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My Dancing Days.

Updated on February 13, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

This I can't.

Learn Foxtrot

Learn Cha Cha Cha

Rumba Steps.

Those days it was only Merry & No Worry.

Myself and my friend were eager to learn Ball Room Dancing or in other words western dance.We were staying in Bombay and working there during the mid 60's.Our favorite Spot was Colaba since we could see good people but very reserved and would not see any messing of any sort.

We were just exploring Colaba and met one of our College Senior who was surprised to see us.He asked us how we managed to be in Bombay as it was a dream for us since we had plenty of job opportunity there.The only problem was accommodation.My friend had his sister with whom we stayed for just 2 days and stayed with our relatives separately.My friend got a job soon and I got a job after few weeks.than both moved to a Gujarati Guest House near Matunga Railway Station.That was our story.We asked our senior where he stayed and where he worked.That was our first meeting.After seeing his Guest House we used to meet him on week ends.

We managed to ask him as to how we can learn Ball Room Dancing he was impressed that we asked him.He gave his advice and told us the location of the Dancing School.We went there and after few weeks we left going there since we were shy of dancing with strange girls.

The Dance Teacher had taught us 3 types of dance:-

1 - Foxtrot

2 - Ramba.

3 - ChaCha Cha.

However the taste to dance was short lived but the lesson I learned was always with me tucked in some corner of my brain.I could dance to any music and any type of dance since the teacher had taught me the secret to dance to any music.

That's how I learn t  dancing and my dance to day is far superior to the Bollywood film dance seen in some commercial films.There is a remarkable change from 60's to present day in the films as well as music.

Today's not only music but the dress they wear has to show more of their legs and throw more of it often.

That is no dance its only circus.

Those days are 1001 memories that flash flood some times and makes me so happy.There was no worry of job or money as we were a group in Bombay from Bangalore.

Today you can learn Dancing in your Bed Room with your wife - Watch Video 100 times till you learn fully.


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