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Aerosmith Concert Review 1983

Updated on February 8, 2013
Lots Of Snow In My Yard
Lots Of Snow In My Yard
My Car That I had To Go And Dig Out
My Car That I had To Go And Dig Out

A Blizzard In His Gizzard

It was February 11 1983 the first time I'd ever seen Aerosmith in concert, this was at the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Ma. in support of their Rock in a Hard Place album. It was a Friday evening and there was snow in the forecast, for that matter during the day I had heard radio reports of large snow accumulations as far south as Richmond, Va. and Washington DC. The plan was to drive my car, my 1975 Mercury Cougar to the concert, and of course I wore plenty of clothes-heavy pants-winter boots-shirt with sweater, hat and gloves with a winter jacket.

The opening act that night was the Pat Travers Band, he was commercially popular in the 1980's. He came on stage a bit after 8 p.m. and played for nearly an hour. His show was very enjoyable. After he left the stage I went to take a look outside. Oh yes it was snowing hard! The best way I can describe it was that the snow looked like it was coming out of a large snow making machine, snowing at an incredible rate. So we waited for Aerosmith to come on, and waited and waited some more. Obviously the storm had them stranded somewhere. Seems like it was about 1:15 a.m. when they hit the stage. This was the Aerosmith version with Jimmy Crespo as lead guitarist. They played barely 45 minutes, not a good time or good show. Steve Tyler and the rest of the band barely got warmed up and the show was over.

Okay so its 2 a.m., snowing like crazy and I need to drive 20 miles to get home. Summarizing what happened next was; I dug my car out of the snow, drove it 500 feet until it stalled and would go no further, then got into a friends car which stalled in the snow after going only a mile. Then we started to walk. Walked into a 7-11 store at 3 a.m., was having a coffee and someone, a man came up to my friends and I and asked it we wanted to stay in the living room of his home for a few hours which was just around the corner . We accepted, stayed there for 3 hours, just long enough to dry out. From there we walked to the Springfield train station and Amtrak had me back home by noon. Overnight it had snowed 17 inches in 7 hours which was a lot for Connecticut standards. I've seen Aerosmith a few times since and those shows were outstanding-unlike this time when I saw them when the weather was the star


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Glad you got home safely. Interesting hub.

      Did the current snow storm inspire this hub?

      Voted you Up, Beautiful and Interesting.


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