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Adele Storms the Music Industry

Updated on December 5, 2015

The queen of soul has returned and she is bigger than ever. After three years taking some personal time to raise her child and write jaw dropping music, she has come to deliver amazing music to her extremely large fan base. Her new song has spread around the globe and took over social media in minutes. With minimal marketing, she has managed to spread her hit single. You cannot even answer the phone without thinking about the soul singing artist Adele's hit single 'Hello' ringing in the back of your mind. There are no words that explain how remarkable and refreshing it is to hear and feel the long awaited sirens of the lovely English artist and it seems that the world is feeling the same about her as I am.

In its first week of sales, the third studio album has sold nearly 4 million copies becoming the most sold album of 2015. The music industry has lately come up with the notion that albums no longer sell, and that modern music is sold in singles and by touring. Adele's music totally proved this wrong and beat the long held record by *NSYNC's 2.4 million record sold in a week. The album continuously breaks music accolades and is taking the industry by storm.

Her reach in the industry was enough deplete the need for even marketing. In a only a month of strategical marketing Adele managed to be on lips and tweets of the global social world ready to open our broken hearts again. Her highly relatable music calls to every age and every gender in a way that no artist has for a very long time. Tracks like 'Million Years Ago' and 'Love in the Dark' explain well why people will always love Adele, and say 'Hello' to all of her future music to come. At this point, it's safe to say that the young artist has reached legendary heights and has reserved her spot in pop royalty.

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