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Adam Lambert simulates oral sex on LIVE TV-Who CARES?

Updated on November 29, 2009

Writing as I think and google to get facts right.

All week I've been asked if I'd seen Adam and his performance on the AMAs. I've seen it all over blogs and the news. If you don't know, allow me to fill you in.

Adam Lambert simulated oral sex in his debut AMAs peformance, only to have his Good Morning America performance cancelled by ABC. CBS however tapped him up for a performance on their early show.

My problem is why the hell is this still top news even on google?

I get it-fellatio live on TV-simulated or otherwise is just not RIGHT, completely inappropriate. I agree completely! It's just not the time or place to do it, especially when younger generations are watching, and they were watching-Taylor Swift practically won every award- the teens were logged in!

I however was not, I did once upon a time- now that I'm older, Award shows just don't do it for me for anymore.They are generally fake and promote a fickle, sycophantic culture, that believes fame is the purpose of life along with being skinny. There are good performances now and then but not enough to keep me truly interested. We don't get the AMAs in the UK till a month or two after it's aired anyway. I only found out about Adam and his onstage simulated 'orgy', because everyone was going on about it, From friends, blogs, news broadcasts to twitter.

He kissed a guy and liked it- no biggy- Britney,Chritina Aguilera and Madonna made out whatever....BUT

The face humping thing- toooooooo far, kids were watching, at least keep it PG! We have collective, global agreement on the aforementioned, so why haven't we all collectively moved on?

Is it because we are overall homophobic (openly or 'closetly')?, want to push an openly gay man back in the closet or it was all just too much? In my opinion it was an ott (over the top) performance-a you've crossed the line thing not a we no likey gays thing. Either way, there are more serious matters in life to contend with.

He's gay we know that-check, he doesn't hide it anymore check, he performed VERY inappropriately-check, ABC cut him-check,CBS got him to perform-check, he's not sorry, he did what he did-check. Story over!


For argument's sake-I do think he should have apologised-he believes in freedom of speech and expression, thinks it to be a form of discrimination, female performers behave similarly all the time- that's more socially accepted and that it was all done for a laugh and we should just lighten up. Janet apologised when her boob plopped out on national TV.

Freedom of speech and discretion does exist and is a human right we all bear but with such a right comes great responsibility, one that Adam made like Dori and temporarily forgot. It's also not about knowing you can never please everyone and that the lyrics are not suited to everyone- he is seen as a role model, courtesy American Idol (which is a family show Adam!) Females perform provocatively I agree but I have yet to see one simulate oral sex live on national TV- the Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss was on cable TV. Even Janet Jackson- she's simulated sex in her Velvet Rope concert- I remember seeing it when I was younger on HBO-my aunt changed the channel- that too was inappropriate and too much, but it wasn't live or on national TV.

A man behaving provocatively we've all seen that, it's not a discriminatory issue for me at all. Marilyn Manson has been provocative, most rappers do it from Eminem, Snoop Dogg to 50 and Nelly- we have seen a few offensive music videos- Tip Drill. Remember Ozzy biting the heads off bats- we've seen men do contro (controversial) things-not live on TV.

He says people are just scared and close minded-I'm not scared, I'm open minded I love Adam and wanted him to win AI all the way through, but lines are drawn for a reason-psychotic murderers kill for a laugh, should we be open minded about that, are laws a form of discrimination? I know the two are incomparable but I'm sure you get my point.

If all the drama is because he's openly gay, that's wrong- we are all humans at the end of the day and should treat each other accordingly.

As far as I'm concerned, he should have apologised for the oral sex simulation but overall-he's gotten what he wanted- serious levels of publicity. Bad press is always better than none and those who haven't heard of him (unless their address is the nearest rock/cave) are now zoning in on him to see what will happen next or even buy his album. The sales for it will probably increase and YouTube will add to his cause. Good for him!


It seems the drama truly exists because he is gay

The above was what was in my head all week,until I found out that 'girl basher' Chris Brown is to give an 'in depth' interview ABC's 20/20 instead.

All religious views of homosexuality aside-It seems the real issue however, is why ABC is willing to have a woman beater on their show than an openly gay man who revels in his sexuality?

The simulated fellatio was unnecessary - whether it was planned or in the spur of the moment BUT ABC is sending mixed messages here and are hiding under a thin veil of homophobia-were all the complaints sent in just because he is gay?

To replace him with Chris Brown is ridiculous- so beating up on women is fine just so long as you don't give or take it up the ass!


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    • dogluver1 profile image

      dogluver1 7 years ago

      Thanks I didn't know about that. Nice hub . :) I soo agree with you I mean like he has kid fans too. Like Taylor swift she just sings and dances the show ends. Not oral sex in front of KIDS! You are sooo right!

    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 8 years ago from England

      Cheers Cagsil-I do love a rant lol!

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 8 years ago from USA or America

      Very nicely written Hub. Thank you for sharing.