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"Adoration" is the Craziest Movie I've Ever Seen

Updated on June 18, 2017
A 2013 French-Australian dramatic movie directed by Anne Fontaine based on the novel, "The Grandmothers" by Doris Lessing. The film's original title was "Two Mothers" and it also goes by the title, "Adore."
A 2013 French-Australian dramatic movie directed by Anne Fontaine based on the novel, "The Grandmothers" by Doris Lessing. The film's original title was "Two Mothers" and it also goes by the title, "Adore."


New South Wales next door neighbors named Roz (Robin Wright) and Lil (Naomi Watts) are friends since childhood. They grow together as best of friends, both with quite an unfortunate love life but they each have a son to cherish and live for. Their sons, Ian (Xavier Samuel) and Tom (James Frecheville) also grow together and from little kids, they soon become men. While they treat their mother's best friend as their second mom and Roz and Lil treats their kid's buddy as their own, physical attraction gets in the way of the two family's good friendship. Ian unexpectedly develops a huge feeling of attraction towards Roz and decides to make a move one night. He kisses Roz who was a bit taken aback but gets carried away and responds to Ian's kiss. Roz holds back to let the situation sink in but then Ian's persistent kisses leads both of them physically and emotionally engrossed so they sleep with each other. Roz leaves Ian's room before the daylight but is unaware of Tom's presence in the kitchen who hides himself with a disturbed and shocked demeanor. Out of anger, he decides to get back at his best friend by going to his place to sleep with his mother as well. He tells Lil about what he saw and starts seducing her. At first, Lil refuses and ignores Tom but he stays in the house until Lil submits herself so they end up sleeping with each other. Lil talks to Roz as they realize that they have both crossed the line and promised each other that it will never happen again. They meet up with their sons and discuss that things need to end. Ian, however has feelings for Roz so they eventually see each other again. They also learn that Lil and Tom never stopped sleeping together so they just decide to keep going. Things get out of hand and start to have an impact on their lives. They also become conscious of what other people would say. Once again, they decide to stop and Roz keeps her promise but Ian gets mad and depressed and gets into an accident. As days go by they all move on and their sons marry girls their age and have their own kids. At a reunion after two years, Ian sees Tom's infidelity to his wife through Lil. All hell breaks loose.

Is it worth watching?

It is worth watching if you cover your ears and pretend that you don't know the situation. Or if you missed at least the first 10 to 15 minutes of the film because the movie starts with Roz and Lil's childhood, to their adulthood with Ian and Tom showing as little kids. Eliminating the fact that Roz and Lil saw each other's son grow up that they are practically second mothers to their best friend's son, would make this a good movie. But then I watched the entire film and I didn't cover my ears so my only question is...who in the right mind would write such a sick story like this? Have we come short of the morality that we could showcase at least by the end of the movie? Or at least show remorse of such scandalous acts because what the mothers allowed to happen is just way too overboard. I mean, I watched it because of Naomi Watts and Robin Wright which made it seem like a movie with a good story but I cringed a lot and my eyebrows almost reached my hairline --- that is how unbelievably unthinkable this disgraceful and scandalous liaison is.

On the other hand, if we set aside the movie's plot and purely base our critic on the actors, I would give the four main leads a thumbs up because despite the provocative content, they each stood out with really good and natural acting that it was flawless. The actors made it bearable to watch because every scene and every line was believable. There was even humor to Roz and Lil's closeness because men have an impression that they are in a lesbian relationship and it comes up as something funny in the film. I also like the setting because the beach was such an enjoyable sight. The framing and scale gave this film good cinematography. Overall, it really was just the plot that was somehow infuriating but the lines and how they were delivered was good, and even the delicate scenes had clean shots. The conversations and bondings showing a very tight friendship between the two families were impressive although in real life, it would've been hard to stay best friends with someone who actually slept with your son.


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