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Adam Lambert Squashes AI Judge Rumor in Live Webchat

Updated on April 24, 2010

It’s always nice to hear that an unwelcome rumor about your favorite celebrity has been sonorously squashed. But it’s even better when the denial comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Though Adam Lambert may not be a horse, many would describe him as a stud. (Insert wink emotie here.)

Adam just arrived in London to promote his album, For Your Entertainment, releasing soon in the UK, and spoke to fans today via live video chat from the MySpace London office.

In the 35 minute MySpace Live Webchat, the fabulous up and coming superstar Adam Lambert answered questions put to him by viewers logged in to the chat, among them a question asking whether it was true that American Idol producers were negotiating with him to replace Simon Cowell as judge on the show for next season. He scoffed at the most recent Lambert rumor-gone-viral, and laughed before replying:

“I keep hearing that rumor, too. Unfortunately, guys, it’s just a rumor. I’d be honored to be asked. I mean that’s the way I look at it. But I think at this point in my career I’m kinda like trying to focus on my career, being a recording artist, doing touring and videos and future music. I think if I was ever going to be a judge on a show like that I think it would be a way’s off, a couple of years from now, at best.”

Sounds like Adam has a pretty good understanding about how being a judge on a reality show could impact on his aspirations for a thriving music career. But one has to wonder if this rumor will take the same path as the last one. Adam denied he would be mentoring on American Idol, yet as time passed he was asked and accepted, and proved himself to be excellent in the role. That decision only helped his image as a serious professional in the music business. A more permanent position as a judge on the show could have the opposite effect. Only time will tell if this rumor takes on new life down the road as time brings us closer to a Simon Cowell exit.

In addition to the current rumor, Adam answered 39 other questions. Here's some of his answers.

UK tour soon?

“Buy my album, cause if it sells I’ll come out here to you as soon as I can. The album is out May 5th, and the single comes out next week. The thing that I think makes my album special is it’s really eclectic.”

Fave song to sing live?

“Fever, from my album. It’s really fun and playful”

Ever do a song with Lady Gaga?

“Fever was written by Gaga, and she came to the studio and produced it with me. So, maybe we’ll get to sing it somewhere someday. Who knows?”

Fave UK thing?

“I’ve really enjoyed the people. There’s a certain wit, cheekiness, sarcasm that I really like. I think it’s the humor. It makes me smile.”

Movie title for the story of your life?

“Sonic Dress-up Party”

Who would play you?

“Leonardo DiCaprio. He can get really intense. I’d like to see him with some eyeliner on.”

Any choreography on tour? Will you be dancing?

“Oh yeah! It’s something I really enjoy in my performance”

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

“Maybe 20? I’m a big fan of boots. I just feel more fierce, ya know?”

Most embarrassing moment?

“That notorious AMA performance. I fell! That’s why I rolled on the floor. That was not planned. That was pretty mortifying. In my head there was a little voice going “You just fell on national television.”

Will you ever run for public office?

“I never thought about it before. (Laughing) One nation under glam! Indivisible with glitter and loveliness for all! I’m not a very a political person. Politics aren’t really my game.”

How do you make the rhinestones stick on your eyes?

“Eyelash glue. Put a dot on your face or on the stone but let it dry for a second so it gets sticky before you stick it on."

Start your own makeup line?

“I would like to. There’s no definite plans yet. It’s something that would be really fun to do. I think I would probably make it unisex. It’s just makeup. It shouldn’t be for just men or women. At one time it was socially acceptable for men to wear makeup. There’s no harm in enhancing what you’ve got. That’s my motto.”


“Fear of being alone. Not being alone by myself, cause I need my me time. But at some point I want to find love. I want to grow old with somebody. Sometimes I get scared that’s never gonna happen.”

Any weird fan experiences?

"Yes, but I’ve had more great experiences. They definitely outweigh the weird ones. [The weirdest being] a couple of fans that got a little bit overly excited. Not yay, yippee, but kind of like, sexual, climbing on board."

Top of your to-do list after your tour?

“Hopefully extend it. If things build on this side of the ocean, maybe I can bring it over here, keep touring and keep getting to utilize the amazing music on the For Your Entertainment album and getting it out to everybody.”

Adam’s first North American tour, The Glam Nation Tour, kicks off in June.

This article is an update to my previous one  in which I discuss the impact serving as a judge on American Idol, replacing Simon Cowell, could have on Adam Lambert's career. Read it here.

The Jury is Out on Adam Lambert as AI Judge


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    • profile image

      vickiluvsadam 7 years ago

      once again katie, you have written an intelligent article about this amazing young man. thank you for including the interview Q and A. looking forward to your next one. i always say, when you have a true gift, share it! you have the gift of writing. keep it up:-)

    • profile image

      Cookie 7 years ago

      I adore Adam and his massive skill set. I dont know what will happen with the judging gig, but I trust Adam will do what he wants and what he thinks is best for his career. Maybe they will give him an offer he just cant refuse! Regardless, the thought that he is being considered is an honor and is telling in the the amount of respect and love he has from established people in the business. His skill set is massive. He effectively answered many critics/detractors with that kick-ass performance on AI last week. He isn't "musical?" Check out that fresh arrangement. He is theatrical, but he has the chops to pull it off with the big talent behind it. Lesser artists would have gotten lost in that presentation. When other idols come back to that show, they will try to hang on to the fame that they garnered from being a contestant. Not Adam; he has moved beyond that show to stardom.

    • profile image

      Staceyag 7 years ago

      wow, I always thought there was a strong resemlblance with adam and Leonardo Dicaprio. especially when they were both younger. early 20's. Also, I think too, adam said no, he was not going to mentor. I bet he does fill Simon's spot, I would love it! He can focus on his career and be a judge, I think it is best to wait and see what happens, but I hope it does! Poor bb must be exhausted, but he is having a blast going to europe etc. can't wait to see him live again!

      xoxo stace

    • profile image

      Anna Z 7 years ago

      Thank you Katie!

      Adam Lambert is a smart businessman and he understands being a judge on a reality show may not be the best move to make right now.

      He happens to be the most exciting electric Rock/Pop Star to come around in long time!

      Everywhere Adam goes he seems to galvanize and animate the people around him !

      If you have ever seen Adam Lambert sing live in concert you know how thrilling ~ energizing ~ delightful ~ his performances are !

      Being a judge at a reality show would be an anticlimax and a downer right now !

      I'm glad Adam Lambert is focusing on his career right now!

      I'm so happy that he is going on Tour the Summer and that I will be attending several of the concerts !

      Adam is focusing on Entertaining all of us and I'm sooo looking forward to it !

      = )

    • profile image

      Paula 7 years ago

      That question about taking Simon's place, was my question! There were a couple of other people asking it too, but the interviewers used my exact wording in the question posed to Adam!

    • profile image

      Lauriellen 7 years ago

      When first asked if he was going to mentor on Idol he said no. Until they announce who will fill Simon's seat, I'm wishing for Adam.

      That live chat was fun. And over a half hour long. Everything in the US is rush, rush, rush. There were some great questions. I likes him being asked who would play him in a movie about his life. He's been a star for less than a year and someone is already talking about a movie about his life. LOL. I have some strange love for Adam talking about food. Eating ice cream, making omlettes, or in this case fish & chips with mashed peas. It's so personal. Perhaps it's due to my own passion for cooking, baking and....eating.