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Alabama Moon Film

Updated on February 23, 2014

Family Film

Alabama Moon is a good, entertaining film that a family can enjoy together, although there is some language that could have been left out of a children's film: damn, hell.

Alabama Moon: Movie

Lacks Manners, Has Survival Skills

Moon Blake is an eleven year old boy that isn't quite civilized because he has lived in the woods most of his life. His father took him away after the death of his mother; the rest of the family searched for them, but weren't able to find the pair.

Though he hasn't learned table manners and other social graces, he has learned a lot about the woods, trapping animals, and fishing. Also, he can read. His father doesn't believe in taxes or any government interference in people's lives and has taken his philosophy to the extreme.

Preview Alabama Moon

Father Injured

Moon's father's leg is injured while they are crossing a swiftly flowing river. Subsequently, he dies apparently from infection. His father tells him to go to Alaska and live in the woods there, and Moon tries to go to Alaska, but he is caught by the local constable and is put in a reform school. He makes friends and experiences his first friendships. Moon, Kit, and Hal escape, but after awhile Hal goes home to see his father.

Friends and Family

Kit has a heath condition, but leaves his medication at the reform school. He gets sick and Moon takes him to the highway where someone sees them and takes Moon's friend to the hospital. But he dies.

Hal and his father come to get Moon, and he goes and stays with them awhile. When his friend takes him to the hospital to see the sick boy, he gets caught again. But the attorney that owns the land he and his father lived on helps him and finds his family. He goes to live with his uncle, aunt, and cousins. Moon learns about friendship and that he can trust some people.

Alabama Moon: Novel


  • Moon Blake is played by Jimmy Bennett.

  • John Goodman is the kind lawyer, Mr. Wellington.

  • Kit is played by Uriah Shelton.

  • Hal Mitchell is portrayed by Gabriel Brasso.

  • Constable Sanders is played by Clint Howard.

  • Elizabeth Jackson is Rachel Gene.

  • Mike Blake is portrayed by Mark Ada Miller.

  • Billy Unger does voices.


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