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Advertisements on YouTube

Updated on December 29, 2018
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Advertisements can address specific parts by highlighting their identity and relationship between project and brand.

Advertising is an imaginative and rapidly growing industry, which uses various media to motivate individuals to buy products and services, change their mind set and motivate and inspire big audiences. Due to changes in current social patterns and economic liberalization, this industry has grown rapidly. In recent years, advertising business has seen a significant move, and billions of dollars that once flown in TV commercials were transferred to the online video location. YouTube has been one of the biggest winners of this change, which has been broadcast by viewers who are moving away from broadcasters and expensive cable TV packages. In addition, YouTube will soon provide streaming TV services to those who are unwilling to pay for traditional cable TVs.

Advertisements can address specific parts by highlighting their identity and relationship between project and brand. In recent years, advertising businesses have seen a significant step, and billions of dollars that have been flown in TV commercials have been moved to the online video location. "YouTube has been one of the biggest winners of this transformation, and the reason for this change is that viewers are opting out of broadcast networks and expensive cable TV packages. Almost 40% of the millennia depend on the Internet. The main advantage of YouTube's TV launch is that advertisers can easily reach young audiences and other channels. By attracting more viewers, YouTube will increase the number of people watching TV ads, which is why Companies promote their products, they will earn high revenues, build loyalty and increase referral. Dari will provide the best opportunity to capture. They are customers who are trying to maintain indispensable that the notice will they market. It will also reputation with its customers.

The main effect of advertising is on sales volume and product discrimination. By reducing the level of relative replacement, it prefers a preferential price that is better than competition, which will ensure the right high cost benefit and high returns. "In an industry, the sales volume of the company and the sales geographical area will vary." It is very important to find the right advertising strategy to attract attention to business companies. Even though consumer preferences change over time, they usually do not realize it because they have ambiguous feelings and intuition and ambitions. The marketing process can be fluctuated between the width of the offered product lines, the number of brand names on the product line, the new brand performance rate, the cost of the goods and the level of quality and the various measures; Therefore, the ad segmentation and targeting; Industry plays an important role. If the target market is not selected properly.

YouTube TV will create a lot of potential for less popular brands, because "Google can get about two minutes of business per hour to sell advertisers through cable networks in service." During that time, even small brands were able to reach their potential customers and used to display products and services. If they do not spend much on products only they have already purchased, then they will continue to allocate their incremental salary again in another way, and they will get better. We are heading towards a tipping point, which we call "televisions" is something else. Cable providers, if they are trying to survive, then they should improve their work plans. According to research firm eMarketer, global sales revenue is expected to be more than $ 7 billion in 2017, and YouTube's revenue is mostly from advertising.

Advertising can meet the demand, and it is recommended to meet the demand through consumer goods. A specific technique is to connect a product or service with the most basic and comprehensive requirements, and without promotion, a good service or service will be considered a small application and utility. In fact, many advertisements guarantee the buyer's happiness, which enhances the product's proper effect. Apart from this, people have always believed that to promote the revival of potential needs and even new demands have not been felt before. In this way, the promotion increases an entire class of objects to a higher position till the perceived demand. In any case, the buyer's limited rationality largely limits the number of brands associated with one category. When a brand name is asked for a particular category.

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  • Erudite Scholar profile image

    Jeff Zod 

    15 months ago from Nairobi

    You are most welcome.

  • Irfanul Islam profile imageAUTHOR

    Irfanul Islam 

    15 months ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Thanks for your nice compliment!

  • Erudite Scholar profile image

    Jeff Zod 

    15 months ago from Nairobi

    Hi Islam,

    I have gained some useful information about advertising on Youtube.

    Youtube is a great way for advertisers to promote their products and services. Millions of people view videos on Youtube everyday. Youtube is great for companies and individuals alike.

    I have written a beginners guide to Youtube here :

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