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Addictive Korean Dramas

Updated on January 30, 2012

Rising Popularity

It's no secret that Korean dramas are becoming more and more popular. These dramas have a wide audience ranging from Koreans to Indians to Caucasians. They are popular shows played on numerous Asian channels. Additionally, there are hundreds of thousands of websites online dedicated to the fans of this popular genre.

Many recent Korean dramas have been translated to english and other languages. Subtitles have also been added in a variety of languages.

Living Vicariously

Many have argued that these dramas are a waste of time-that these dramas encourage young girls to go out into the real world expecting to find a young Prince Charming right around the corner. They expect luxurious adult lives, when in reality, sitting in a cubicle is not that exciting.

People argue that these dramas encourage people to live their lives vicariously through the poignant, hilarious characters on screen. And there is some truth in that. The characters in these dramas are not only visibly appealing, in most cases, they are also extremely well rounded. They are funny, clever, and witty. They are fun to watch and extremely addicting. Are these TV shows healthy for our future?

Do you think Korean Dramas have a negative impact on society?

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