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"Akenaten's Dream", A Review by Okela King

Updated on July 13, 2012

Akenaten's Dream

Akenaten | Source

Louis Alemayehu Review by Okela King

This work of art is a video of a master poet reciting his work "Akenaten' dream", and it talks about us becoming or transforming ourselves into a more loving and compassionate world. The author talks about us being tied together, none different from none, and that man's greed has caused disaster in the world- distorted the true meaning of life, and makes the focus more about attaining material property.

This conflict has caused man's decline, and we will continue declining until we realise that none is better than none and we live together or die together. We must realize that the "earth is our home" (it's all we really have), and should endeavor to save it for the future. We must "...die..." (change) or we will certainly perish. I consider this the work of a master, which I'm not worthy to review but I will still try to give him some justice.

This Video presents, as I said before, a master poet performing a work of genius, touching and appealing to your conscience and consciousness. It is inspiring and truthful and after watching this wonderful performance you can certainly take a deep breath and say, yes, there is some hope in this world. Let us all be good one to another, and let us all walk in love and in peace one to another. Blessed Love.

Please watch and be filled with a new light

Akenaten's Dream

Akenaten's Dream


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