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Adam Lambert Pulls an Oprah, Quietly Raises Over $30,000 Overnight for Charity:Water

Updated on May 20, 2012
Adam appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show
Adam appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show | Source

So what does it take to inspire ordinary people from all over the world to jump on a charity website on a Friday evening and dig into their pockets only three weeks after Christmas to donate over $30,000 overnight?

A plea from Oprah? No.

Adam Lambert’s 29th birthday.

Grammy nominee Adam Lambert announced Jan. 14th on his official fan club,, that he had joined up with charity:water, a young New York City based non-profit dedicated to bringing clean water to developing nations, to raise $29,000 by Jan. 29th for his 29th birthday. The announcement came at 7:05PM Eastern time. No press release. No PR photo op. He didn’t even tweet it to his 822,000+ Twitter followers or post it on Facebook for his 1,247,000+ friends. But word spread like wildfire anway.

You see, Adam’s fans pay attention. They wasted no time spreading the news, and tweets were fired off, texts sent, phone calls placed, and posts made on the many fan forums dedicated to Adam, including the one on his official site,, run by his label, Sony/RCA. The money started coming in, not in a trickle, but in a deluge, and as the hours passed it became apparent that Adam wouldn’t have to wait until his Jan. 29th birthday to reach his goal. He would reach it in hours. In less than 6, to be exact. By 12:30AM the next morning the total donations had reached over $30,000. And it was inspiring to watch, as minute by minute, hour after hour, donations ranging from $1 to $1500 poured in, fans leaving messages of love, charity, and admiration for their idol, as well as many Happy Birthday messages. Yes, Adam got an early birthday present this year. A $30,000 present from his fans given to a charity they embraced simply because he did. Even the charity’s staff was astounded, Viktoria Harrison tweeting during the night,

“I can't believe how fast this happened. Wow, we're speechless at charity: water

At a time when good news has been in short supply, with tragedies like the recent shooting of Rep.Giffords and 18 others in Arizona, this little nugget of spontaneous love and good will comes as a quiet but welcome reminder that passion and love and heroes still exist.

Yes, Adam Lambert, like Oprah, is, in his small way, a hero. As evidenced by one night’s outpouring of compassion for those less fortunate on the heels of the holiday season in bad economic times, as we watch our leaders spew hate and blame and spite at one another publicly, Adam Lambert inspires love, peace, tolerance and generosity towards others. Many of those who donated probably didn’t feel inspired to give a red cent to a political candidate this past election cycle, yet when this simple singer, this new kid on the block with the lovely golden voice made a quiet unexpected and unheralded request on his fanclub, they flocked like ants to a pile of sugar, and in the blink of an eye, dug into their pockets to donate to a charity most had probably never heard of till Adam affiliated himself with it. And you have to wonder why that is.

Maybe Adam Lambert gives them something they are hungry for that our leaders, those we expect to be our heroes, have ceased to provide - hope for a better future.

Yeah, he has an amazing voice! But when was the last time you saw someone reach into their wallets just after the holidays on a moment’s notice to give to strangers simply because some singer with a great voice asked them to? What is it about Adam Lambert that inspires this kind of spontaneous outpouring of love? Very simply, like Oprah, Adam brings more love and hope into the lives of those who take the time to really see him for who he is. And love and hope is sorely lacking in our world today. It may sound cliché to say so, but what the world needs now is love. While Daily Kos and Sarah Palin, two sides of the same coin, are placing crosshairs and targets on their enemies and calling for us to ready, aim, fire, Adam, like Oprah, in his oh so real, imperfect, human way, is quietly paving a road built on love, calling us to a place where we can hide from the crossfire and begin to build a community of very much needed peace and mutual respect in our own lives. And he does that while filling our ears with amazing vocal sounds and our eyes with colored lazers and vibrant costumes and an amazingly entertaining musical experience. Adam Lambert, whether he intended to or not, is helping motivate people to love and value themselves and others and to spread love and good will far and wide in a way religious and political leaders are miserably failing to do today. And love inspires more love, even great generosity. And sometimes incredible loyalty. Just ask Oprah. It' seems she and Adam have more in common than sharing the same Jan. 29th birthday.

Though Adam found national fame through his stint as a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol, there are still many who only know Adam Lambert as the surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top closing act of the American Music Awards way back in Nov. of 2009 and still ignorantly and stubbornly judge him by that one 3 minute performance in which he, interpreting a song, let loose in a blatant and unplanned display of homosexual sexuality on national network TV, unleashing a firestorm of controversy and complaints to the FCC. But there is much more to Adam than this one moment in time, and his fans have come to know him throughout the two years since he first auditioned for American Idol, and have come to love and admire him for the real multidimensional human being that he is. Through his music and lyrics, his interviews, his personal appearances, his concert tour performances, and his thousands of personal interactions with fans, as well as through the eyes of his family, friends and colleagues, Adam fans have embraced his personable down to earth persona, his intelligent, articulate and independent self expression, his open affectionate nature, his fierce individualism, his easy approachable manner, and especially his tenderness and understanding towards the underdogs, the weirdoes, the misfits of this world. He spreads a message to them to believe in yourself and your dreams, saying, for instance, in the lyric from "Aftermath", a song he co-wrote for his debut album, For Your Entertainment,

“anytime anybody pulls you down, anytime anybody says you’re not allowed, just remember, you are not alone, in the aftermath.”

In a world of increasing polarity, Adam brings a simple message of inclusivity -

"No matter how old you are, no matter who you sleep with, no matter what color your skin is, we can all party together."

Not a new message by any means, but one, it seems, many crave, yet is in short supply these days. And one that inspires love for, and loyalty to, the messenger.

And so, overnight, in less than 6 hours, Adam Lambert singlehandedly inspired an outpouring of love and generosity usually associated with the Oprahs of this world. With that kind of power to influence people, something tells me Adam’s future holds more than a singing career.

When Adam heard the news of the enormous overnight outpouring of love and generosity from his fans he was, according to the tweet from his friend, Lee Cherry, “blown away”. And in typical Glambert fashion, he responded by doing what he became known for on American Idol. He upped the bar, tweeting:

“Ok New goal: 290,000 by the 29th!!! Let's give people in need clean water!!!”

At the time of this publishing, exactly 24 hours after his announcement, Adam’s total donations for charity:water had reached over $52,000.

$290,000 by Jan. 29th? Could happen. Like I said, when Adam Lambert speaks, Adam fans pay attention.

Adam's charity:water campaign ends on April 18th. Donations can be made up till that date using the link below.

***For daily updates on how Adam's birthday campaign for charity water is doing, see my follow-up article "Doing It With Adam Lambert - Are You?"

* * *Please do not copy and paste my work to share, except for a short quote with an accompanying link to this page. Please respect my copyright. Thank you. K.S.

Did you contribute to Adam's 29th birthday fundraiser for charity:water? If so, what inspired you?

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    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 7 years ago

      Adam Lambert is HOT and I am glad to here about his charity work too.

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I didn't like Adam at first, but he's a great artist. he's definitely better than tat other guy who won Idol.

      Love his song "What do you want from me?"

    • profile image

      carterthecougar 7 years ago

      Katy - this article is AWESOME! i've tweeted it, emailed it & FBed it. Yes, i've donated 2X & plan another donation. Fans are planning raffles etc at the fan B-day parties organized for Adam's bday, and other fund raising efforts to help with this cause & reach the goal of $290,00 are in the works as well! If we all pull & work TOGETHER - it WILL be reached & hopefully surpassed! Thanks for this article Katy! Love & Light, Carter

    • profile image

      JUST A DUDE 7 years ago

      who's this adam lambert ??

    • profile image

      sizzling 7 years ago

      I am an Adam Lambert fan for live. If he asks to support a charitable cause in honor of his birthday, I simply oblige. It's my way of "giving back" and celebrating him in the name of love. Besides, Adam supports charities that are very transparent. I have also supported DonorsChoose.

    • profile image

      pamela melerine 7 years ago

      Omg, u said all that i feel.any say but not as articulate and poetically beautiful. He nds to star in movie about his life, u nd to write it. But bummed u didnt want me to share. I was getting ready to send to friends. U nd to forward to all his sites for all us glamberts bout our glammaster. Ty at least send to his mom lela.

    • profile image

      Blake Londoff 7 years ago

      Adam I am giving to your Charty Thank your for doing this for the people that don't have water I love your music can't wait for the next album you should do a duet with Pink

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 7 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      @mtkomori There is still plenty of time to donate to Adam's charity:water page. His goal is to raise $290,000 by Jan. 29th, which is a week away. And I believe his page will still be active for donations well after that.

    • mtkomori profile image

      mtkomori 7 years ago from Yokohama, Japan

      I didn't know about this charity until I saw your hub, so unfortunately I didn't get the chance to donate. I admire Adam for stepping up for this effort. He is indeed a compassionate, intelligent, innovative and very talented artist. You described him and both his and his fans' efforts in easy to understand terms. Thanks for a great hub!

    • Miller's Fitness profile image

      Miller's Fitness 7 years ago from Navarre Beach, FL

      Thank You! Great article! I also love Adam Lambert. American Idol will never be the same.

    • Laura45 profile image

      Laura45 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      Thank you for your fantastic well written hub! What an inspiration you are as well as Adam Lambert!

    • simonramsey profile image

      simonramsey 7 years ago

      It's good to see a celebrity using his popularity for such a good cause.

    • profile image

      Jamie Betts 7 years ago

      Adam Lambert has inspired so many people, it's no wonder he's getting a lot of attention. But the fact that he has stepped up to the plate and made such a generous commitment demonstrates that he's not full of himself. It's great to see Adam making such a positive move here!

    • profile image

      Anna Z 7 years ago

      Yes! I did donate! Adam Lambert is an inspiration to so many people including myself. I am so proud of Adam and of everyone who has pitched in to support the water charity in Honor of Adam's Birthday ~ it is such an important cause and it will reach so many people in need! Thank you Katie, I enjoyed reading your beautiful article!

    • hellagood profile image

      hellagood 7 years ago from Under the table and dreaming

      I love Adam Lambert! Stories like this make me appreciate him even more not only as an artist, but an individual.

    • profile image

      glamity58 7 years ago

      Great article on the power that Adam Lambert has to bring people of all races and differences together. I have never followed anyone like him before. He is a fabulous live performer. He should be selling millions of records like these bad auto-tuned pop stars. Yes I did contribute right away the first few hours. I hope his career is great; it's going well so far, oh, except for that 3 minutes no one will let us forget. I wish we could erase it, but we've moved on.

    • profile image

      SusanP 7 years ago

      @FoxVegas - it is interesting that one phrase in an otherwise glowingly positive article has had such an impact on you because that is sort of an analogy to the AMA performance itself in Adam's otherwise glowingly positive career. I'm not saying that in my eyes there was anything wrong with that performance (aside from nerves making his vocals not quite his usual perfection) but how it was viewed by some very vocal people left a mark that he is still facing. My first reaction to that line in Katie's article was momentarily like yours, but when I viewed it as just a line in a great article, I saw the correlation to just 3 minutes in Adam's overall career so far.

    • profile image

      FoxVegas 7 years ago

      KD Sarge, thank you for your comments...I appreciate them! Please know that I totally understand what the writer is saying. My response was not made to criticize but to explain what I felt inside when I read her article and read that description of Adam's performance.

      I did feel a cringe, a hurt in my heart, and then I spent some time figuring out why...what became clear to me was that I was reacting to the description of how she/people saw that performance. I didn't see that at all in his performance, and those words would be among the last I'd use to describe Adam or that specific performance. They felt quite harsh and hurtful to me.

      The AMA's and Adam's performance are both old history and need desperately to be put to bed. It's totally been talked to death. I honestly see no need to keep resurrecting it, over and over again...*sighhh*...

      That doesn't define who Adam is, not by a country mile! One performance in the spectacular and stratospheric repertoire of his multi-performace career...that's all it is for me. Thanks again for your comments!?

    • profile image

      barbls 7 years ago

      Katie, This is your best article to-date. Beautifully written and expressed the spirit of generosity of both Adam for calling attention to the need to bring clean water to developing nations and Adam Fans for their giving and compassionate nature. I am so proud of Adam and his fans. Both keep spreading love and caring for their fellow man.

    • profile image

      SusanP 7 years ago

      Another beautifully written article Katie, and so very appropriate on the day that the U.S. celebrates the birthday of another great humanitarian, Martin Luther King, Jr. whose message of peace and love is echoed in the words and actions of Adam Lambert.

      Dr. King said "We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love;" and "We can no longer afford to worship the god of hate or bow before the altar of retaliation." Adam said, "Love overcomes hate, love has no color, love has no orientation, all is love." Adam is the new voice for peace, love, acceptance and our connection to all of humanity.

      Isn't it appropos that 1) charity:water was born of experiences its founder had in Africa, the birthplace of MLK's ancestors; 2) that at the moment Adam first posted about charity:water on his fan club site it had just become January 15th (MLK's birthday), in Africa; and 3) that shortly after it became January 15th in the U.S. Adam's initial goal of raising $29,000 was reached?

      I am so proud of Adam, and his fans, for taking action to make a positive difference in this world.

    • profile image

      Shannon 7 years ago

      Wonderful article Katie, you are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing! And the donations are still pouring in. I had someone donate in my name to this wonderful cause, because at the moment it is simply impossible for me to do it myself, but I wanted to be a part of it. Thank you, Adam Lambert for being such an inspiration! And thank you, Katie, for the beautiful words.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 7 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      BINGO!! @KD Sarge

    • profile image

      allyr 7 years ago

      "Surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top" has no place in this article, shame on you. Drama loving Glamberts.

    • profile image

      Dinah-mite 7 years ago

      What else can be said about AFL?? All I can say is that the Universe has a strange way of doing things, yes quite mysterious... For me a few small seemingly unrelated events introduced me to Adam Lambert, little did I know they would lead me to the AFL band wagon!:-)

      Ok, Ok so he's got a fabulous voice... Ok, Ok his fashion sense is the sexiest I've ever seen... Ok,Ok he is just plain EYE CANDY, wait-- what was my point?? Sorry I digress...

      Oh yeah, his HEART, that's the ticket! Because of the genuine LOVE this man shows to all, I have become bonded to a whole new circle of friends, no small feat. Because of the person Adam is on the inside, people all over the globe have come together in a sort of kinship which is hard to explain. Thank you Katie for actually seeing "who" Adam is instead of "what" he is. He is just a genuine man trying to make a difference on this planet we all share.

      His talent is MONSTROUS and so is his heart. As many have said already, I am so proud to be a Glambert.

      Yes, the water bearer brings WATER that is so desperately needed. But this water bearer also radiates LIGHT wherever it is accepted. Call him what you will, I call him a humble humanitarian making a difference.

      Happy Birthday AFL, we luv ya!!!

    • Time4Travel profile image

      Time4Travel 7 years ago from Canada

      Amazing what can happen when fans get together for a good cause. Thanks for an inspirational hub.

    • profile image

      Rubyhfa 7 years ago

      Well said, Katie! And thank you very much for describing so eloquently our beloved idol, Adam Lambert! Why did I donate, when I have so many bills coming post holiday? Only one reason: Because Adam asked us to! And I respect him wholeheartedly for his generous spirit and kind soul! He's not just a great singer, he's a wonderful human being!

    • profile image

      laurieb 7 years ago

      This is a truly beautiful piece of writing, about a truly beautiful man, who has given us all hope that love will surly find a way into every heart. I am proud to be an Adam Lambert fan, now and always.

    • profile image

      Redhead 7 years ago

      What else can I say that has not already been said? This is truly an outstanding article about a truly outstanding man. Adam Lambert has made a difference;not only in the lives of so many people, but in the world!His appeal is universal, and he is loved because he has stayed true to himself and inspires others to do the same. I'm honored to be able to donate to the causes he supports....together we WILL make a difference.

    • profile image

      Dancequeen53 7 years ago

      Wow this article blew me away like no other. As many have said; someone who finally "Gets" Adam for who he is. He could use his fans for his own selfish reasons but not our sweet Adam; he used his fandom for those who have very little. He has so much now I guess he wanted to throw the love all over the world. Something as simple as safe water can be a very big deal. He is not so full of himself that he has forgotten those who does not. I feel privlaged to be a fan and supporter of his Donors affilication and now mycharity water. He deeply cares for human rights as we all should. He is a leader;leading people in a positive direction. Again thanks for this article and to all who are giving what they can God Bless you all and bless all who lips are quenches by the water provided by this organization. May you grow leaps and bounds.

    • profile image

      JMac 7 years ago

      I apologize because I voted down and meant to vote up. This is a wonderful article about a man we have come to know and love.

    • profile image

      cherub68 7 years ago

      He gives so much and asks for so little, he makes it so easy to want to Pay It Forward.

    • profile image

      DeeDee Glambert 7 years ago

      Two years ago, a very special person crept right underneath my skin and made me fall completely in love with him - Adam Lambert. There has not been a moment where I have regretted being a fan of Adam's and my love and admiration for this man grows on adaily basis. Because of Adam, I have met and made friends with people I never would have encountered, and for this alone, I am eternally grateful to Adam. He has brought people from all different walks of life and from all over the world together; I cannot remember any one entertainer ever having this kind of influence over people from this country and abroad. Adam spent almost 8 months on tour, both here and across the world, and sold out almost every venue on that tour. He gave us all 200% all the time, when I'm sure there were time he was completely exhausted. Adam gives us his all; and in turn, we, his fans, are more than happy to reciprocate in some small manner, as in donating to charities that are close to his heart. When I donated Friday night, I felt so good about myself and had so much love and admiration for Adam in my heart, I started to cry! Adam's compassion for his fellow human beings is so inspirational and has shown just how genuine he really is and what a natural born leader he is. Singlehandedly, Adam has reawakened this country along with all its inhabitants and has made the world a better place to live in. All of the reasons I have given are ample proof of the love, honor and admiration that all of Adam's fans feel for him and have donated because of the astounding individal that he is. Mount Rushmore should make way for another face to be carved alongside those who have left their indelible mark on our history - that of Adam Lambert. He has indeed become an American treasure and has had more of an impact on America than most of our elected leaders. I will be donating again closer to his birthday to make sure that goal of $290,000.00 is fulfilled, and am remiding everyone to also donate to donorchoose. org, another very worthwhile charity that Adam values highly. In this day and age of very few truly special people, Adam is at the head of the class; ultimately, all one can say is that Adam Lambert is a wonderful

    • profile image

      momt 7 years ago

      hi katieJ momto1 from AO here.(my real name is Pam Thompson). As you may already know I have been a huge fans of Adam's from day one. I contributed to this charity because I so appreciate Adam's positive message and approach to life. I am not the least bit surprised that in his success he would be involved in the charities he supports. I'm sure there will be more added to the list as well.Maybe just maybe all those holier than thou detractor's of his will see that he is a lovely, generous, loving, peaceful person and is not who they perceive him to be just by one performance one moment in time well over a year ago.I always say if there were more Adam Lambert's in the world there would be more peace and less war.

    • profile image

      IreneRose 7 years ago

      What more can I say that hasn't been said already. Adam is unique, I have never been so obsessed by an entertainer/performer as I am by Adam. He is a beautiful person from the inside out, besides having the vocals of an angel. I will be a fan forever. Thank you for such a wonderful article about Adam, wish this would be plaster all over the news.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      Great great article!!!!!!!

      Enjoyed it thouroughly!!!!

    • profile image

      Christina 7 years ago

      Wonderful article.

      I have one bone to pick which is that Daily Kos never placed an image of a target on anyone. That was a photo shop added onto a post created by a fund raising email right after the shooting (classy eh?) It was a hasty attempt to "prove" that "both sides do it".

      When Adam first put out the challenge, I immediately thought to myself that 29k in 2 weeks was a no brainer. I figured he would have it in 24 hours! And I was so thrilled to see his fans prove me right :-) You are right, he is not just any singer with a beautiful voice. There is something unique about him that inspires his fans in a way that goes beyond buying his music and attending his concerts. Even during American Idol, the level of joy that he brought to me was stunning. He's just continued in that way day after day touching more and more people.

    • profile image

      Cathy in FL 7 years ago

      Excellent article! I think sometimes people think we give just because Adam tells us too, like he says jump and we say how high but that is just not the case. I think Adam fans give when he asks us to as our way of saying thank you to him for all he's done for us. Adam is a great source of inspiration for me and I have made a lot of positive changes in my life as a direct result of that inspiration. Adam's Infinity symbol really is very appropriate. He gives us love, music, inspiration and when we want to give it back he directs it to charity. It really is a win, win for everyone!

    • profile image

      tnaftal 7 years ago

      Wow! You put into words my thoughts & feelings exactly! It's Adam's personality that has captured the hearts of so many & inspired us by his example. I didn't donate yet as the bill collectors are on my butt, but I will donate later today $2.90 in honor of his b-day. I was disappointed I couldn't donate for his silver cuff fans are creating for him. I currently give $10/mo. automatically to b/c on learning about it and getting my first pack of letters from students saying thanks for funding their project , I am addicted to bringing more students and teachers a smile of thanks. I plan to look into automatic donations to this cause as how in the 21st century is it that 1 billion ppl don't have access to clean , safe water? We put a man on the moon how many decades ago?

    • profile image

      Mary Adam Lambert Fan 7 years ago

      Adam is honest and true and an amazing entertainer. His voice is beyond compare. Yes I did donate in his honor. He is spreading good karma!!!!

    • profile image

      Britte 7 years ago

      I donated yesterday and, when I saw that the goal was reached and exceeded, was really proud of my Glamily. I donated again this morning because, after all, the only thing we can take with us from this world is the love we share..........

    • profile image

      Lambretty 7 years ago

      Adam inspires by BEING the change he wishes to see in the world. He leads by example. Others leaders just preach about what they want from us, telling us what we should do but aren't themselves living as an example. Adam IS love and constantly gives love, in hundreds of different ways. Adam's fans aren't blindly doing something because Adam Lambert said 'do it'. Our actions are purely a way of returning or paying forward, in some small measure, the huge amount he's given us.

    • profile image

      Milkyway 7 years ago

      Thank you for understanding Adam and his fans, We are all about LOVE.

    • profile image

      Tatiana 7 years ago

      Thank you for the great article I wish more people could read it. I did donate for this beautiful cause, donated before in his name and will do it again in a heartbeat.

    • profile image

      Jan 7 years ago

      Mine was a donation of love, admiration, gratitude. Adam Lambert represents for me the most exciting range of human qualities ... sweet, smart, articulate, sensual, witty, kind, direct, sexual, self-evolving, inspiring, introspective, authentic, talented-beyond-description, and too much more to keep going. His spirit reawakened mine, and my life is again fun, rich and joyful as it had been and should be. He's a power on this planet on every level - great analogy to Oprah who's been inspiring me for 25 years. Thank you with all my heart, Adam, for all you are and all you do. Please accept the praise you're receiving, because you've earned it by simply being yourself. How cool is that???

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for this beautiful article. Adam leads by example and in doing so inspires others to do the same.I will continue to donate towards any charity which Adam endorses,his compassion for the plight of others is a beautiful thing !

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      I donated last night. I thought it was wonderful that he reached his goal so quickly that he had to set a new goal. I get so much joy out of being an Adam fan, not only from his music but also have met such great people who are also Adam fans. He is not only a great singer, but also a sweet & lovable human being who inspires me. I think it's great to be able to show him in a tangible way how much we love him. Thank you for this article I really enjoyed reading it.

    • profile image

      Laurie 7 years ago

      Appreciate the eloquent article written about a man who gives so much to others in many ways. I have never felt this way about any other celebrity in my life. I am inspired to give to any cause Adam is associated with because he epitomizes love, kindnes and generosity. I feel that he is a positive influence in a world of negativity. If everyone got to know Adam through his interviews, they would fall in love with him too. I hope he knows what a tremendously appreciated person he is in the U.S. and around the world.

    • profile image

      moonflowerROAR 7 years ago

      My heart.. thank you for this wonderful article!

    • profile image

      KD Sarge 7 years ago

      Dear Glamily, the writer is not trying to insult Adam! "Surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top" is how ppl SAW Adam at the AMAs--he was aggressive and HAWT and ppl who weren't ready for the awesome interpreted it badly. The writer is talking about how many haven't bothered to see there is so much more to him than those three minutes!

      It's a lovely article, guys. Honest. And all the lovelier because it's pretty dang accurate.

      I have not donated--yet. I have to wait for payday. I adore Adam, and love that he cares about so much more than just himself. He is a leader of life and hope, and someone we very much need.

    • profile image

      Rebeccaryuu 7 years ago

      What inspired me to donate? I do it sometimes, but only in my own country. When friends tweeted about Adam's charity I checked it out and saw that it was legit, that it was easy to donate - and for a very good cause. It's his birthday, of course I wanted to participate. :)

      He inspires people because he's genuine. He can't shut up about things, and even when he tries to be less than what he is he can't really hide his sparkling nature.

      I hope he continues to have faith in his fans and in himself, and spreads the message of love everywhere he goes. He's truly an amazing performer and person, and I wish him the best of luck in life and love.

      Thank you for this wonderful article. :)

    • profile image

      FoxVegas 7 years ago

      This is a very insightful article and I appreciate the writer's's lovely to see someone in the media who 'gets' Adam and takes the time to stop and understand who he really is.

      Adam is a wonderful example of who we all could aspire to be more like...his kindness and generosity of spirit and his immense personal integrity gives so many people so much hope and inspiration.

      I am at odds with this article, however, because of a few contradictory words about the AMA's..."surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top"... this is so not who Adam is and I deeply resent the writer's use of these words. This is missing the mark by a country mile when talking in these terms about Adam's performance and who he is as a person.

      It's a sadness to me that such a well-constructed article has been soured for me by the use of words that are at complete odds with the man that Adam truly is. Like a few drops of vinegar dumped into a pitcher of sweet cream, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth...I would respect the author more if she had not lowered the tenor of her article by using these harsh words.

      I'm not saying that harsh words have no place in a review or an just seems a jarring out-of-place statement in this otherwise very accurate and well-constructed piece.

    • profile image

      Fox 7 years ago

      surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top

    • profile image

      adamaddict100 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for this beautiful article about our Adam who is beautiful in so many ways. The love we feel for him is so strong, that we are happy to do something that we know will make him happy. He has brought a lot of joy into our lives. I contributed because it's a very worthy cause, but there are plenty of worthy causes, so yes, I contributed because Adam Lambert asked me to. And it's his birthday. And seeing Adam smile makes me smile. Adam is a national treasure and he will make this world a better place just by being himself.

    • profile image

      karen 7 years ago

      I donated yesterday- Adam Lambert is a good man!! Amazing voice of course, incredible performer indeed, gorgeous to look at obviously, but most important he is a good man!!

    • profile image

      adamluv1000 7 years ago

      Yes, I gave as soon as I saw it because Adam inspires each of us to be a better person. I was thinking today that I could follow Adam forever even if he didn't sing another note. I would be sad not to hear that gorgeous voice though. He is such an inspiration. All those who only know him from the AMAs are truly missing out on a great person. People from other countries with not much $$ to spare also gave. This proves how inspirational he is. Haha, good thing he is not a cult leader! Just kidding.

      Thank you for the nicest article I have seen on Adam.

    • profile image

      LisaW 7 years ago

      Great article, I did donate. Why? not FOR Adam but yes because of him. I love Adam but do not do anything just because Adam says to or asks his fans to. However, I will say with regards to the charities, he has directed fans to really great charities. Donors choose was another one he directed fans to and its fantastic, I donate there quite a bit and love it. This too, is a great charity, such a simple and direct way to help and its good to know 100% goes to the cause. I give to many other causes during the year but was glad to put a few dollars to this as well.

    • profile image

      Glória 7 years ago

      Thank you for this amazing article about Adam. He's really inpires people to love, to give and to be better. He's an unique artist and a beautiful human being. I'm proud to be his fan !! I LOVE YOU ADAM

    • profile image

      Anomyous 7 years ago

      I think donating to any good cause is very inspirational. I donated because it was an excellent cause not because Adam Lambert was connected to it. While I think it is great he is connected to the cause he is not the sole reason I donated he was just an added incentive.

    • profile image

      jlushman 7 years ago

      Wow this article and all the comments are tearing me up. This article describes how I feel about Adam and it is so good to have so many people feel the same way.

    • profile image

      sheba 7 years ago

      I did and I am so proud to be a fan of this AMAZING human being, Adam Lambert!!! He is going to be much more then an entertainer. He has something that todays leaders don't. He has TONS of charisma. You can't NOT love him.

    • profile image

      Glambert 4113 7 years ago

      Adam Lambert is having his a birthday this month. There are various group parties planned across the nation to celebrate. These gatherings will not include Adam’s physical presence of course, but his spirit will be there as his fans celebrate the occasion, party in his honor, enjoying the very special camaraderie that has developed among us. With this occasion, there is our usual desire to shower Adam with love and presents. Fans have a hard time holding back when there is no “occasion” and often Adam has asked that we donate to our favorite charity in his name instead of buying him gifts. It appears that Adam understands us well and has beat us to the bell for his upcoming birthday. Adam has chosen an alternate charity than the usual Donors Choose we all have supported in his name over that last couple of years. He has chosen My Charity Water for this occasion. This afternoon Adam has asked his fans that in lieu of giving him gifts for his upcoming 29th birthday that they donate to this charity for clean water in his name.

      I was on the site earlier this evening – just as soon as I got the tweet. Adam’s page on the site had just been posted so here had been less than ten donors listed when I checked it around 5:00 or 6:00 PM this evening. These few people of course barely made a dent in Adam’s original set goal of $29,000. I am guessing the number directly related to this birthday being his 29th.

      I received a tweet on my phone from Adam while out tonight commenting on the great progress for the cause. I did not get home till after 2:00 am this morning and I decided to go the site to and see just how well the progress. Here is the link to the page .

      I am BLOWN AWAY - what a difference a request from Adam, an army of Glamberts and 12 hours can make ! OMG!!! – I am a Glambert and well aware how devoted we are, but this response far exceeds what I would have ever expected!!! AMAZING, amazing response from his fanbase! Goal was $29,000, which is not peanuts to begin with, but fans in less than 12 hours have exceeded that goal. The donations are already over $40,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wow!

      Maybe we Glamberts and other Adam fans are crazy, obsessed, sick, ott and all the other labels peeps try to pin on us because we are so passionate about Adam. Maybe this level of devotion is not normal, I have never actually been someone’s fan before, so I really can’t comment. I do know we Glamberts are often referred to as intense, ott, even rabid. Adam is definitely not the “norm” either, he is extraordinary on many levels. Not only is he a phenomenally talented entertainer he has shown himself to be so much more than just talent on a stage. Those who know him better understand he is an extraordinary human being on the inside as well. It only seems fitting that he have fans who’s devotion is commensurate. We Glamberts across the globe do not doubt that Adam is indeed one of those rare, very special people who will make a positive difference in this world. Adam has the potential to be truly iconic. His star continues to rise across the globe and this “day on a charity page” is a great illustration of his growing influences. Adam is an international star now and loved passionately by fans all over the world, not quite as popular currently in the US as he is elsewhere, but that is slowly changing. I hope one day soon the United States, Adam’s own country, will embrace him as warmly as the rest of the world has and recognize that he is a national treasure. He is becoming a quite a leader and he is already a hero to his many passionate and devoted fans. We believe in Adam and look forward to any opportunity we might get to assist Adam as he walks the challenging paths of his new fame, knowing greater things are yet to come. We have no doubt he will win over those hearts he’s not yet had the opportunity to touch and eventually even those who resist giving him a second look or trying to understand why thousands and thousands of people all over the world are so devoted to Adam. Those of us already on board have surrendered our hearts for life, we are now and forever his fans.

      Happy Birthday Adam. We are so glad we have you in our lives and thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. We truly believe in you. You truly inspire and bring out the best in people . For all you are, all that you stand for and all that you do, your fans are crazy with love for you. We so want to be certain you feel the love. Glamberts obviously have out done themselves this time. There is no room to doubt the genuine devotion of your fans and just how much to mean to all of us. The response from your fans for your chosen charity is a very clear expression this. Wow, just wow!

      I am Glambert #4113 and although always proud to be a fan, the groups dedication and generosity displayed over the last 12 hours or so took me by surprise and my pride in being a part of this family has gone up another few notches. I don’t think normal fans would have been able to so this. It takes the exceptional people that are Adam Lambert fans to be this awesome!! Another day as an Adam Lambert fan, another day of warmth in my heart and a big smile on my face.

    • profile image

      JPolitte 7 years ago

      Yes, I happily gave in the first hour! Adam is such a great role model for people today and he always wants his fans to help others 1st. A very honorable trait in my book. Thanks for writing this great article!

    • profile image

      Bublee 7 years ago

      Yes I did - why - because Adam makes this planet a better place everyday by being himself. It is the least we can do for other people in need, especially since he has given me so much over the last 2 years and he doesn't even know me. Truly amazing individual.

    • profile image

      MidnightWhispers 7 years ago

      Thank you for this beautiful article and yes we love Adam Lambert for who he is; a loving compassionate beautiful man inside and out. His light and love shines from within and flows out to each and everyone of us and we just send it back to him. We spread his love and light wherever we go because that is what he wants us to do. Adam is also affiliated with which raises money for kids in schools so please donate to that charity also. I gave to this charity because clean water is something that we all must have to survive in life. Adam is my inspiration in so many ways as my muse when I write; he brought so many beautiful friends into my life that I would never have met otherwise. He has also shown me a beautiful way to live life. Thank you Adam for everything that you have done for me and for everyone else who you have touched. We love you

    • profile image

      Arleen 7 years ago

      BRAVO!...Great to read an article by someone who really gets ADAM!.....Why did I donate?....It's a worthy cause and when the GLAMGOD speaks the GLAMILY listens!

    • profile image

      Kathleen 7 years ago

      Adam. The very word melts my heart. Yes I did contribute and will continue to. I would do almost anything for Adam after all he has done for me. I don't even pretend to understand the phenomenom that is Adam Lambert except to know intuitively that it is all about LOVE.

    • profile image

      MorningStar 7 years ago

      Adam has a gift unequaled by any other singer alive today. His gift isn't just his voice, which is extraordinary, it is himself, unashamedly and whole heartedly. I am proud to be a fan.

    • profile image

      irish1139 7 years ago

      What inspired me to contribute to Adam's birthday fundraiser?

      I am so honored to belong to a special circle of people from all over the world that love the light of a man named Adam Lambert. The only thing he asks of us is that we be kind, caring, tolerant, and love one another. It was a pleasure to respond to his recommendation of charity : water, an organization that is bringing clean water to people on our planet who have none.

      Who wouldn't respond to this request?

    • profile image

      Katie 7 years ago

      Now,it's really not right to make people cry on a Saturday evening. Thx so much for this wonderful article about Adam Lambert. I have never donated before at a singer's request. But Adam Lambert has a magical and magnetic power about him that prompted me to support his new charity. Water is indeed essential to all life, but immediately after that is love and that's what Adam Lambert's fans get from him with his singing, performances, interviews and contagious laugh. For the last two years, I have been listening to his music and feeling happy when I do.

    • profile image

      perfectway76 7 years ago

      Great article. Adam is so down- to- earth, honest and real. He genuinely cares about people and that's why we all love him so much!! Not just a great entertainer, but a sweet person too!

    • profile image

      Irishgal719 7 years ago

      Yes I did contribute. It is a wonderful cause that was brought to my attention by Adam. What a wonderful request, not for himself but to give to others in honor of his birthday. This is not the first time he has brought out the best in his fans. He also brought us together for another good cause Donors Choose. He has a big heart that has the ability to bring out the best in his fans.

    • profile image

      Josey 7 years ago

      This is the best article about Adam I have ever read. It's about the time that the nayh sayers or haters pay respect to this wonderful soul and beautiful man. He spreads nothing but LOVE to the whole world.

    • profile image

      SalsaMaine 7 years ago

      It's simple. We love Adam and Adam asked. You wrote a beautiful article about our favorite rock star. Thank you Katie.

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      *Rep Giffords

    • profile image

      jancamp 7 years ago

      Beautifully written and expresses the love that surrounds the amazingly talented Adam Lambert. Many don't understand and just want to judge him, but those who are blessed are able to see him for the beautiful being that he is. Because of this he has made all of our lives richer. He gives to us and we want to give back. Adam makes my heart full just by knowing him. Seeing him in concert is another story. Takes my breath away every time!! The most exilerating thing ever.

    • profile image

      Christine  7 years ago

      Kate, Thank you so much for writing this articulate article about our Adam. Yes, when he speaks we listen because he is a rare young man. People who judge him don't see what we see yet. Little by little more people will come to know Adam Lambert. His fans have come together through Love, and Love is what he gives us in return. He doesn't do extraordinary things. That's the beauty of it. By being himself he creates extraordinary results!!! It is so rejuvenating to feel the Love that comes with being a "Glambert". :)

    • profile image

      adamlover51 7 years ago

      you truely embraced the way adams fans feel about this wonderful and extremly talanted young man i hope many people see this and try to understand how love and compashion need a bigger place in this world

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      Even if you're not an Adam Lambert fan, this is a great charity to give to. Clean, safe drinking water is not a luxury but a necessity. Click on the link above and watch the Charity:Water video and just imagine if you had to drink dirty water like that. Help these nations get clean water to all.

    • profile image

      TerBear14 7 years ago

      Such a wonderful article, had a tear in my eye when I finished reading. Thank you sooo much for writing it. I contributed to charity:water as part of a group on Why? Because Adam gives so much of himself to his fans, and everyone around him, that it makes sense to give back by helping a cause he believes in. I was on twitter with other fans when the goal was surpassed and it felt so good to be part of something that would make Adam happy.

    • profile image

      MJ 7 years ago

      Yes. I did he is the only singer i have ever heard that doesn't sound different on stage than my Ipod. So I'd do anything for him. and a fantastic article.

    • profile image

      Susie 7 years ago

      Tears in eyes, but nothing new for me here, the love, the adoration of this man, has been a known fact for me for two years since I've laid eyes on him and heard his voice. I am honored to be called a Glambert. Thank you so much for this article and for spreading the news about this man who has changed so many people's lives.

    • profile image

      Music Again 7 years ago

      Adam is truly an inspiration. He has touched my life in so many ways. This man has a heart of gold. He not only cares for others but seeks ways to show it. I can only imagine how great of a friend, son, and brother he is.

      People give because they feel inspired by a heart that is truly genuine. Adam talks the talk and walks the walk. He talks of love and lives it.

      I cant believe the influence he has had in 2 short years. I truly believe with all of my heart that he is destined for greatness even beyond the music he gives.

      Thank you for another great article.

    • profile image

      Jacqui 7 years ago

      Katie - you have captured the essence of why we love him so much. Excellent! Of course I donated and sat for hours watching the tally rise. I agree that there is more than a singing career in Adam's future.

    • profile image

      ManuLovesHim 7 years ago

      He shines....and inspires!!! Thank you for this article!!!

    • profile image

      Elaine 7 years ago

      Nice article but I do not believe it was necessary to bring up the AMA's in this article. I disagree with the words you use to describe Adam. I liked his performance and do not think he did anything wrong. Adam is not "surly, coarse, angry, sexually over the top.

    • profile image

      Mary S 7 years ago

      YES!! I did contribute and I watched the total blow up before my eyes. I have been tenaciously devoted to Adam Lambert from day one much to the surprise and often disgust of most of my family and friends. This article expressed my feelings precisely and I am beyond touched by these beautiful words that describe my muse so perfectly. I have never been so proud to be a Glambert!!! And I have never been so proud of my fellow Glamberts, who, like Adam, are pure LOVE!!!!

    • profile image

      Nina 7 years ago

      If Mother Theresa could see Adam today, she would know that it's not true that we can only do small things with great love--we can do GREAT THINGS with GREAT LOVE! And it took not a nun, not a president, not a member of NATO, not the Pope, to make that clear--it took a college dropout with big dreams and an even bigger heart.

      I commend you for this article and hope it garners some mainstream media attention! How great it would be to see articles not about who broke up with whom or who got their hair cut, but about those who are working to make a difference.

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      This is the best article ever. Thank you for writing it! I did contribute, Adam has inspired me in SO many ways, I can't even begin to list them. He's such an inspiration to so many people cause he's a good person with a big heart and he's not afraid to be himself and we love him for that.

    • profile image

      Netmeg99 7 years ago

      I have no idea why there is a ? at the end of my previous post.. lol It was suppose to be a heart

    • profile image

      Siti Sidek 7 years ago

      Adam Lambert is indeed, truly inspiring.

      This article really warms my heart like no other, and I thank you for it.




    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      I donated as well, and I hope I'll be able to donate more soon! It's great to be able to join together with other fans and show what a force for good we can be.

      Thank you for a beautifully written article.

    • profile image

      lb 7 years ago

      This article was so true and so well written. I printed it out ,because like you said it's only the beginning for this amazing man and I want these words in my collection of all adam things for what is to come of this amazing talent!

    • profile image

      Mtnwomanbc 7 years ago

      Beautifully written article, covering not only the astonishing outpouring of generosity to this current Charity:Water drive, but also the many facets of Adam and why we love and are inspired by him.

    • profile image

      Jeannette 7 years ago

      You are very perceptive..a beautifully-written article about a beautiful man. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Netmeg99 7 years ago

      I have to thank you so much...This article touched my heart so deeply.. You hit everything spot on. Adam has brought so much love into my life I respect him so much I thank God everday that Adam came into my life. My Heart Is Full ?

    • profile image

      Jordan 7 years ago

      I love this man and I can't really tell you why! Thank you for bringing his inspirational qualities to our attention. They're hard to miss, but some just see the guyliner and they're done.

    • profile image

      Sharon 7 years ago

      I loved reading this article in fact it brought me to tears. Adam Lambert has changed my life in a positive way which has inspired me to be a better person. He is a kind, generous, loving, warm and compassionate man and is loved so much be millions of people.

      Btw Adam has raised ove 56K as of 8:54 PM tonight

    • profile image

      Marian 7 years ago

      Thank you for this wonderful article about our fabulous Adam. You express what many of us feel and are unable to articulate in written words. Adam is the epitomy of love. He inspires us and leads us to be more loving human beings by example. In my 66 years, never have I loved a public artist like I love Adam. I doubt I ever will again. He is so special, not just as a beautiful singer and expert performer, but as a wonderful young man who has earned our love and respect. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      I did donate. Adam is one of the kindest people on this earth and we are so very fortunate to have him in our lives.

    • profile image

      Marianne 7 years ago

      The love Adam Lambert's fans have for him cannot be explained. It makes no sense, it just is. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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