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Aiden Grimshaw Odds to Win X Factor 2010 (Season 7)

Updated on September 30, 2010

Can a Second Male Teenager in a Row Win Over the Voters?

Aiden Grimshaw is an 18-year-old singer from Blackpool. He has been featured on X Factor 2010 and has been chosen for the judges' houses after passing through the bootcamp round. Aiden has the look of a pop star, but he is much more than an image. Aiden has an extremely soulful voice and great vocal control. So far, though, his interviews and answers to judge questions have been a bit awkward. Musically, he is doing a great job and may well be one of the top three singers during this season of X Factor. But his personality and stage presence need to come along a bit more to make him the favorite to win.

Aiden started out by singing Kanye West's "Gold Digger" at his first audition. His a capella audition hit the mark in many ways. First, it was vastly different than the original and pretty much just used the lyrics to display Aiden's soulful leanings. From a singing standpoint alone, his version was vastly superior to the original. But the most important part is that Aiden brought a sense of uniqueness to the song by completely changing the style. This is a major step in the right direction, as "musicality" and "making the song your own" have become major factors in winning these contests (certainly on American Idol, although to an arguably lesser degree on X Factor so far). Nonetheless, even Cowell said Aiden gave one of the best auditions so far in the whole competition and said he seems like a pop star.

For his bootcamp performance, Aiden showed some potential chinks in the armor. He failed to make good eye contact, thus showing a weak connection to the audience. However, his vocals remained strong except for some possible power problems in the highest part of his range (this was only a small part of the song and is not necessarily a major problem). The judges appeared less impressed, mainly because of his failure to make eye contact.

It is also interesting to note that Aiden Grimshaw's YouTube audition videos are lagging behind most of his adversaries' videos. For example, Cher Llloyd has over 5 million hits on her official X Factor audition video to a paltry 85,000 or so for Aiden. Matt Cardle has about half a million at this point. This is interesting because these three contestants are arguably the best three singers/performers on the show this year. But they have vastly different amounts of followers so far. However, it should be noted that YouTube views generally don't match up with voting on live TV shows. Video views are often simply the result of which and how many external websites post the videos, thus driving up counts that say little about the actual popularity of a singing contestant in a TV show.

All things considered, Aiden Grimshaw is likely one of the favorites for X Factor 2010. He has an amazingly soulful voice and great tone and control. His range may be somewhat limited, but the voters generally don't care much about that. If Aiden continues to put a unique, soulful spin on his song choices, he should get major kudos from the judges and build a solid fan base to match his vocal potential. Then, whether Aiden wins X Factor may depend on whether he develops a good connection with the audience and a more engaging personality during interviews and other personal segments.


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