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Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Movie

Updated on June 24, 2011

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Poster

New Disney Alice in Wonderland Movie by Tim Burton Premiere Date

Everyone is talking about the new Disney Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton movie. Photos and Alice in Wonderland trailers have shown up on the internet. Recently, ads for the latest Tim Burton movie have hit television screens.

This Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton is sure to be a blockbuster and hits the theaters March 5, 2010.

Disney Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Cast

Like so many Tim Burton movies before, this Alice in Wonderland movie versions stars the talented Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Tim Burton's love in the real world, Helena Bonham Carter, looks sensational as the Red Queen. The White Queen is played by Anne Hathaway. Australian actress Mia Wasikowska plays the lead role of Alice. Tim Burton's and Helena Bonham Carter's children will make cameo appearances.

Favorite Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland Characters Poll

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Tim Burton's Take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

From images released by Disney, the Alice in Wonderland movie has trademarks of Tim Burton's movie style while still staying true to Lewis Carroll's depiction of Alice's strange fantasy world. The movie should be a visual delight for all ages to watch. Considering Tim Burton's movie cast, it should become one of the classic family movies. Plus, this version of Disney's Alice in Wonderland will be shown in 3D!

Favorite Character from Disney's New Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Movie Poll

Which is your favorite character from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland 2010 movie?

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Helena Bonham Carter As the Red Queen

Helena Bonham Carter looks wickedly delicious as the Red Queen. Her head was digitally manipulated onscreen to look three times larger than normal size. The result is fascinatingly twisted.

Watch a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie Trailer

Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Movie Comments

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    • lxd35 profile image

      lxd35 7 years ago

      loved the movie!! Alice has always been a fascination of mine but i have to say out of everything the costumes were the most astounding!!

    • CoreyDylan21 profile image

      CoreyDylan21 7 years ago from Newton, New Jersey

      Helena Bonham Carter was better than Johnny Deep Sorry. But she was insane, I loved her in that.

    • IdeaMorphist profile image

      IdeaMorphist 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      I can not wait til march 5!

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 7 years ago from ma

      I can't wait to see this. I have been looking forward to it as soon as I heard about it. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make an amazing team.

    • profile image

      joyceann0129 7 years ago

      nice hub^^