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Alaska, You're My Home

Updated on August 2, 2010


Alaska, You're My Home

by Chuck RitenouR 8-15-2k9

Verse 1:

There's snow still in the mountains in the valleys the fields are muddy from the thaw.

The nights are still cold and clear and you can always hear the wolf's lonesome call.

Sometimes leaving is all you can do, sometimes you just gotta save yourself

Sometimes its best put love as side and put your heart way up on a shelf.


Alaska, how did I ever end up here, so far for the home I've known for all these many years.

but now you're rivers are running thru my veins and I know I'll never roam

I'll never leave you Alaska, Alaska you're my home.

Verse 2:

The fish are always running thick this time of the year and when summer comes this is paradise.

Winter nights last forever and if you look up in the skies you'll be dassled by those northern lights.

Just me and my old dog Pepper and those stray cats I took in

and a few folks here on this mountain that smile and call me friend.


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