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Adele's Record Breaking New CD

Updated on November 24, 2015

If Saturday Night Live taught us anything this weekend, it’s that there is literally nothing that Adele can’t do. In a sure to be classic sketch, a family feuds over different controversies until “Hello” by Adele is played. Today comes word that the sketch may not be far off from the truth, her new album 25 is poised to break quite a few long standing records.

For 15 years, Britney Spears has held the record for most albums sold by a female artist in a single week. Her second album ...oops I did it again sold 1.3 million copies in its first week in 2000. This past week, Adele's new album is expected to sell more than double that amount, breaking Britney's long held record. Of course this was not unexpected as 25 was none of the most anticipated new albums of the year.

What was unexpected however is the fact that Adele is snagging the title of most CDs sold by any artist, male or female, from *Nsync. Their No Strings Attached CD sold 2.4 million copies its first week. According to experts 25 is going to just squeeze past that amount to own the title for herself.

Another impressive feat is that in just one week, Adele has sold more copies of her new album than any other singer in 2015. That includes Taylor Swift, who up until this week had the bestselling CD of the year with her newest 1989.

On iTunes, Adele replaced Taylor Swift atop both the album and singles charts. "Hello" has been #1 since it was released a month ago and her newest song "When we were young" is rapidly rising, currently sitting at #4. The full CD of course is sitting at the top of that charts as well. Beating out the new CDs of Justin Bieber and One Direction, both of which were expected to have much higher sales than they have had.

Many experts believe that her decision not to let Spotify or Apple Music stream the new album the first week of its release helped the sales of the album. There is no word yet on when 25 will join Adele's other albums, 19 and 21, on streaming services but there is no doubt that they are hoping it is soon.


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