escape from! And does she realise that impressionable young teens will be singing along to this unaware of what they are really saying or repeating and that this song is now amongst other tripe that Minaj sings that has infiltrated popular culture and become second nature to a lot of young women?

As if it’s not disrespectful enough to hear women being talked about as hoes in the hip-hop genre, now we have to put up with women who on the ones hand call themselves feminists, and on the other aim to seduce a male audience by pandering to outmoded and frankly downright sexist lyrics presenting women as chattel.

Are these women so brainwashed by the music industry machine that they really do believe in the lyrics that stroke male egos and oppress women, or is this all just a game to them, and they do not care about the consequences of their actions?


And what happened to Miley? When she was singing about ‘not getting the memo about wearing stilettos’ for Party in the USA, she was such a cool girl. It seemed as though she didn’t suffer fools and wasn’t going to conform to any kind of stereotype. A few years later, and she has become a caricature of something really rather lewd, parading her body in a way that even I find uncomfortable, and I’m no prude! Did the music industry machine get to Miley as well, transforming a potential feminist into a lewd sex object? Or is this just the new generation’s sexual liberation that goes beyond explicit sexual portrayal to a whole other level of inappropriate behaviour in front of the camera?

Although with Miley, there could be several other issues going on here, such as youthful rebellion (albeit in the limelight), or being messed up by the treatment of a boyfriend (I’m not naming any names), or even simply feeling oppressed as a young star and now as a adult being able to do whatever she wants, so I say that’s fair enough.

Some would argue that her behaviour sets a precedent for other young teens and young adults, but it really is up to her, and most teenagers are going to do what they want to do anyway. I suppose it is just the slightly younger crowd that I would be concerned for, but then it really is a different world to when I was growing up, but I certainly do understand parents who feel the need to take away tellys and monitor what their children are being exposed to.

What do you think - are female pop and urban singers acting against feminism?

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