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Alien 3: Why It Worked And Why It Didn't

Updated on March 17, 2017

To start off Alien 3 is possibly one of the most underrated movies of all time. Personally, I enjoyed it, and it wasn't a bad movie, it wasn't the best but it certainly wasn't the worst.

Why People Hate It / What it did wrong

One thing that Alien 3 got wrong was killing off 2 of the most important characters (Newt and Hicks). This obviously was a big problem because of the fact that there are really no other characters for the audience to connect with. All of the other characters seemed lifeless or un-relatable. The only two characters that you could have a connection with were Ripley and Clemens but, Clemens is killed off in the first part of the movie, making the last part slow and lacking.

The Alien

This probably isn't as big of a problem in the movie but I still felt the need to point out that they couldn't of had messed up the Xenomorph any more. It was bad enough to have our beloved characters killed off, why do they have to ruin the alien too!

Things It Did Right

One thing that Alien 3 Did right was the ending. I think that the ending was one of the highlights of the film. It managed to kill Ripley off and also kill the bad-looking Alien. One small thing that I also appreciated in this movie was the Xenomorph pov shots. The cinematography alone was at the least, mediocre.

The Reason Behind This Disaster

The reason that Alien and Aliens were so great was because of the fact that 20th century fox had no involvement in them. However, Alien 3 was different, after writing different scripts and playing around with the directors role. They found David Fincher, an upcoming director that had never directed a full feature film. The problems in Alien 3 weren't all Davids fault though. In fact he had no creative involvement with the film. Instead 20th century fox controlled most of the production. They also didn't want to kill Ripley off because they wanted future Alien films but, doing this would obviously present flaws in the story. So at the end of the day David Fincher had to direct a film that was a disaster from day one, he had to juggle around different screenplays and somehow come up with an ending.


Even with all of the flaws, this is still an enjoyable movie. I just cannot bring myself to hate it. Even though it definitely isn't the best Alien movie and it doesn't match up with its predecessors. Its still worth a watch if you are an Alien fan. To rate this movie, I would give it a 3/5

3 stars for Alien 3


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