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Adam Lambert From American Idol 8 Is Gay?

Updated on March 5, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me how since the dawn of time there have been gays who have been sex symbols and/or famous and the women, men and whomever else love them always seem surprised when they come out while the media chooses to spin it to a frenzy similar to that of a salad in a Salad Spinner. Adam Lambert from American Idol 8 is gay? – Don’t Get Me Started!

At the risk of being stoned by my fellow gays I will tell you that one look at Lambert and my gay “spidey” senses went off. I know that gays come in all shapes and sizes now and that some you can’t tell for sure if they’re gay (sometimes they can’t decide or admit it to themselves either) but I knew with Lambert and for those of you who do not possess these skills, let me just say it’s as loud in your head as Ethel Merman singing. The same gay senses alerted me that Clay Aiken was gay the minute I saw him on Idol as well as a bunch of the other boys who have graced the stage. And while I tend to call  this a “Jimmy Cracked Corn” issue – translation: “I don’t care” about it, I’m simply amazed that people are still spinning this crap up and more to the point that there are people out there who still give a crap.

However I have to say that loyalty is loyalty and when you read some of the comments from the Vblog I did about why I don’t care that Clay Aiken is gay you’ll understand that most “fans” are a little…how should I put this…not all that reality based. They were not happy about my not caring or not thinking that Mr. Aiken’s coming out was the most important thing since a gay landed on the moon (oh right, sorry, Lance Bass never made it there). See my video about that here

Besides the fact that I don’t know why anyone would care that Adam Lambert is gay, I guess the thing that really gets me is that some people are saying that he should be removed from the competition due to the fact that someone has posted photos of him…horror of horrors…kissing another guy on the Internet. While I do think this is a bit of a cautionary tale about how now that anyone and everyone is blogging, posting photos on MySpace and Facebook as well as videos on YouTube that if you don’t want them to be seen by everyone (eventually they are always seen) you shouldn’t post them in the first place. The thing is that with most photos posted online all you have to do is right click on them, choose “save as” and guess what? You now have that photo on your hard drive and even if someone removes it from the Internet, you’ve still got it.

So all of the above is well and good to say but by the same token you have to ask yourself why in 2009 gay smearing is still so prevalent? He didn’t have his dick out or anything (although I also didn’t understand why they got rid of Frenchie that one season for having taken photos in lingerie. And are those two examples similar?) I mean today checking out at a grocery store I saw the big headline “Obama Gay Scandal” with a picture of our First Lady on the cover. I wouldn’t dare even read the rest of the headline because I think it’s ridiculous but why is almost anything that gets reported in the media that has someone gay or being accused of being gay attached to it referred to as a “scandal?” To be fair, I also think that gay magazines should act less like Tiger Beat and not ask every straight actor who they interview who they would have a same-sex crush on if they had one. The gay media has some learning to do too.


Would it be so terrible if we had a gay American Idol contestant who was out while on the show? I mean, everyone knew Clay Aiken was gay but it was the geeky red haired elephant in the room that no one talked about, then there was the guy from the first season who was one of the top ten but no one cared about him who came out three years later to a yawn and what about the guy who dropped out that one season and no one knew why until it came out that he had played the “hokey pokey” with his dick by exposing his member to a member of the same sex on the production staff while “shaking it all about” in an Idol bathroom?

Look, like it or not there are gay people in every walk of life. Period. And although the religious right and haters of the world would like us to go away, we’re not going anywhere. So how about doing everyone a favor and should it come up, before it gets smeared all over the Internet and super market rags, why not just say, “Yup, I’m gay and that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

This doesn’t just go for singers on American Idol. Do you testosterone filled guys sitting on the sofa watching sports and scratching who think gays are “fags” and “creep you out” don’t exist in every one of the locker rooms of the teams you root on while you watch them on TV? And isn’t it a little gay how you worship these athletes and even wear their jerseys like some high school cheerleader wearing her quarterback boyfriend’s letter jacket in high school?

I don’t think anyone should “out” anyone but by the same token I think it would really help if some of the athletes, rappers, singers, actors, etc. who are in the public eye would just say they’re gay when they’re asked. And while we gays don’t all know one another personally (or intimately), we pretty much know when someone is gay. Adam Lambert from American Idol 8 is gay? – Don’t Get Me Started!

P.S. I wonder if it would be wrong for him to change the words a bit and sing, “I Kissed A Guy” by Katy Perry because although I don’t know if they were wearing cherry chapstick it does seem as they he enjoyed it.

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    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 7 years ago from Northern Michigan

      I loved this article. I'm gay, and I never suspected that Adam was remotely gay until he got into the top 10 and started gesturing like a drag queen. However, if you want to get attention for yourself in the entertainment industry, and stick out from everyone else, this is what you do. And, you can bet there was somebody in the background telling him to be over the top as much as possible. Because that is what the show is all about.

      I also loved your comment about the football jersey's that gave me a good chuckle. Just like those same guys who salivate over those WWE wrestlers in their tight little spandex shorts fighting for a belt. It's like a really

      bad drag show only nobody is trying to be pretty.

    • Elvia Francis profile image

      Elvia Francis 8 years ago from Houston, TX

      Amazing article and gay (or not), Adam Lambert is a real fashion + sex symbol! I love him. x.

    • profile image

      smp 8 years ago

      i think it is natural person who is guy is very good in there behavior & donot judge anyone on there sex

    • profile image

      ann 8 years ago

      Actually i'm very disappointed when he didn't win.He is so talented and brilliant plus his performances is amazing.He deserves the Title.This is a singing competition,he should not be judged by his sexuality!It's the 21st century,guys!He has every right to be who he is!I hope to hear his song on the radio soon:)

      Adam,have a great career!

    • profile image

      Cam28 8 years ago

      Linda, I totally agree!  I have never liked Adam. I leave the room when he performs.  He's just so ridiculously over the top and campy. 

      I do think it matters that other contestants, in prior years have been booted out for much less than he has done.  I've seen the videos, I'm surprised that this is the image that American Idol wants to portray.  It's not about him being gay, it's about him being a sleeze and disgusting.

    • profile image

      Linda 8 years ago

      First of all, I never liked him, he’s all over the place, a big drama queen and definitely he is gay...I cannot believe in those pics that he is kissing another dude!!!! I'm not voting for him anymore...he is so fake cuz he needs to get out of the closet!!!! Giz... I am disgusted!!!

    • profile image

      Connie Yip 8 years ago

      To be frank, I was really really dissapointed when I knew he is a gay, his performance is so amazing, and he is so handsome and special, OMG, I need time to accept this bad news, but anyway, I think, I will still love him!!

      ADAM, GO GO GO!!!

    • profile image

      Nong 8 years ago

      I really really love his performance, especially the previous one (2nd). Adam is my favorite and Danny is my boyfriend favourite but now he like Adam too. I think I a bit disappoint it if he's gay. He's handsome and charming..but who cares? He has a talent and he's brillant.

    • profile image

      catalino 8 years ago

      i love adam about his performance but knowing that his gay makes me turn off..instead i switched to david archuleta as an idol..but i asked my self,,is his status makes me switched to must be like that...even i know that i am .gay.i hate gays doing that..but i must like him.. sometimes i took pity on him cuz hes cute and what did his fathers reaction?

    • profile image

      Fin Ly 8 years ago

      He's more Elvis Pressley than anyone could have imagine. Gay or straight, the time has come Elvis has risen. He'll be bigger star than Elvis because of the modern technology.

    • profile image

      Ashley 8 years ago

      well i think adam is good to and i no about some gay people but i am not gay

    • profile image

      Mia 8 years ago

      Sorry, if anyone bothered watching You Tube, they would have figured that out right away. My bubba husband said he was gay the first time he heard him open his mouth. He has some gay aunts, so he's not a homophobe, but if his gay-dar goes off, then anyone who doesn't think so must be a starry-eyed teenage girl in denial. I don't know many guys who can sing "What's Going On" and sound totally appropriate singing it. I've worked with gays, my sister is gay, and I've been to gay bars (which was actually nice, because you don't get these stupid drunk males trying to pick you up). A little controversy tends to solidify fan bases, though it probably will turn off some viewers. Idol Tracker indicated to me this won't be a huge issue.

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 8 years ago from Neverland

      Here, here. I have been dealing with the whole "Who's gay?!" issues for some time now. My sister and her girlfriend have been together for years and are now having their second child...yay! When I read and heard all the hub-bub about Adam Lambert all I thought was, "who cares?" He is very talented and should not be removed from the competition...and if he is I have a feeling someone else will scoop him up real fast.