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Watch Akikan! Anime

Updated on July 13, 2011

Watch Akikan!

Akikan! is an anime that is both a show and a manga.
Akikan! is an anime that is both a show and a manga.

Akikan Anime Series Info:

Original run:
January 3, 2009 – March 28, 2009
Episodes :
Directed by:
Yūji Himaki

Melon Akikan
Melon Akikan

Akikan ^.^

Akikan is an anime series that is really worth the time. This funny little story that looks like its mostly boy oriented is a real joy for everyone. Since anime can be absolutely anything, dont let the name turn you off (or better yet what its about.) Akikan means simply "empty can". Your like "Seriously..." This show is about Akikan's, cans that turn into living human girls!!! (!!!>.< I knew this was another perverted guy anime!!!) No, really its clean for the whole family. This anime has a great story line and is rated G mostly.

Basically it follows the unlikely story of a high school boy named Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a living human girl. If that one isnt enough, even more akikan girls begin appearing across the town. Each of the girls need to be infused with carbon dioxide and juice from their respective drink types to stay alive - this includes staying cold when in their can forms. The akikans were originally created as part of the Akikan Elect, or a deadly competition. The akikans have special powers determined by the kind of juice they are (Grape would have Grape attacks for example.) and what there age is. These girls then must battle each other until only the strongest is left standing. The battles are often short and fast paced. Focusing on the catchy storyline is where the real golden heart of this anime truly shines. At the same time its funny and interesting how well the creator took real life issues (like type, race, age, etc) and put them into these magic girls.

I know your thinking this is one of the craziest things ever, but take it from me. Whether you are an anime fan or not you will get many laughs out of this series. I also bet you will not be able to leave your tv/computer until you finish the series. Grab a tasty fruit flavored beverage and enjoy this wonderful anime! Until next time, ^.^



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    • profile image

      avonbarks 4 years ago

      I just started watching Akikan after reading your hubpage. I have to say that it's quite an interesting anime. I will have to watch more to see if I really get into it, but thanks for making me aware of it!

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