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Adventure Of A Lifetime

Updated on August 11, 2010

Adventure Of A Lifetime by Chuck RitenouR

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

by Chuick RitenouR 8-10-2010

verse 1:

I was reading the personals in the paper yesterday.

when I read about a lady who said she just wanted to play.

and beneath her picture, a number,she said call me any time

and if you do I promise you the adventure of a lifetime.

verse 2:

well, maybe I was lonely or maybe just a fool.

but the thought of an afternoon delight sounded very cool.

and as I dialed the number it never crossed my mind

what could be any danger on an adventure of a lifetime.


I met her in lobby of a shabby old hotel.

No one there would know me, no one would ever tell.

she looked to be everything I could ever want her to be.

but I was naive to think this adventure would be free.

verse 3:

She handcuffed me to the bed then she ducktaped my mouth

Put a blindfold on my eyes and I began to thrash about.

I never dreamed I'd be the victim, be the victim of a crime.

Yes, I was robbed and plundered on the adventure of a lifetime.

the end.


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