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Adam Lambert is Finally Crowned the Winner of American Idol

Updated on January 9, 2011

After 9 seasons it is obvious to many that Fox’s American Idol is in its death throes. Love-him-or-hate-him judge Simon Cowell is leaving after this season. The heart of the show, Paula Abdul, is gone. Ellen DeGeneres, as a judge, is useless. And Kara and Randy look bored to tears. Even the bandleader, Rickey Minor, has announced his imminent departure for a better gig, having heard the death knell. Season 9 has proven to be an abysmal snooze fest and has begun to be overtaken by ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in the ratings war. Something has sucked the life out of this once thriving reality show and that something is the absence of the artistry, voice, charisma and WOW of Adam Lambert.

Adam strutted and swaggered onto the Season 8 Idol stage and brought with him a presence, power, and professionalism unmatched by any before him, week after week raising the bar to ever more dizzying heights. Fans and judges alike couldn’t wait to see what this fiercely dynamic up and comer would bring to the Idol stage with each new performance, a stage that had never before seen the likes of him. He captured the attention of America, and even amongst brutal attacks for his sexual orientation it was understood in many circles that he was easily the favorite to win the title.

With the arrival of the season finale, host Ryan Seacrest’s shocking announcement that Adam was the Season 8 runner-up created an uproar among his millions of admiring fans, including big names throughout the music industry, many stunned into shocked disbelief, knowing in their gut that Adam had earned the win and would have been awarded the crown had he not been openly gay. The resulting sense of outrage, combined with suspicions of serious voting irregularities, left many fans of the show feeling betrayed and abused, vowing never to watch again. Even some who continue to tune in express a feeling of lifelessness without the excitement of the Adam Lambert Effect. To quote Simon speaking to Adam "No one can top that now." And no one can. The shine is off AI, a portion of its audience has turned away, much of its current audience is nodding off, sending the show spinning towards a black hole. And now American Idol is the equivalent of a dead man walking. Even if it continues for another season it will surely be a shadow of its former greatness.

But an interesting thing happened on the way to the mortuary. While drawing what could be its last breath American Idol has crowned Adam Lambert. He was invited to be the mentor for season nine's Elvis week. In an obvious symbolic gesture of assent to his unequaled talent among AI alumni, American Idol gave Adam Lambert the unprecedented honor of being the only AI contestant, including every winner from every season, to ever be chosen to mentor on Idol, for his name to stand alongside the likes of Smokey Robinson, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and other legendary entertainers that have lent their prestige and professional knowledge to the show’s contestants. This was no small gesture on the part of American Idol. On some level, with that gesture, American Idol not only presented to him the crown he'd been denied, but the show awarded Adam Lambert the title of Idol over all Idols. And it seems fitting that Adam was crowned during Elvis week, one rising King honoring another legendary one.

On the night following Adam’s stint as mentor on American Idol, with or without their permission, Adam Lambert claimed and wore that crown and that title. With what can only be described as a mind boggling performance of his hit single Whataya Want From Me, appearing as an apparition in dark profile within a green cone of illuminated swirling clouds, Adam delivered the opening verse of the song with clear, strong, yet hauntingly measured notes that swept his audience into a space/time continuum in which only he and they existed, then broke out into full Planet Fierce rock mode complete with glossy Elvis-esque jacket and pompadour, yet facial and body language that was clearly signature Glambert. It was a stunning performance, one which some have labeled the best Idol return performance the show has ever seen, lending even more validity to his newly bestowed crown. He single-handedly transformed the Idol stage into the Adam Lambert concert, and in doing so, claimed the stage as his own. Anyone else who ever performs on that stage from now on will be borrowing it from Adam Lambert.

After the events of Adam Lambert’s triumphant return to the American Idol stage, it seems like the season 8 finale announcement never happened. For many of Adam’s fans the experience has provided complete closure.

Adam Lambert has come back to American Idol, where a year ago he had an appointment with destiny.

And American Idol, the unique show that launched this supernova, has finally crowned their Idol of, and for, all time.

Adam Lambert's Return Performance on American Idol Season 9


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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 4 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      I don't know if Adam lost because he was openly gay or not but he didn't deserve to lose. He was the best contestant that season. Clearly way better than Kris Allen, though I love him too.

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for writing this.

    • Whistler2417 profile image

      Whistler2417 8 years ago from Mississippi

      I must comment here. I am an Adam fan. I am a Kris fan. Adam did not win, not because he was not good, he was, not because of his sexual orientation, no one really cares, not because people did not like him, they did, but he was different. Adam took people where they did not normally go. Adam was/is excitement, he was/is non-reality, the place we all want to visit, and occasionally be. But, living in a state of euphoria is not normal. Everyone loves a good vacation, but eventually, they all come home. Adam being a mentor was nothing but a savvy business move on the part of AI to garner what was perceived to be a larger audience, when in fact, it did very little to change those numbers.

    • profile image

      lola 8 years ago

      i really enjoyed this article, it was well written and factual. adam not winning the Idol 8 did not worry me at all, for me he was the real winner, the real deal and i know from day one he will make it. i feel it in my heart it will not be an easy ride for adam because of his sexuality. when i read the comment of ken warwick, the AI producer somehow i agreed with him that adam is struggling a bit. i think what he meant was adam is extremely talented with oozing personality therefore he should be on top of his game right now, i.e his album should be charting on top 10. many people are still hesitant to embrace adam, his sexuality contributes to that so far, plus religion and people living by the BOOK.

      i wish adam all the best. adam will continue to make mistakes (like all of us), he is young but like what he said: WHETHER YOU LIKE ME OR HATE ME, let's leave it like that.

      continue being a good person adam, i know very well nobody can intimidate you. the good combination of your intelligence and pleasant personality will bring you to a better place.

    • profile image

      Kerry Klolsch 8 years ago

      Thanks, no need to post anything else.

    • profile image

      Joy Glampira To Angel 8 years ago

      Ah just to clear up some confusion here....


      now that is cleared up- hope you enjoyed my post :)

      The Truth will set us free...

    • profile image

      The real Kerry Kolsch 8 years ago

      Why is the truth called hate? Like it or not what went on in Arkansas was not fair to any contestant in Season 8 including Kris. People who have read my book get it. It is not an opinion that I have pulled out of the wind it is based on research. This is my first post here. I am not the only one in the world who does not have my head in the sand. You folks that call yourself Adam Lambert fans and attack me are a disgrace. It was not just his loss it was our loss as a nation when the rest of the world thinks we are too homophobic to vote for a gay idol. It is also the fans loss when they voted and AT&T picked the winner. By the way the defense for libel and slander is the truth. No one has a cause of action against me.


      Fact = Something known to be true. Something based on evidence from the actual course of events.

      Theory = An idea formed by speculation or hypothetical circumstances.

      This book is not based on my theory or opinion, but factual events. My facts are based on and not limited to the following sources.

      In Arkansas

      1. Thousands of photographs and film from the local Arkansas media including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Pictures include:

      Pictures of the stadiums and church filled with people power texting with AT&T presence.

      A picture of the 15-foot AT&T balloon at the Peabody hotel.

      A picture of AT&T employees set up at a table with professional signs stating “Texting Zone”.

      Pictures of the thousands of shirts being sold with proceeds going to Kris and family when American Idol owned his name.

      Pictures of Chick-fil-a cows with “Staff” signs at Watch parties indicating that these events had corporate sponsorship beyond AT&T.

      Pictures of screen capture that shows the local FOX station showing how to find Kris Allen fan sites at their own Kris Allen fan site.

      Pictures of local business that were using Kris Allen’s name and likeness for their benefit.

      Picture of Daniel Allen power texting while AT&T was giving away a phone right in front of him.

      Many more pictures.

      2. Hundred of newspaper articles from the local media describing events.

      3. Thousands of articles and post from around the country.

      4. Arkansas blogs describing events including the blog of the Arkansas Speaker of the House.

      5. Witness testimony and testimony from e-males and phone conversations.

      6. Post and articles on KrisAllenation and other Kris Allen fan sites.

      7. The newspaper from the University of Central Arkansas

      8. Local business and Chamber of Commerce websites.

      9. MTV articles and film at the Watch Parties.

      10. Evidence of thousands of dollars in prizes that were donated to induce voters to stay and vote.

      Evidence of Adam v. Kris popularity at the time of the vote proving Adam’s overwhelming popularity with facts including but not limited to:

      1. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and fansites.

      2. Hundreds of polls

      3. Marketing research such as Quantcast, Alexia and Hitwise.

      4. Google Trends

      5. Photobucket

      6. American idol website

      7. Voting websites such as Vote Fair / Dialidol

      8. Gambling sites

      9. Marketing surveys

      10. iTune

      11. YouTube

      12. Analysis of fan traffic on various fan sites.

      Evidence that at all times relevant Adam was more popular in 49 states and continues to hold that lead is found in many of the same sources. This book takes you state-by-state and city-by-city.

      This book contains a detailed analysis of the voting system. It is fraught with inherent unfair methods and now with unlimited text voting plans it has become a voting contest not a singing contest.

      This book contains an analysis of what American Idol describes as an “unfair advantage” through previous lawsuits and “cease and desist” letters. It compares what occurred in Arkansas with prior FremantleMedia activity.

      This book contains an analysis of the statements made by AT&T, FOX and American Idol and show that AT&T did not deny the 38 million votes but merely layered up and said they would not confirm the disclosure because they do not release that type of information.


    • profile image

      Angel 8 years ago

      Sad thanks for posting the twit pic of that. In my original post I even said I believe he was totally kidding! Also agree about getting facts totally straight. Poor Kris continues to get accused of crud when he hasn't done anything wrong.

      Agreed on the rest of your post also.

    • profile image

      Sad 8 years ago

      Number8gurl here is the house boat Kris bought:

      Get your facts straight before you go trashing someone.

      As for KK's "book" nice piece of trash that is also. I hope the people she libeled take action against her.

    • profile image

      Angel 8 years ago

      Twill Bravo to your post; you speak the truth!

      Sammie posting stuff like you just did is one thing that gets the fan wars going and keeps them going. Both guys have singles that are selling extremely well and that is awesome. I am so happy for both and want nothing but the best for them.

    • profile image

      Twill 8 years ago

      Okay, I wasn't going to comment because I bet the people that I'm referring to aren't going to change their attitudes but I don't understand how you can call yourselves true Adam Lambert fans if you bash his friend and/or the show which made him famous. You would have no idea who he was right now if it hadn't been for AI.

      Also, accusing Kris of cheating/ being an ungrateful jerk/ a failure just seems so trashy. Obviously you don't really think much of Adam if you think he would be friends with such a terrible person. Just because Kris doesn't publicly congratulate Adam on his successes doesn't mean that Kris doesn't send him a text or give him a call and congratulate him personally (which I'm sure would mean more to Adam than a quick tweet).

      I respect Adam very much as a kind-hearted person and I loved his performances on the show. (I'm not crazy about his CD, but it's really just not my style of music - I still think he's very talented) but from what I understand from reading comments made by people that don't like Adam, I think a lot of it has to do with the very pushy, rude fans that say everyone that doesn't like Adam is a homophobe/deaf/stupid and it actually turns people off of liking Adam which is the last thing we want to do.

      I think we should follow Adam's example and accept that people will always have different opinions and that just because someone likes Kris or Allison or Danny more than Adam doesn't make them wrong or homophobic or's just that they have different taste. Adam always tells us to show love...and when we get accusatory, bitter, OTT, or put people down...then we're also disrespecting Adam.

      Also people said that Kris fans are rude, homophobic VFTW people...but I don't think VFTW is really a fan of Kris...they call him "who?" and the guy that does most of the posts for VFTW is gay, so I don't think it's really homophobia. But every celebrity has their nasty fans and Adam and Kris are no exception. (Though I wish they were)

    • profile image

      Jo 8 years ago

      Sammie, that's the dumbest thing you could ever say. Kris's single has been out 2 months longer than Adam's. Adam will surpass Kris's sales on his single quicker than Kris did. Try again.

    • profile image

      Sammie 8 years ago

      If he is the "real American Idol" how come he hasn't sold platinum in the US yet. Kris has a platinum single. Adam fans are sore losers pure and simple.

    • profile image

      Jo 8 years ago

      I also think cheating occurred. I called for Adam for fours hours nonstop and never got through until the last half hour. But, I'm over it. Adam is over it. Kris felt bad about it and nothing should be done at this point to change things. It's too late and everyone has moved on. It's time to let it go. The show and everyone else treats Adam as the winner anyway.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Note to wino:

      I refused to post a comment left by a KK supporter spamming her book. I would hardly do that if I were KK. Compare our writing styles and you will see there is a vast difference between us. I call myself Katie because my name is Katie. Not everyone who mentions possible AI voting irregularities is Kerry Kolsch. Not to mention that in my piece it is simply given quick mention to provide background.

      Katie S

    • profile image

      Lea 8 years ago

      According to those who work where I do, Adam Lambert is the only contestant they remember from last year. About half thought he actually won before they were corrected, then everyone agreed that someone named "Cory" won last year, But they only like Adam. Hillarious

    • profile image

      Angel 8 years ago

      Wino, I do not believe the writer is Kerry; but I do believe that Joy Glampira is.

      This is to Joy/Kerry- I cannot believe you. You want Kris to go and do all this and give the title to Adam and you think Adam will just take it. Are you freaking on drugs? I would bet 50 bucks that Adam wouldn't take it for the sheer fact he would not do it to Kris. Kris did nothing wrong and either did his family or Friends and none of them should have to be under the gun like this.

      ETA: If you are going to go crazy about the t-shirts with Kris's name on there well you better write another book and make it for all the seasons and I mean from Season one cause many of the contestants have had this type of thing happening. Selling t-shirts is the big thing especially for the people who will be in the audience of AI. Shoot just this season there is like 4 contestants who have people in the audience with the names on them and even their faces. You are just ticked Kris one and that is why you are singling him out to get in trouble!

    • profile image

      ILoveKerryKolsch 8 years ago

      Right now, I'm eating a bunch of Chik-Fil-A and typing this on my GoPhone. Can you hear my evil cackle, Kerry Kolsch?

    • profile image

      getalife 8 years ago

      Good grief. Isn't there some of other injustice you all can get your extra large granny pants in a twist about?

    • profile image

      BKT0605 8 years ago

      "It is beat for beat an exact duplicate of The Fray's version. He stood there while Randy & others gave him acclaim for doing such an original arrangement."

      Not to dwell on something that happened almost a year ago, but while Randy was giving him "acclaim" for his arrangement of Heartless, he also mentioned that is was better than Kanye's version and also better than the Fray's. If the song sounded note for note the same, that's because, well, it is the same song with the same exact notes. Both artists who did the song were recognized on the show, so I'm not seeing how Kris deserves bad karma for this. It's one thing to believe that Adam is a more talented singer, but it's sad that people wish harm to the person who received more votes on a reality karaoke show.

    • profile image

      wino 8 years ago

      Wow, pathetic and embarassing, thats the only way I can describe your feeble attempt to drag this washed up story into the limelight, once again. I do love how now you are calling yourself Katie, not Kerry. Ohhhhkay. Dude, Adam lost. He didn't receive enough votes. Get over it. His album is doing okay, his 3rd single is now receiving some momentum. But IF he is this super duper mega star, why isn't he selling/topping the charts like one? And no, nobody cares he is #1 in Bulgaria.

    • profile image

      Joy Glampira 8 years ago

      Dear number8gurl:

      Great comment and I whole-heartily agree. However, the homophobia you speak of came only from 1 state in this country and that was of course Arkansas. All states except Arkansas HAD Adam projected as the WINNER which means that all blue states and all red states (yes this means even conservative states like Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma) all voted for Adam and wanted him to win. They did not care that he was gay, flamboyant, theatrical or that he wore guy-liner- because his talent, charm, charisma and insanely amazing vocals all trumped that.

      This is good and bad news - good news that we as a country are not as backwards as we actually thought and bad news because just a few handful of rabidly homophobic and religiously intolerant individuals in one state (Arkansas) cheated to take the win away from Adam. They did this in 6 distinct ways: (send me a tweet I will happily tell you where this info came from- as I can't put links in here)...

      1. Used 2 separate computer programs; one to block Adams lines and one to vote for Kris (students used several labs at the University in Conway to pull this off). Millions of fraudulent votes were generated for Kris and millions more were lost for Adam with these computer programs.

      2. used corporate (chik-fil-A) money (CEO is a homophobic religious fundamentalist) and local gov money to sponsor huge watch parties (over 2000 people all power texting til 5 am to vote for Kris (corporate sponsored watch parties are illegal under AI rules)

      (Side-note here) this is why the cover-up had to be so thorough cause this would have dis-qualified Kris and would most likely make his current record deal null and void.

      3. used go phones to call outside the normal 4 hour window by using different phone numbers in other time zones. That's why the watch parties mentioned above went on til 5am!

      4. Rogue AT&T employees opened up all the local AT&T stores to allow people to use their go phones and vote in the stores all night! They also handed out go phones at the watch parties thrown by Chik-fil-A (again serious violation of AI rules as contestants cant be sponsored by corporations).

      5. Money was raised by selling t-shirts with Kris's name on them to help Kris's family and the watch parties etc (how much money did they Make?) would be FASCINATING to actually know that as this is AGAIN a serious violation of AI rules. All money that is made using Kris Allen's name belongs to AI not to Kris, his family or friends.

      6. Local gov money was used illegally to fund homecoming

      (did not get proper authorization etc and local chamber of commerce money was used to make Kris Allen T-shirts- (hey do I hear TAX FRAUD-since when is it legal to use gov tax money to sponsor a contestant in a singing competition- well its NOT!

      SO THIS IS WHY ADAM LOST!!!! As you can see I am outraged by all of it- that a few bigots (against gays and Jews) and state prideful zealots stole the vote from Adam and all of us that voted for him.

      One of the saddest losers in this is all the kids who watched the show -the ones who felt they were different because of the color of their skin, their religious affiliation or sexual orientation. They saw their hopes crushed as Adam lost that night- what did they come away with; that no matter how great your talent is -you will lose in the end- you will be second rate...

      Adam is NOT Second to anyone. HE WON!!!

      He is the RIGHTFUL winner of American Idol and SHOULD BE CROWNED AS SUCH!!!!

      Look, as much as I enjoyed seeing Adam perform last week and found healing in it- it does by no means give me CLOSURE OF ANY KIND!

      Adam deserves to be crowned the rightful winner of American Idol season 8 (to use one of my favorite Adam phrases- this is the period at the end of the sentence!)

      However, I truly believe that Kris didn't know much about any of this (due to the Idol bubble) until the finale- and I am sure he knows WAY MORE now of the actual truth since that fateful finale night.

      Now that the facts are out there for everyone to see, Kris should do the right thing and agree to investigate this whole affair- that is if he truly cares for his friend Adam as he says he does as well as being the good christian that I believe in his heart he is...

      Of course in my FANTASY Kris is a true friend to Adam and has a clear honest relationship with God. So he does right by him (and God) and has this amazing pres-conference refusing to accept the win and gives it back to Adam. Then, Adam graciously accepts being crowned the true American Idol Winner of season 8 on the next Idol week and all is right again in our world...Ya, Ya I know...justice rarely exists in the REAL world but at least I get to keep my fantasies...

    • profile image

      Christopher L 8 years ago

      Very well written Katie!

      I agree that this is a long overdue recognition of Adam's talent and status as a Rock/Pop Star!

    • profile image

      LindaLoo 8 years ago

      Weird or not, you have to admit the boy's got talent!!!

    • profile image

      quinn 8 years ago

      Thank you for a true critique of Adam's talent. He would have won AI if it had not been for homophobia by the dregs of our society and cheating by AT&T. I will watch Idol now that they have made ammends - however I will not be sucked into voting until AT&T makes some kind of ammends for their homophobic behavior - cheating. I think Kris was also a victim because he had to know he was used.

    • profile image

      Angelraj 8 years ago

      Absolutely true and well said. Adam is the man! And the most amazing idol ever. Having said that, I love Kris - and would never put him down. But everyone know that Adam is the. best. idol. ever!!!

    • profile image

      Angel 8 years ago

      Good article you wrote here. Adam is awesome!

      number8gurl, From all accounts Kris may have been joking about buying the boat, but if he did why can't he buy anything. Kris is pretty frugal with his money and if he finds something that could be something he would use what is wrong with that. You forget that he has a top selling Over Platinum selling single which is still in the top 50 on Itunes. His cd is selling just slowly. As far as snarky comments about Adam he hasn't done anything. Most Adam fans take things he says as an insult to Adam or Adam fans and it is usually them just being crazy. Kris has always been kind when it came to Adam. Also I say this for Kris and Adam. Neither should have to tweet stuff about each other on there. All that is important is they get word to each other; and from what both say they text and Call each other all the time.

      It is pretty nasty how people have to put down Kris to make Adam look better. Adam is doing amazing so why put his friend down?

    • poeticjustice profile image

      poeticjustice 8 years ago

      'Love your article, Katie ... It says what many of us feel. Although I was stupified, watching the finale last year and not hearing "Adam Lambert!" when the winner was announced ... I quickly got over that, and started seeing the "positive" ~ Adam would have more creative control, and wouldn't be under the pressure to live up to the word WINNER, with all that implies.

      At this point, I'm "over the moon" -- My favorite artist is a world-wide "star," I have a delicious catalog of his music (pre-Idol, post-idol and AI performances) to enjoy whenever I want, his debut album was largely praised, and he is sought after by artists, producers and other music-biz movers and shakers, who want to work with him and be a part of this phenomenon that is Adam Lambert. What more could I want?

      I was never one to slam Adam's competition -- Besides the fact that it's tacky and childish, it's unnecessary! The man and his music speak for themselves! Take it or leave it! I myself will continue to embrace it, and to be ever-so grateful that such a talented, admirable, charismatic individual has stepped onto the world stage during my lifetime.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      Yeah I agree that Lambert is the real winner,but I hope you are wrong about this being the end of American Idol,while this season has not been as strong as seasons from the past,there is some great future stars in this season,Crystal Bowersox my favorite,Soban ( I know I didn't spell that right)Lee I think these three are going to be big.I hope America Doesn't turn their backs on Idol because it is a great platform for singers to get out there on.If there was no Idol there would be no Lambert,no Jennifer Hudson,no daughtry..and so on.I hope the shows stay around for along time because in the end its not about the judges its about the singers the new raw talent being introduced for the first time.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Excellent article, and excellent assessment of Adam Lambert's reign on AI. I think it's clear that he has so far proven to be one of the bigger talents to come out of the show. Time will tell. I mean, Kelly Clarkson has done very well for herself, but there's no debying a certain definite uniqueness about Lambert's entire act that surpasses even that.

      As for AI itself, I fear you are right it's in its final days—at least its final days of relevance. Without Cowell the show's heart will beat no more.

      Keep on hubbing.

    • profile image

      papillon129 8 years ago

      Katie J. Beautifully written. You have expressed what is in my heart. By inviting Adam to be mentor, AI has given back to him what was rightfully his last year. He cemented that crown to his head with that performance Wednesday night! All I remember now of S8 are Adam's wonderful performances.The negative memories of that season are in the past where they will now stay. :)

    • profile image

      Anna Z 8 years ago

      Thank you Katie !

      I appreciate your insightful and clever take on this subject!

      I too agree that the American Idol show is in it's final death throes...

      After Adam Lambert that show has lost all sparkle and life!

      Adam Lambert is THE American Idol !!!

      No one can compare to Adam's outstanding talent and stage presence!

      He has moved on far beyond American Idol!

      Adam Lambert is causing a sensation and stir all around the globe with his superior vocals and exciting performances !!!

      I especially enjoyed reading this part of the article ~


      for his name to stand alongside the likes of Smokey Robinson, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and other legendary entertainers that have lent their prestige and professional knowledge to the show’s contestants. This was no small gesture on the part of American Idol. On some level, with that gesture, American Idol not only presented to him the crown he'd been denied, but the show awarded Adam Lambert the title of Idol over all Idols. And it seems fitting that Adam was crowned during Elvis week, one rising King honoring another legendary one.


      Yes! Adam Lambert has proved himself a notable luminary in the celebrity world!

      I do believe that Elvis did pass the torch to Adam the night of the AI performance !

      It was no coincidendence that Adam was invited to an Elvis themed show ~ Adam is mentioned on Elvis's website and even Pricilla Presley has said her dad would have LOVED Adam Lambert !!

      Adam Lambert is on his way to being the world's next MegaSuperStar !!!

      Adam is truly the KING of our Entertainment !!!!

      = )

    • profile image

      number8gurl 8 years ago

      This is a great article. Thanks! I'm a die-hard Adam fan. He is realizing his dreams and becoming what we all knew that he would. I was very hurt and bitter when he didn't win but soon came to realize it really didn't matter in terms of his success BUT what does still bother me is that he was deprived of a title he so rightfully deserved for the WRONG REASONS. Adam is an extremely positive, forward-thinking person and has never said anything negative about it but that night, on stage, when he was standing over to the side with Allison's arms around his neck I saw a flash of hurt pass across his face and I think it was because he knew WHY he didn't win. I think it was more homophobia and pure hatred of Adam, plus fans of others (Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver) voting AGAINST Adam than it was the AT&T scam (although I do believe that was a total scam because AT&T employees were involved). It was unfair and unethical. Also the night of the finale I couldn't even get through to vote for Adam. I was only able to log about 100 votes and the previous week I had gotten through over 900 times. Possible tampering with the phone system? Unfortunately homophobia and downright hatred of homosexuals still runs rampant in this country and can be found in people in very high places. We will probably never know and it really doesn't matter now. I think it is much more epic to see the runner-up outselling, outcharting and flat out leaving the so-called winner in a trail of glitter! I champion Adam for his bravery and his unwillingness to be anything less than his true self. That is one of the many reasons why his fans absolutely ADORE him! As far as Adam fans being "trash talkers" it's not trash talking if it's true! Adam fans, in my experience (and I know many, many, many of them) are sweet, loving, very positive people but are justifiably upset because they were legitimately wronged. I have seen much more true "trash talking" about Adam by Kris' fans who are now seething with jealousy and resorting to the low road with insults and rude comments about Adam and his fans. It's sad. Kris himself has also lowered himself to make snarky remarks about Adam AND his fans. I don't think as much of Kris now as I did a few months ago. Adam continually congratulates Kris for his successes but Kris never reciprocates. And apparently Kris has just purchased a houseboat? WTF!!! That's a pretty bold purchase for someone whose album has dropped out of the BB200 and whose one single has already peaked on Hot100 and gone recurrent. I hope he knows what he's doing. Ultimately Adam is realizing his dreams and that's all that matters to me. His album will go platinum soon, WWFM will most likely go platinum next week and his next single is poised to debut high on Hot100. This UK release of FYE is huge for him. He's charting all over the world and the whole world is in love with him and in awe of his talent BUT there will ALWAYS be people who choose to ignore his talent and hate him because he is gay. Adam doesn't concern himself with those people and I strive to do the same. "All is love" ~Adam Lambert.

    • profile image

      2t2tag 8 years ago

      fantastic article, katie. you hit on all of the points that needed to be addressed. adam is one of a kind and can be compared to others, but is in a category all his own. and ai is drowning, not only because of the dismal talent this year, but because of the voter fraud perpetrated and never addressed last year. yes, adam is probably better off not being beholden to the requirements of being the "winner" (opening wal marts, for goodness sakes, riding with mickey mouse,etc) ,yet the powerhouse management behind the winner translates into $$$$$$ and a leg up with contracts and ease of promotions . that said, ADAM IS THE BOMB, and will overshadow anyone else in the field, and they know it. so, let go of the past, get on board with our boy and fly away with adam to parts unknown. it's gonna be a wild ride and really,really fun. LET'S GO!!!!

    • profile image

      Pyrenze 8 years ago

      Wonderful article, Katie! You so eloquently stated what millions of fans feel.

      First of all, Adam didn't lose AI, he came in second. Out of the tens of thousands of auditioners that's an incredible accomplishment in itself. That is a Silver Medal in the Olympics, folks (and silver is a much prettier, flashier color than gold anyway). :)

      Second, Adam didn't lose AI, AI lost Adam! He set the bar exponentially higher than any other contestant before him and he broke Idol. So he was asked back to fix it! The producers aren't stupid, they picked the only prior contestant who would give the show the bump in ratings it so desperately needs.

      Third, it is far better that Adam didn't win the title because now he's free to create the extraordinary music he wants rather than being locked into the Idol puppet machine, forced to churn out average joe ditties.

      Fourth, obviously Adam is the most commercial, "bankable" artist from last season since he is headlining his own tour this summer, unlike some other guy who is going to be the warm-up act for other artists.

      It matters not if there were voting irregularities or jammed phone lines. What matters is that the public is voting with their wallets. Adam's debut CD is climbing up sales charts around the world, his singles downloads are over 50,000/week, and his current slate of mini-concerts are selling out so quickly that some venues added a second show. He may not be the AI8 title holder, but he is the REAL idol. Just like Simon said, he is the international superstar the show has been hoping to find all these years.

    • profile image

      glambert2215 8 years ago

      Great job! I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    • profile image

      Lisai 8 years ago

      Thanks for great article. I dont think it really matters now who won or didn't win. Adam just needed a platform to be seen. After that it is going to be history. It's already started. His performance on Idol showed just how sleepy the show has become.

      No one can say that the current contestants have no opportunity to take their performances up a notch. Adam has constantly stated how the idol producers helped him do what he wanted for his performances. This new lot very much need to show some life in their acts. It's quite sad really to watch them. It's like they are in a daze.

      Adam is my idol now and pretty much forever. All his fans I have met are lovely, protective, supporting people. There may be some who are a bit over the top but who doesn't go over the top about anything at all.

    • profile image

      bewitchery 8 years ago

      Nice article Katie. We were all devastated when Adam came in second place, but looking at it realistically that may have worked to his benefit. The fact that he has risen to such heights despite all the controversies is more validating than the Idol title. Adam is all about looking forward. I think he proved a point with his performance and career to date. Don't give up on your dreams. Adam is one of the chosen ones and the cosmos knows what it's doing.

    • profile image

      clara b 8 years ago

      thank the universe is all I can say. That Adam himself has the grace, intelligence and wit. Did I also mention extraordinary talent. To rise above this kind of ridiculous hyperbole. Good grief.

    • profile image

      Starry Night 8 years ago

      Love your article, Katie! What better way to bestow his rightful crown, whichever way he did not first receive it, than by bestowing him the crown of crowns as the only idol mentor from all idols in all previous 8 seasons. As you noted, that supersedes all previous winners and runners up, and places him alongside legendary mentors. Of course he then sealed the deal with that epic performance of WWFM. He will become legendary due to his phenomenal talent, charisma, stage presence, kindness, and just being real.

      Keep up the good writing!

    • profile image

      rntmom(KA I AM CANADIAN )  8 years ago

      as i was saying ,,, please next time you come to vancouver let it be a bigger place and have some fan base set up or something for all ages to enjoy .. like nmaybe outside somewhere .. family friends and sun :) wat more could we ask for :) SO WEN WE HEAR THE TOUR DATES WE WILL BE WAITING IN LINE FOR AT LEAST 24 HRS hahaha just so the kids can enjoy a real entertainer ... again this OUTSTANDDIIIINNNNG article SAID IT ALL AND TY FOR ALOWING CANADA TO INVOLVED IN EVRYTHING U DO ...

    • profile image

      rntmom(KA I AM CANADIAN )  8 years ago

      There are a lot of VANCOUVER Adam fans that truly share a bond and love for Adam and his music a family of 4 generations as matter of fact from the age of 2 to the age of 60 :) we want him to continue to do this till my grandson is old enough to understand what someone can do if they just believe in them selves We are here to support Adam all the way threw his career The guy is remarkably talented, good-looking, sincere honest,and has the biggest heart ... we met him in vancouver airport when he came and askd for an autograpgh and he did and that was it no screeaming girls there and no crowds ,,, just a brief hello and on his way :) cant wait for him to come back and this time no ticket master involvement ... then the money goes where it should and there wont be any empty seats ,,,( sorry Adam ..) if u read this .. there were alot of vancouver fans who would have loved to have gone but at 500.00 a pair of tickets from somewhere on craigs list ... and then even up to 10 min before the show started still noone around to even sell them to us people who were at the river rock and redrobinson ,, in the lobbys trying to find tickets we could afford ,,,, no such luck :(

    • profile image

      dainty 8 years ago

      Yeah, Katie, thank you for this great article. Events have wound up to bestow the crown on the real winner. Things have really catch up. AI should have righted a wrong a year ago, investigated on some irregularity that lead to the results, but it seemed like it was just swept under the rug. Now things or people have a way of righting themselves, as is the law of nature or maybe karma. Let justice reign, and the new king in Adam reign !

    • profile image

      Love from China 8 years ago

      As a fan, there is nothing left to say, Adam, honey, you finally got the crown that was supposed to be yours, and you got it in a even shining way!! Who should have won season 8 is never a question.

    • profile image

      ianaleah 8 years ago

      Well said, thank you,Katie. I have felt such a lingering unesase that something is wrong, Adam won, and I know that, not just think it, but it doesn't match reality, so it's very unnerving.I've decided to just live with it. Adam genuinely is the most exciting intriguing mesmerizing outstanding singer/entertainer American Idol ever had.I remember Simon saying in a critique of Adam's performance that American Idol was created to find someone with the talent to become an international superstar and we've found it in you(Adam). It is meaningful that 'everyone' is shocked at the finale results, that says so much without the need for spoken words, we all feel it, and it is pervasive. Again, thank you for this article. It says so much that I feel too, and I appreciate it. Well done.

    • profile image

      Ingrid 8 years ago

      Adam lost the battle and I don't have any issues regarding that BECAUSE ... ADAM WON THE WAR without firing a missile -he didn't have to! By the way, this is about Adam so let's just focus on him.

      Katie, a brilliant article! ADAM, OUR IDOL OVER ALL OTHER IDOLS! This one is for keeps!

    • profile image

      seerock 8 years ago

      Katie--simply put: I love you! that was beautiful!

    • profile image

      Amanda 8 years ago

      It is like you reached into my head and printed everything that I feel and I am so happy to see that I am not alone in my feelings for Adam. He is just truly mesmerizing and gorgeous and I can't get enough of him. I still don't get all the hate that is directed towards him and it makes me sad because I feel it goes way and beyond just disliking a singer for their type of music. The haters really seem to spew so much venom at him and he seems like such a sweet, honest and loving person that I just don't get the anger of some people. Yes, we all have opinions and have our own taste in music and it is fine if a person doesn't like his singing voice but why do people get so uppity and indignant that his fans are so passionate and want to sing Adam's praises from the mountain tops? It has been so cool to see him continue to blossom and kick ass in his career. I can't wait to see him in concert again.

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      others have not won and should have. ask anyone who watched season 2! I could find the same exact words written about that season but yeah, i agree adam should have been the winner.

    • profile image

      Ron 8 years ago

      Katie J - Great Job!

    • profile image

      barbls 8 years ago

      Katie, you expressed most eloquently how Adam's fans feel. To those that do not understand why we still feel the pain of Adam Lambert not rightfully winning AI last year, you were not watching AI last year each and every week. Each week Adam owned the AI stage with his out of this world voice, charisma and creativity. No one came close. He was so fierce each week entertaining us with everything he had. He was the contestant everyone talked about, anxiously anticipated what he would sing, in what way, and could not wait to hear that voice, oh that voice. He was the most exciting performer we had ever seen. He had the most hits on the internet, You tube videos abounded and everyone watched them over and over. It was not only his fans, but the media and other performers who saw and heard what an anomaly he was. His talent comes along so rarely. That final voting showed us how talent does not win out. I do not know whether it was the Arkansas voting, or homophobia, or the haters for whatever reason that affected the vote, but it showed me how really absurd AI's voting really was. When Adam was asked to be a mentor and then took the stage Wednesday night, AI finally acknowledged how much Adam really impacted AI. They knew this year was pretty boring, and who else but Adam could bring life back to AI. He was a great mentor and spoke as he usually does with honesty, love and encouragement to this year's contestants and Wednesday night he sang his heart out and put on a show that Wowed everyone in the audience and viewing it on TV. He was absolutely magnificent. Again, I am sorry if some people do not understand, but it was pure injustice his losing, and his return this week was vindication and AI's acknowledgment that if the vote was based on who was the most talented, exciting performer last year, it should have been Adam Lambert. I think Kris is very talented and an exceptionally nice person, but the vote should have been based on who was the most talented, gave the most exciting performance and was the most creative. If that were the case, Adam would have won hands down and everyone who watched each week knows it, not just his fans!!!

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      Do you people know how delusional you sound by comparing Adam to some of the legendary performers of all time? He may have talent but come on. He hasn't been around long enough or done much of anything. He hasn't even sold 1 million CDs worldwide yet. Let's stop with all the hyperbole and give the guy a chance to prove himself, not only to his rabid fans but to the rest of us. Nothing against him but let's get real folks.

    • profile image

      PCMom 8 years ago

      Cheating in Arkansas + VFTW support for Kris was the reason Adam didn't win. But it all doesn't matter now, because as the author of this article pointed out, He has been crowned. America has spoken with their wallets, which is the ultimate victory.

    • profile image

      Lorraine 8 years ago

      great article

    • profile image

      elw 8 years ago

      Thanks for the great article, it says everything I've been feeling. Adam Lambert is a superstar in my eyes!

    • profile image

      LambertsLabelle 8 years ago

      Oh my god!!!I HAD to sign in for an account to leave a comment..I m sooo glad about this article!!!

      Thank you,thank you so much to put things on their right place!!!I like Kris very much as person and as Adam s friend,but everybody (including him ) knows who the real winner is.

      We Glamberts try to see the positive side every time we think about A :I.-finale and try to see it as kind and positive as Adam does: we re cool! But..we re not..

      We cant change the past,BUT we can change the future -

      from now on you can count on us,Adam,we ll NOT let you down again!

    • profile image

      Trish 8 years ago

      When will the comparsion and hatred of both Adam and Kris fans stop? OMG, it has been almost a year folks, and guess what? THEY are BOTH doing fine. I love Kris but I am 100% an Adam fan, but not a glambert. But I don't need to rehash what happened last year, nor do I need to insult Kris to admire Adam and the fabulous job he did on Idol. I am happy and impressed that Idol chose him to mentor as the first alumni contestant of Idol. I know there are alot of fans angry that an actual winner of Idol was not chosen, but hey, there may be many reasons, ones we will probably never know. My best guess is that Simon Fuller is the creator of Idol and he personally manages Adam so that could be the main reason. My personal guess is that because Adam is ADAM. His charisma, his stage presence, his talent is the REAL reason he is there. How can anyone say who deserved it more? The ratings overall tell the truth and with Adam on this week, Idol crashed the other show on the same night. You can't fight the truth.

    • profile image

      hkfan 8 years ago

      "For many of Adam’s fans the experience has provided complete closure." YES YES YES.

      Thank you for such a great fabulous article. So good and true!

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      @Joy Glampira:

      I have no editing ability for comments here. I can only approve or deny. So you have to resubmit a comment for me to post it.

    • profile image

      donna 8 years ago

      OMG!! What an incredible article Katie! I've been on the web reading just about every critique on this weeks AI and yours is the BEST!!!

      Each and every word was right on target.......i loved it!

      Plus, i'm going to forward it to everyone i know!!

    • profile image

      Joy Glampira  8 years ago

      Just tried to re-post: I would re-post my comment without the book listing or Url but I somehow lost it so I would appreciate very much if you would do that for me- thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      musiclover 8 years ago

      Thank you for such beautiful article. Adam deserves every second of his success. He is an example of talent, class and professionalism not only for the AI contestants but for any contemporary artist

      Adam broke the Idol. This show will NEVER be the same without Adam.

    • profile image

      June 8 years ago

      Dear Kate:

      I thought censorship was not what this country was founded upon. I am aghast that you are afraid of real dialogue. These are not your comments why do you care if we have a healthy dialogue abut a possible huge cover-up...

    • profile image

      britte 8 years ago

      Love him or hate him, he certainly stirs passions in people. Yeah, indifference is the opposite of love and the mean comments aren't indifference. Hate and love are passion for the person. I'm on the love side of it.

    • profile image

      May 8 years ago

      why are people so afraid of the truth...people are afraid to even have a real dialogue. hide your head in the sand... it won't change what really happen that Arkansas stole the vote from Adam...

      Adam is the true winner of American Idol Season 8!

    • profile image

      MAB 8 years ago

      Well, I'm torn here. I agree with the general theorem behind this article but I also agree with some of the commenters who claim that some "Glamberts" are over-the-top defensive and outright hateful to anyone who doesn't share their "undying love". Having been a huge fan of Adam's since his first appearance on AI last season, I say this with some reservation because I know that I will be attacked as a poser and/or a troll when nothing could be farther from the truth. It's just that I have self-respect and an equal amount of respect for the other AI contestants (and their fans), whether or not I choose to support their music careers after the season ends. They do, after all, have the same right to support and adore their idol as much as we do to support and adore Adam. I don't see any justification for, or reward from behaving the same way as those who exhibit such vitriol, no matter which "side" they are on. I almost don't want to admit to being a Glambert myself as I know and understand the connotation associated with that title and it goes all the way back to the AI message boards during last season's show. I love being a faithful fan of Adam's but I do not like being associated with the small faction of his fanbase that is overzealous and loud-mouthed. If all that energy was directed toward a more positive purpose, we could do so much more to help further Adam's career and shine a brighter light on him as a person and ourselves as his followers. Okay, I've had my say so you can start bashing me now.

    • profile image

      seashorelover 8 years ago

      Wonderful article. Absolutely adore Adam Lambert and his music. What a bright, shining star-with a great presence that fills our hearts with joy. Thank you Katie for the terrific and very true article. Thank you Adam, for just being you, being true to yourself and sharing your wonderful gift and yourself with your millions of adoring fans.

    • profile image

      A Glambert 8 years ago

      Doesn't matter if he won or not. He got the platform to get where he wants to be. He is doing great. it was wonderful seeing Adam again on AI. He rocked! I can't wait to see him in concert. I will be a fan forever. He is an amazing talent and should not be compared to anyone past or present.

    • profile image

      Heidi 8 years ago

      Thanks Katie for a great article! I enjoyed reading it and agree with what you've said. For those out there dredging up the old Adam vs. Kris craziness - what does it matter now? AI was nothing more than a springboard for both of them and every other contestant that has been on the show. What they do with the opportunity is now up to them. Adam and Kris and the others will have the careers they make for themselves. As an Adam fan, I am happy to see that he seems to be making the most of his opportunity.

    • profile image

      sam 8 years ago

      wow--awesome article--you nailed it--Adam owned the AI stage and the true winner of AI returned and schooled all of them!!! God I love being right!! Adam rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Cathym 8 years ago

      Katie, loved the entire article, I am intelligent enough to realize that you are not putting down Kris. You have just stated the obvious and no harm intended. I was moved to tears on Wednesday because I agree with you regarding Adam crowned the Idol of all Idols.Your article made me want to cry again ,I have never been so proud to be an Adam fan.I will not let anyone bring me down for appreciating the talent that is Adam Lambert.Fan wars are a waste of time, yea I do have a life, but following Adam is sooo much fun!!!Katie I hope I get to meet you at a concert, only been to 5, hoping to catch him several times on the East Coast this summer!!!

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.


      I value free speech above personal feelings. HubPages is not a fan site. I don't expect all comments to be pleasing, so all are welcome. The only comments I will deny are those making particularly serious accusations, profanity or spamming. There are some of that kind that have been submitted that I have denied to publish. Those are the ones my last post was aimed at. They are free to re-submit their comment without the offending portions.

      Keep in mind that when people love to hate, it is still love. Think about it. ;0

    • profile image

      Lauriellen 8 years ago

      Great article and very well said. It wasn't enough that upon winning Kris said, "Adam deserves this", or that Simon said that Adam should have won, or that there were voting irregularities, or that Simon Fuller decided to personally manage Adam. The Idol machine had not acknowledged who the real winner was. This to me was done when that Idol machine asked Adam to mentor. They acknowledge that he is already a talented enough artist, has enough experience and most of all, would be able to offer guidance to 9 people who also want to "win" on American Idol. We can all take a lesson from Adam as our mentor in how to handle just about everything.

    • profile image

      Me 8 years ago

      To me, Adam is the best idol ever discovered on AI.

      Reading your article makes me teary. Now I must go and re-watch all the brilliant Adam performances last year.

      For people who claim they do not like Adam because of his fans, it is just a lame excuse. We Adam's fans are aggressive because we feel strongly for Adam. Others have followed Adam's news just to post nasty and negative comments about him and that's when we are angry for we cannot make sense why people will do that. Aren't these people in the wrong? It is like I go to your house to stay and I pee and poo everywhere, and when you are angry with me, you are in the wrong. It doesn't make sense! Posters who hate Adam should stay out of his site - they should focus on people they adore and comment positively on their idol's sites.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago

      Katie, I love your article, but why do you allow people to come on here and bash Adam and his fans? I agree that Kris should be respected, but what about Adam and his fans. If it is a requirement for Kris to be respected, why isn't it a requirement for Adam to be respected? Please be fair.

    • profile image

      Miranda 8 years ago

      @Pola I can tell that you are also a FAKE Adam fan. What fan of Adam would call his fans "crazy glamberts". You are another one on here from Vote for the Worst. I can tell because you dirtbags come on every blogg about Adam and say the same thing. All you dumb idiots ever do is put down Adam fans, and call American Idol a "Karaoke Contest". You stupid "Cow Pies" need to shut your big fat mouths. You have nothing intelligent to say. You all hate yourselves so much that you have to put other people down. Do the world a favor and just go away!

    • profile image

      Jenn 8 years ago

      Katie I forgot to Thank You for this article its spot on and Helped Me more then you will ever know Thank You again...

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 8 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Note from the author here.

      My article was meant to point out the symbolic crowning of Adam Lambert by American Idol, not to cast aspersions on Kris Allen or any other winner or contestant. Kris has enormous respect for Adam and said he deserved to win. But Kris was awarded the title and I have no intention of denying him any honor for that with this writing. He is a talented artist with his own successes, and I wish him well.

      However, what AI gave Adam this past week was unprecedented, and I truly believe it was with a motivation partly concerning publically acknowledging him as the Idol of all Idols. A guest performance would have sufficed otherwise. My piece was meant to bring readers to focus on that gesture and what it means to American Idol, to Adam, and to Adam's fans, not to supply yet another venue for accusations to be slung. I will no longer approve any comments that do that. Nor comments that spam any product, books or otherwise.

      Thank you.


    • profile image

      JimmyO 8 years ago

      Nice article!

      If there was any more proof needed, this past week of American Idol sealed the deal. Lambert is amazing. He's talented, charismatic, captivating and humble. He's charting in 8 countries. He's headlining his own tour. Sure he came in second, but didn't you hear? 2nd place is the new first place. Adam deserves all his press and if people are put off by it, so what? I call that jealousy that their "idol" isn't getting any press. It's not Adam's fault that the world is in love with him. His music is invigorating. Music Again rules. I'm tired of dull guitar strumming male singers in flannel shirts - they're a dime a dozen. Lambert is unique. He's a power vocalist pop star. Yeah Adam!

    • profile image

      Vickie 8 years ago

      Every emotion in my body is reacting after reading that. That is, by far, the best review I've read to date. So perfectly expressed especially for us Adam fans that have felt cheated since last year. I know everyone who loves Adam has felt that his loss was a huge injustice, that the Idol crown was rightfully his and he lost for all the wrong reasons. We've been "good little fans" and listened to our Rock God when he admonished us to "let it go". We tried not to look back or hold any grudges. But, in reality it's something that most of us never came to terms with. His return and overwhelming success this past week has finally given him the validation he deserves. That means a lot to me. The true winner of American Idol is Adam Lambert, maybe not officially for Season 8 but for every Season yet to come.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 8 years ago

      @ Karma You are a poser. You were never a fan of Adam's. You just sound stupid. You are nothing but a troll and you need to go away. Also @Jo Jo you are another poser and troll. You were never a fan of Adam either. You don't even know anything about him. You sound like a stupid idiot. Adam has said before that he had been offered record contracts before, but they told him that he would need to change his image. They would not let him be himself, and he did not want that. There are too many ignorant homophobic idiots like you in the world and that is the only reason he has had any problems in his career. You sound just like one of those homophobic stinking "cow pies" from Vote for the Worst. Get a life. You are just a nerdy loser.

    • profile image

      Colleen  8 years ago

      This article hits the nail right on the couldn't be better stated...every word! From calling Adam the new King to saying he is a supernova with an appointment with destiny...amazing article....u said it all!!! Great Job!

    • profile image

      Pola 8 years ago

      Ok, I'm a big Adam fan.

      But I dislike this article, and most of the comments.

      First of all, it's bullshit that Kris did not deserve to win - he's a great artist in his own right, although completely different from Adam (and guess what! Adam agrees with me on that one - you should know if you listened to his interviews.) IMO, they both deserved to win, but only one could. Whatever.

      Karma & others - yeah, I agree with what you've said about Adam fans - but believe me, there's a lot of sane folks out there, we're just not as vocal and ubiquitous as that annoying minority! (But how come, if they love Adam sooo much, do they continue to put people off him by their obnoxious behavior? Are they really THAT dumb?)

      Anyway, the reason why I don't care about Adam winning (or not) the title, is because I've never watched AI, including season 8. I only became aware of Adam after his Rolling Stone interview, then checked him on youtube and google - that's how I became a fan. Then I watched s8 on the net, and discovered Kris and Allison as well.

      Believe me, outside of the Idol bubble, nobody gives a shit whether he won a karaoke contest or not.

      I'm a fan, not a crazy glambert.

    • profile image

      Shenanigan 8 years ago

      Wow, that was some article. I will be so happy when all the Adam Lambert ridiculousness fades away. Although I liked him at the beginning of Idol, appreciated Ring of Fire and Mad World very much, I haven't liked him since. All the OTT hysteria leaves me cold. Poor Kris. I agree Idol is pretty much over and that whole scene with Adam as the mentor proves it. Desperation, bubble thinking. I don't like his voice or his style of music, and most people I know agree with me. Don't say I am a homophobe, it has nothing to do with his sexuality, just his music. This whole OMG, the guy is gay thing is stupid. I have too many gay relatives and friends and have for too long to pay much attention to sexual orientation except as a fact like eye color. And the hyperbole is just silly.

    • profile image

      Vicky 8 years ago

      Katie, I loved reading this! You are right on the mark.

      Adam is always gratious and never voiced his disappointment at the results from last year and he always expresses how grateful he is for the experience on AI. We all know the truth and that makes it even more wonderful that we, the fans, get to be a part of his rise to stardom. He is a gifted and bold performer in so many ways. He makes it his purpose to please his fans and always create something new and breathtaking. As fans, we are dedicated to him and bend on his every word. Adam is truly unique and I am glad to be on this planet at the same time he is. His performance on AI Wednesday night sealed any doubt that he is truly a phenomenon! Adam sings, "I won't let you down," and I believe that!

    • profile image

      Jenn 8 years ago

      I need to get this out as its been bothering Me for a long time.I live in the NM,Tex. area and for the full 4 hours aloted to vote for Adam they were ALL busy now I may be from rural America But NO ONE can tell Me that suddenly in one night of voteing ALL Adams lines were busy with voters all 4 lines all 4, they were jammed...KrisAllenNation Kris's fan sight had instructions as how to vote ten times in one click. I know that because I sat in their chat room that night watching them tell each other how to do it and to go buy Go phones make a group using different names but the same numbers for Kris thus being able to vote 10 or more times a click...I sent the scrools to RCA but in all reality it didn't faze them. But you know its all good Adam is rising to the stars in his own right His way..I love Kris and I do not think He knew this was happening and will always believe that...Its a shame to because Kris will always be known as the one that won by a faulty voteing system...and Fine Upstanding Christian people from Arkansas...also if this was done on Adam was it done on all the Season 8 kids? one will ever know but I would bet it was...

    • Ann Mason profile image

      Ann Mason 8 years ago

      Great article Katie, thanks!

    • profile image

      JJ 8 years ago

      I have watched AI since Season 2 and never was there, and never will there ever be another Adam Lambert. Last year I watched faithfully every week to see the excitement that Adam brought to the stage. I know it sounds corny, but I was in awe of his great talent. I was so dissapointed when the season ended and I would not get to watch him on a weekly basis. This week Adam did a fantastic job as mentor and his performance was fantastic. Adam is a superstar in my books and I think he is a force to be reckoned with!!!

    • profile image

      Chris 8 years ago

      Kris may be the "official idol" (cough-cough) but Adam Lambert is the REAL IDOL. Nuf said.

    • profile image

      tina a 8 years ago

      great article.....can't wait for the GlamNation tour.....

    • profile image

      Lambertlove 8 years ago

      @Karma What you said is the opposite of the truth. I noticed a long time ago that both Adam and his fans are much nicer than Kris and his fans. It is Kris fans that give all of the hate and homophobic comments (Vote for the Worst and many others) and all I ever hear Adam's fans say is don't say anything negative about Kris. Kris's fans also put down Adam's fans saying they are all old women and calling them cows. Elvis had fans of all ages just like Adam, and he was an icon. Adam has done nothing but try to help Kris and plug his music. I have never seen Kris do this. But guess what, Adam could sing any song on Kris's CD, but there is not one song on Adam's CD that Kris could sing. That tells you who is the best singer right there. If you can sing, you can sing anything. Kris can barely sing the songs on his own CD and is straining so much I can't stand to listen to it. I am tired of Kris's fans bashing Adam. Adam is the only one that really deserves success, and I do believe that the bad karma from cheating is hitting Kris big time.

      Anyone that has training in music knows that Adam should have won AI. Adam is the definition of what an American Idol should be. He is also very thankful and thanks his fans and American Idol. Kris just stands there and usually does not say a word. I don't know what is wrong with him. Kris's fans always say Adam screams his songs, sounds like a cat screaming, etc. When I hear Kris sing he sounds like a dog howling. I just can't stand it, and I am not going to put up with all of the hateful comments toward Adam from all of the hateful Kris Allen fans. They are going to get it thrown right back at them!

    • profile image

      JoJo 8 years ago

      Adam is not, and will not ever be American Idol no matter how much you want it or dream it. He will always be runner up!! What the hell does it matter anyway, his fans are just really pathetic to keep harping on about it, he is doing just fine. I was an Adam fan (I don't dislike him now)but I have been seriously put off him by is bitter, idiot fans who just wont get over the fact their darling did not win a dumb kareoke contest. If he was so great how come he wasn't a household name already, he's been in entertainment and around the scene all his adult life, yes he is good but so are many other. And all this cheating bullsh*t(Joy - who are you, Kerry Kolsch), well I suppose you have to make somesort of excuse to rationalise that Awesome Adam didn't take the crown. Adam Lambert - runner up, now and always.

    • profile image

      liz 8 years ago

      Uh Tori, You are wrong he is better than sliced bread !! Adam did not need to win Idol. What he did do was secure a HUGE fan base !! ( often the winners are based on pity votes....) ADAM is the BEST entertainer to come along in many, many years. Vocal= STELLAR and stage presence= captivating !!

      Fox should 'shut down' the show !! Our IDOL IS ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      VoodooKing 8 years ago

      Marvelous and spot on article. You could not have said it better. I swear, Adam is not from this planet. He is an unbelievable talent, America's been waiting for. He just absolutely swoon everyone off their feet !!

    • profile image

      vera 8 years ago

      Adam Lambert is an amazing singer! It was great pleasure to read your article, Katie. Thank you!

    • profile image

      JustMe2 8 years ago

      Adam didn't win because Arkansas cheated and everyone knows it, but look who's having the last laugh ... Adam is!!! Where's the winner now ... a CD that's already off the BB200 with no signs of resurrecting. Yeah, big deal, he had a hit with LLWD (probably his fans downloading dozens of copies to boost the numbers). He'll be known as just a one "hit" (and I use the term loosely) wonder. The world knows who the winner was of AI Season 8 and his name is ADAM LAMBERT.

    • profile image

      Lovinlambert 8 years ago

      Excellent read! Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for all you said. I agree with you. There is no one like Adam Lambert. He is one of a kind. Regardless of results, Adam won in my eyes. And not all of us Adam fans are nut jobs or mean and rude. I don't like to be lumped with those few. There are a lot of wonderful Adam fans that truly share a bond and love for Adam and want him to continue to do well. We are here to support him! The guy is remarkably talented, honest, good-looking, sincere and genuine. And I do believe he broke idol. Ha. I will catch any show of his I can cuz he is a great performer. And gee I even have a life outside my Adam obsession! Just so Bella.m knows.

    • profile image

      Karma 8 years ago

      Adam's fans talk about hatred and homophobia and preach acceptance yet they are one of the meanest, trash talking groups I have ever come across. So sad that many have been turned off of Adam because of the actions of his fans.

    • profile image

      tori 8 years ago

      LOL BS. I hate how people act like he's ~the greatest thing since sliced bread~ Carrie, David Cook, Kelly, Daughtry are miles better than him and obviously the best to come out of this show.

    • profile image

      Amazed 8 years ago

      WOW!!! I just want to read this article over and over again.


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