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Alexis Breaks Hearts: Top 10 Break-Up Songs

Updated on August 27, 2016

"It's Over"`

We've all had to say those fateful two words at least once in our lives... or at least have heard them. Since I'm constantly listening to music, I have songs for almost every relationship and its end. Each moment is remembered with a tune. Like always, this list is genre-neutral.

1. Offspring - Why Don't You Get a Job?

Since I did most of my dating before high school was over, this song didn't really have any meaning except that my best friend thought it was hilarious. He used it to mark the death of a few of my romantic relationships and usually tried to cheer me up by singing it to me.

To this day, I have to hear the whole song if it comes on the radio or if I stumble across it during one of my "shuffle all" moods. For others, the song may have described the person that Offspring is singing about: a dead-beat boyfriend that has no job. For me, it made me realize that I hated the person that I thought I loved. Unless I really loved them...

2. TLC - No Scrubs

When I was much younger than high school, this was the song that me and my friends danced to when we were turned down by a boy that we liked. Again, it's not really what the song means but I was always listening to music that was past my understanding for the age I was. Either way, we didn't need them and that's all we knew. We were right, and now when we're mad at our husbands... I still have a friend from back then that jams with me to this one.

3. R.E.N.T. - Goodbye, Love

R.E.N.T. was the only musical I ever skipped school to see. Before that, I saw anything I wanted when we went on the field trip. (Usually twice a year we saw a musical.) "Goodbye, Love" was the part that really spoke to me. I'm sure I was having trouble with my boyfriend at the time. This time, I understood the lyrics and this soundtrack was all that I would listen to for months.

4. Stone Sour - Through Glass

Since this list isn't just about MY break-ups, I stole one from a friend's vault. Not many of my friends listen to as much music as I do, so it's hard to pinpoint which songs touch each one of them. This would be one of those "during the break-up" songs. It's the moment where twisted reflections and images are all you see. You know it's over, but you don't want it to be. I'm not sure exactly what Corey Taylor meant to say, but my friends and I have always grieved broken love with this track.

5. Nickelback - How You Remind Me

This song represents one of the most painful break-ups I ever went through. It was my first love, and then he decided he wanted this to be "our song". I thought it was cute, until I listened to the lyrics more closely. Later on in life, he made fun of me for even listening to the band. Although I still love Nickelback, I can find the irony in how true this song ended up being for both of us.

6. D.H.T. - Listen to Your Heart

D.H.T. is my favorite version of this song. I'm sure there's a bunch of them, but this is the first one I heard. It's the perfect "Should I leave him?" song. The piano ensures that I feel this song every time, and when she speaks: I listen. The song almost makes it impossible to make rash decisions when you're deciding on staying together with a certain person. If the feeling are there when you listen to this song, they're probably not going away anytime soon. That's just my experience, though.

7. Rihanna - Unfaithful

This song captivated me the first time I heard it. It's so much different from the regular "cheater" songs. Rihanna spares no details in her sordid affairs and the guilt she feels because of them. As she compares herself to a killer, she shows regret at the same time. For those of us who have been there, the words strike a tender cord.

8. Papa Roach - Broken as Me

During each of my break-ups, I have reverted to good, old, rock and roll... or metal. Whichever you feel Papa Roach falls under: this song is a great way to drive and blow off some steam after one of those fights with your significant other. Papa Roach is an old favorite I bring out when I'm angry at my husband. In our case, I know it can be worse. In past relationships, it's been a different song, but the same angry love.

9. Hanson: Get the Girl Back

There's always that person we feel that we have to chase to the ends of the Earth. When you've really messed up that relationship, this is a great song to boost your mood. I love Hanson, so I feel like they always had to have gotten her back... and so would I. If I didn't get the guy back, there was always another song for that.

10. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Just because I'm quirky, I'll leave you with this. Sometimes that failed relationship ends up being a relief. That's when it's time for MC Hammer. Just dance, because you're beautiful and will find better. I'm pretty sure that's not what he's saying, but I celebrate when I've been freed of a damaging relationship. This song would also work when a you end a friendship that is damaging to your own personal growth.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great list!


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