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Adriana Lima Little Known Facts

Updated on February 25, 2010

Adriana Lima, one of the most beautiful women in the world, is surely a sight to behold. This hub is dedicated to little known facts about this super model. Okay, so maybe the author just wants to look at the imagination inducing images of this Brazilian beauty. But you must admit, looking at her is an enjoyable experience.

Shy Around Boys?

According to a very reliable source, Adriana was very shy around boys when she was younger. And while she entered the modelling world at the age of 15, she never had her first kiss until 17. Apparently, physical attractiveness does not spare anyone of shyness.

Speaking In Tounges

They say the brain is the sexiest organ. Adriana is not just all beauty. She's a polyglot who can speak her native Portuguese, English, French and some Italian. 

No To Pre-marital Sex

In our modern world when waiting for the right is so out of style, sex before marriage is really no longer an issue. Not for Adriana! It was in 2006 when Adriana admitted to GQ magazine that she was a virgin. 

This devout Catholic who also happens to be considered one of the sexiest in the planet is reported to say that "sex if for after marriage". According to Adriana, men must respect her choice and must show respect if they really want him. 

She married a Serbian basketball player on Valentine's Day of 2009. They have a daughter name Valentina. 


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      izabella 6 years ago

      shes so beautiful..................................