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Top Horror-Based Youtubers

Updated on November 24, 2017

Youtube has become a place for content creators to post, well, whatever they want. From beauty to gaming to comedy, each content creator strives to provide the best and most entertaining content for their viewers to enjoy. This list will be focusing on a side of Youtube that is slowly but surely rising in popularity as hungry viewers search for new, fascinating content. These creators have made an effort document everything from the bizarre, to the downright disturbing. From reportedly “true” stories, to lists of the supernatural and otherworldly, here are 10 Horror-Based Youtube Channels.


With a fanbase of over 600,000, Chills’ focuses heavily on the supernatural and crime-based mysteries. His videos also provide narration, and in depth analysis of the evidence provided. He is active on Twitter and Instagram, with an upload schedule of every Thursday. His genuine passion for scary content and mysteries make his content all the more enjoyable, and he doesn't shy away from the gross and gory.

Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare has an impressive fanbase of over a million, and each new video focuses on reportedly real horror stories submitted either anonymously via social media, or from his subscribers. His uploads are sporadic, but each new video delivers enjoyable content, especially if you’re a fan of scaring yourself silly. If you have a story, feel free to submit, and you might just see yourself featured in one of his videos.

BuzzFeed Unsolved

BuzzFeed Unsolved is arguably the most influential on this list, and is more of an actual “show” than a Youtube channel at this point. BuzzFeed Unsolved is a section of BuzzFeedBlue’s main channel, and follows two investigators as they analyze anything and everything supernatural and mysterious. Due to BuzzFeed’s budget, the hosts are actually taken to investigate a majority of the sights, such as haunted hospitals, cemeteries, and mines. New uploads come every Friday, followed by a “post-mortem” Q&A with the hosts, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara.

Top 5 Unknowns

While similar to most of the channels on this list, Top 5 Unknowns stands out in that seems to lean heavily towards true crime. Murders, disappearances and the story of real people, historical and recent. You name it and Top 5 Unknowns will deliver. While it doesn’t shy away from the occasional alien abduction or ghost sighting, the videos do the job of giving you horrific insight as to what goes on in places around the world, including what might be your own backyard.

Top 15s

Top15s is co-run by Chills, and features simple list-based videos ranging in everything creepy. The channel aims to be up to date, and ensures that the viewer has plenty of background and context to go with each story, so that they have a broad understanding of each topic. The videos are lengthy, some peaking at around 30 minutes, but they are no less enjoyable. Uploads come every Tuesday and Saturday, and have a host of different narrators. Just don’t watch before you go to bed. Or with the lights off. Or at night.

Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke is one of the few horror content creators to show his face — and with good reason. His narrations are chilling, the content informative and in-depth. The ability to stare face to face with Dyke while he retells horrific events — paranormal mysteries, alien conspiracies, murders and abductions — makes for an engaging and entertaining experience. His channel is split — some videos are dedicated to humorous, light hearted material, while the other half focuses on the true and terrifying.

That Creepypasta Guy

That Creepypasta Guy, well, narrates creepypastas and true horror stories. Many are taken from Reddit or the Creepypasta website, but Mr. Creepypasta Guy does a superb job of bringing them to life. Similar to Mr. Nightmare, but not exact, each story is guaranteed to get your heart racing, especially with the knowledge that a majority of them reportedly happened in real life. There is no upload schedule, but That Creepypasta Guy still seems to be posting content at least once or twice a week.

Top 5s

Top 5s has an impressive fanbase of over 2 million, and even more impressive content. Paranormal, conspiracy…the list goes on, and it seems as if it will never end. It’s the Holy Grail for horror lovers, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Uploads come every Saturday, and if one wishes to investigate further, Top5’s sport a website where you can read articles, and even submit your own stories. and purchase their merchandise.

Top 5s Finest

We’ll end on a humorous note — Top 5s Finest delivers terrifying content, with the added bonus of great, cheeky narration. The videos are informative, while also providing twists and turns. The channels focuses heavily on conspiracies and mysteries, and the narration doesn’t compromise the integrity of the information given. If you're into upbeat narration and quick, easy and accessible information, Top 5's Finest is the place to be.

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    • alexarain379 profile image

      Alexa Rain 

      14 months ago from egypt

      Very scary.


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