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Album Review - Metric - Synthetica

Updated on June 19, 2012

Since the Canadian band released Fantasies three years ago, the have made new fans through the gamer and young adult fiction crowds through songs featured on the movies Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Twilight Saga: Eclipse. On their meander back into their fifth album, they left something of their potency in the songs they wrote for those soundtracks.

The first sign of what was to come came from the first single "Youth Without Youth". Emily Haines' voice matches up with the rhythm, producing a droning that makes the song go on longer than the four-plus minutes and not in an flattering way. That is a biggest issue of Synthetica: many of the songs on the album drag on or start slower than they should. The band's drum snaps and quick keyboard work are dialed down considerably and create languid ballads like "Clone" and "Wanderlust" (side note: Lou Reed added nothing to the latter song).

The title track is the closest thing to what the band is known for, with Haines' melodic voice over f-you lyrics complimented by Jimmy Shaw's relentless guitar. Sadly, this album also has "Breathing Underwater", which sounds like a watered-down U2/Coldplay song. Let's hope that the songs they have made for the next soundtrack they are contributing to - David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis - came out better than the bulk of these songs.

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