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Alessia Fabiani - Another cool Italian model and TV frontgirl

Updated on April 1, 2013

Alessia Fabiani

Alessia Fabiani is an Italian model and TV frontgirl.

The Italians have it better than most - food, weather, shoes, women. Alessia Fabiani, the presenter of Italy's Champions League coverage, is a dramatic case in point.

Alessia was born on December 10, 1976. After some years as model and with minor participations to TV shows, she became famous as Letterina ("Letter-carrier") in Canale 5's Passaparola. Later she was the protagonist of a photo calendar in which she posed nude, as well as of the Italian version of The Farm.

I couldn't find much info about her, but I'm sure you aren't really interested in that, you'll like to see her photos here. She's just amazing.

I found some interesting videos too, so enjoy!

Alessia reveals her back side during massage :D

Video of her photoshoots

This girl has really awesome body..


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