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Adam Lambert, Madonna, Britney Spears, David Bowie, Elvis, Beatles = Shock Effect

Updated on November 24, 2009

Risque Acts Create Huge Media Attention

It was bound to offend and disgust many, bound to be accepted as a norm by many, bound to receive huge media attention. What?

Adam Lambert, the new alumni from American Idol, a cross between Bowie, Prince and Queen in appearance, provided controversial entertainment during his performance at the AMA by locking lips with another man, simulating oral sex with dancers, well, at least there was no boner also.LOL. I am shocked Lambert did not just also simulate having sex with a man, since he is gay.

Newspapers, media, Internet now all use it to promote their own business by making it "headline" news, as if this is REALLY that important. Lambert is receiving a heavy dose of free media blitz's which promotes himself by being the center of it. For him, it is great, as he is just starting.

Many attribute this brazen act as a homosexual who since he is now a "star" he has the right and duty to promote being a gay dude by such exhibition. His attitude is, "get use to it". Others will state that such performances validate how society in general over decades has declined in its morality. That, this sort of thing, would never had occurred in even the 80s.

Lambert will lose and gain fans from this. He certainly is not the first of the "rock shockers". Elvis was the first in the late 50s. He shook his hips and legs singing, "Hound Dog". Girls went berzerk and the media covered it and banned showing it-but, Elvis got media coverage free and went into history forever.

The Beatles ironcially did nothing so sexual. They simply had long hair in 1964. They were funny. Talented. Good looking. But, it was the hair length that shocked America. It was all over the news. Men simply did not have long hair at that time. In 1966, John Lennon, said that the Beatles were more famous and popular than Jesus Christ. This controversial statement caught world headlines and more publicity for them.

Then there was David Bowie. It is hard to describe him. He cross dressed, painted his face, lipstick, eye liner, appeared as a transsexual. The first in rock during the late 60s and into the 70s. He did some very bizarre things all to promote his music and himself. Come to find out, most of it was just an act. He got the attention of the media. Same is true with Elton John during the same time.

Of course, there is the now famous Britney Spears and Madonna kiss, again, just to entertain inner most fantasies for some while disgusting others. Fans kept being fans. It was all for shock effect and capture the media. The Janet Jackson superbowl performance that exposed her breast was another- as Shakespear would say, is "much ado about nothing".

Recording artists do it all the time. However, everyone's opin on this current Lambert performance is correct. It was for media attention, it was to promote being gay to millions, it is a sign of how open our society has become, to some, it is a good sign, to others, it is moral decay. Where does one draw the line? Where does the FCC enforce decency? How is his act worse than listening to erectile dysfunction commercials or Viagra in prime time, which run all the time? It is all about getting you, the viewer, to watch.

History shows that both the Greek and Roman civilizations during their end times were all decadent and of low morality. Their societies, despite being so great, had fallen to a general collapse of morality of right and wrong, ineffective government, detached citizens from their government, sexual deviancy. Is America on the same road? Some think so.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      yeah, it happens to guys. Look at the explicit LP cover of the 70s Rolling Stones, sticky finger. Complete with zipper.

    • profile image

      Janette Cross 7 years ago

      Pssstt...there was a boner! Watch the performance again and you will see it after he walks through the mirrored door. He will be between the dude and the chick. It was kind of "HARD" to miss!