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Adventure Time With Finn And Jake

Updated on February 17, 2012
Adventure Time
Adventure Time | Source

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake is a newer cartoon but one I feel is destined for a long run. Much like many other modern cartoons it can be entertaining for both adults and children. It crosses no real lines but sometimes there are jokes that only adults would understand other times it is something so silly anyone would laugh. Humor is very off the wall and original.

Adventure Time is the story of Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog). They live in a tree house in the magical land of Ooo. Finn is a 13 year old boy with abnormal strength and fighting skills, while Jake has magical abilities which generally allow him to stretch his body to great lengths, shrink, or grow to building size. Together they have many adventures in their magical realm.

The other residents of the land include many princesses from other kingdoms: Lumpy Space Princess (which resembles a cloud, Doctor Princess, Princess Bubblegum, ghost princess, berry princess, slime princess. In many of the episodes the Ice King, Finn and Jakes main nemesis hilariously attempts to kidnap/marry/win the heart of the princesses. His schemes often prove incredible silly and make for great comedy. Ice King is voiced by Tom Kenny who is also responsible for the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

Finn spends a lot of his time denying his feelings for Princess Bubblegum while Jake's girlfriend is a flying half unicorn, half rainbow creature named Rainacorn.

Already in it's short time on Nickelodeon and the cartoon network it has been nominated for numerous awards. It has well known actors guest star on the show from Micheal Dorn (worf from Star Trek) to Neil Patrick Harris. So anyone who is a cartoon lover this is certainly one that you should check out.

Adventure Time on occasion have little quirks like showing parts of characters pasts, adding to the storyline and giving them a much richer background. Such as in an episode called a dream within a dream where some of Marceline the vampire girl's memories are explored with her father, past boyfriend, etc. They also touch a little on finn's past when it shows a funny scene of him dancing in the bathroom as a toddler in a diaper singing a song about punching witches for fun. Which was incredibly hilarious I might add.

The gags they use of Adventure are often quite over the top and just so silly that it is hilarious. They continue to make me laugh time after time and one would begin to wonder how they come up with such incredible jokes. Finn and Jake often have funny songs that everyone would find humorous and as mentioned before they often have guests that add their voices to the cartoon. Which of course shows you that they are trying to back something they know is a winner (not like Charlie Sheen).

Check out the claymation stop motion video of Finn & Jake at the top right of this article for a good laugh. Enjoy!


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