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Al Pacino: The Thespian’s Godfather

Updated on December 16, 2017

Top 10 Al Pacino Performances

The Godfather Series, Dog Day after Noon, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, Heat, Donnie Brasco, Devil’s Advocate, etc. are the all time classics of world’s cinema & Al Pacino is the man who settled all these in the category of Cult-Classics with his top-notch performances. He is amongst the most prolific actors of the world’s cinema who has won one Oscar and also has eight Oscar nominations for his different roles. He was the leading actor of 1970s, the era of greatest classics of world’s cinema and as an admirer of cinema whenever I watch his movies, his unique acting ability enthralls and fascinates me instantly. Pacino’s roles are the benchmarks for the coming generations and here in this article I am going to tell you about my three all time favorite classics of him.

Scarface Trailer

Scarface (1983):

When Al Pacino says; “Make way for the Bad Guy” as a Cuban Drug Lord, he instantly creates an encompassing aura which makes you to love his brazen, ruthless, innocent but rusty portray of Tony Montana. This is an all time classic crime-drama, which concentrates on a flawed, blunt, evil man and simultaneously it also portrays him as a human who loves cares and lives on his own terms. Pacino played this character with amazing perfection, the Cuban character is so convincing and that makes you believe why he is considered as the Best Actor across the globe. From the Cuban punk to The Gangster who wants to rule Miami's Cocaine underworld, everywhere he was just perfect and you can’t imagine anybody else playing that character in such a lively way. He makes Tony Montana look just as an ordinary guy with whom we can identify ourselves. Conflicted emotions, desires to be powerful and rich, deep rooted beliefs which he follows from the starting to the end, never compromising attitude and superbly captivating dialogue deliveries are the few idiosyncrasies which are perfectly made to look real by Pacino’s acting and that’s why Tony Montana stays in our memory.

Al Pacino was nominated for Golden Globes for Best Performance by an actor.

Scent of a Woman Official Trailer

Scent of Woman (1993):

Al Pacino is totally magical in this movie and every scene reveals different facet of his multi-shaded and totally mysterious character of a cantankerous blind alcoholic. He efficiently plays the role of a blind man who is irascible as a retired Army Officer but does not act as a blind man. He has his mordant wit and he is also amazingly romantic. This was one of the riskiest roles of Pacino because in the beginning of the movie he totally looks rough and abrasive but as the story flows with him, he makes you to move with different facets of his personality and ultimately his antipathetic character seems fascinating. In the story, Pacino’s character-name is Frank Slade who is a retired (& blind) Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel who takes the service of a young student named as Charlie (played by Chris O’Donnell). Charlie agrees to babysit him as he needs money and through this, an interesting and enthusiastic mutual bonding begins between both of them. Scenes change, consequences come and with every coming scene, Frank Slade’s character just fascinates you. Pacino’s intense and flamboyant performance is totally volcanic. He proves why he is rated as the finest, most respected and talented actor of all time. The speech given by him at the end shows his class and repertoire as a master of acting.

Al Pacino won Oscar & Golden Globe awards as a Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The Godfather - Official Trailer

The Godfather (1972):

This movie makes an offer that you can’t refuse. Godfather includes two all time finest actors together Marlon Brando & Al Pacino and magic is a sheer bliss. It’s a cult-classic, an all time blockbuster and anyone who loves cinema loves every bit of this crime drama. Pacino plays the role of a reluctant son of Brando who is the head of a New York Mafia family. Don Vito Corleone (Brando) rules the mafia world yet his character is admirable and sympathetic and as the story moves further, situations need the transfer of control of Corleone Crime Dynast into the hand of Michael (Pacino). The Godfather tells the story about the insider world of the Mafias. It quite fastidiously goes into the clandestine, charming and complicated Mafia World. When the control comes into the hand of Michael then the complete story takes another captivating turn and that poised, confident, shrewd and connected demeanor of Michael is excellently played by Al Pacino. He plays the son who has imbibed the characteristics of his father completely and in that, Pacino efficiently incorporates the core essence of Brando’s character. In his every move, he excellently portrays the character of a man who loves his family immensely and just because of that, he efficiently runs Corleone’s crime dynast so potently despite at the beginning he was reluctant for controlling this. His dialogue “Don’t ever take sides against the family” shows how much he was involved with Corleone’s Majesty.

Al Pacino was nominated for Oscar as a Best Actor in Supporting Role, for Golden Globe as a Best Motion Picture Actor-Drama, etc. while, Marlon Brando won Oscar as the best actor in a Leading Role. Brando also won Golden Globe as the Best Motion Picture Actor-Drama.

© 2014 Shivendra Tiwari


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