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Advantages & Disadvantages of Television

Updated on March 27, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Television is one of the most important invention of science. It has brought a dramatic change in the field of entertainment, education and communication. We should be thankful to its inventor who brought this inventions miracle to our world. Now one can sit at home and may entertain through different tv channels.

It is one of the best blessings of science through which we can educate ourselves by staying at home. Many educative and informative programmes are shown on the television which are great help to the students and others they can learn through it.

Television is especially very important for an undeveloped countries, undeveloped countries may learn very important and useful tips through educated channels. People living in villages, or in town may educate themselves through this miracle given by science.

Thus, by sitting in our homes, we can watch all types of programmes which are live telecasted or repeated programmes. We can watch movies on television at any time. So, watching movies is good entertainment for one's life by sitting at home. Many movies, dramas like love stories, sad stories, comedy, cooking programs, live news, games, etc. all are shown on television at different channels of different countries.

The politicians, scientist, social workers can also talk to the people directly through the television. Thus the benefit of Television are numerous, we cannot count them all.

Television can also help in improving the evils of society. It can help to do better for the society in the evils of dowry, drinking and gambling etc.

On the other hand, television have its disadvantages as well. If a person spends too much time on watching television he will become lazy. He would like to sit idle at all the time and do nothing. If a person has close eye contact with the television it affects the eyesight especially for little children who always use to sit close to the television. The student also went on wrong directions by watching wrong movies, dramas and channels. During their studies students will not pay full attention towards their education at the end what will happen, they will fail. The usages of television all the time may increase the bill of electricity.

Inspite the disadvantages of television, the advantages are definitely more.

Written by: Johar Alam


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      Deepali yadav 5 years ago

      This essay helps in completing my project so i thanks to the author johar alam

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      Deepali 5 years ago

      Its a nice essay