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Aliens Invade Earth!

Updated on March 15, 2011

Every so often, Hollywood brings us the "aliens invade earth" movie. They are usually in the summer blockbuster genre. The enemy, aliens, arrive secretly or covertly, often in disguise and are so far advanced in  weaponry, human military weapons seem useless. The aliens come for humans to harvest, for earth's resources, to escape from a dying world or to make earth their colony. They usually are ugly SOB's, cunning, intelligent. Usually, there is always some simple thing about them, whether physical, biological, or other, that is their Achilles heel, their weak point. Once we humans figure this out, they are doomed!

The most famous, whether the original 1960 version or 90s remake, H.G. Wells, "War of the Worlds", still stands out as the best. It probably has been seen by all of today's actors, directors and producers when they were kids. The general theme has been used over and over in the genre of films.  At times, it is SO suspenseful, and effects in the 1960 film still, even today, stand up. Tom Cruise, no doubt saw it as a kid, he did the remake in the 90s, still good.

Another suspenseful film is, "Signs", which is a more modern classic that puts you on the edge of your seat in the Alfred Hitchcock manner. In the 80's and now again, there is, "V", a TV show that had aliens take on human appearance, which made you wondered who was friend or foe. The show became tiresome after the first few. Also, the 80's produced two great films, "Starship Troopers", a reverse story, humans invade an alien planet for resources. The spider-like creatures and battles were quite good.

Now, we have "Battlefield Los Angeles". I would guess it was fairly low budget, no real big name actors. Excellent effects and a usual storyline, this time the aliens want our water and have decided to invade disguised as meteors, much like the original 1960 film. The aliens in this film are a little more fragile and appear like stick men in armor. Their weaponry is not so cosmic as in lasers, they seem more like very fast bullets. They seem invincible as they battle a small group of US Marines. The film is really not sci-fi but it is a war movie in its cloaking. Much of the movie is combat up close and if they were not aliens, one might think it is Iraq's urban environment. The Marines use rifles and grenades to battle with most of the time. There is the usual hide and seek but no real "scare" as in many before it. Just battles with marines getting their butt kicked. Then, someone realizes that if the central command is destroyed, so are the aliens. So, they do it. Finally, Earth has a chance! The movie ends.

The latest film in this genre is okay. Not a bad way to spend a rainy day or when you have nothing else to do.


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